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  1. Montana Jayne

    Santiago Nativity - made in Galicia (updated with ARTIST info)

    Very neat. I have a slightly similar set from Mexico.
  2. Montana Jayne

    My Camino Francés

    Absolutely lovely! I was taken back to my own CF in 2015. Thanks!
  3. Montana Jayne

    Opinions back home

    Ah, just tell the folks at home they can follow "your blog" each day. Then do a blog. My hubby and I were 69 & 71 and never left unsafe, and we were rarely alone... others just passed us by. Go, go, go! It was just more than awesome! Buen camino!
  4. Montana Jayne

    Getting from Pedrafita to O Cebreiro

    I took a taxi up with another perigrino cuz I had plantar fasciitis. Just loved O'Cebreiro so much. Enjoy! Buen camino!
  5. Montana Jayne

    Portrait on the altar today?

    Jose Maria Escriba lived during a very difficult time in Spain. I've always thought his message about santifying your daily life right were you are was great. Seems similar to what the camino asks of Perigrinos each day... do your best, treat others well, etc.
  6. Montana Jayne

    SJPDP via Santander/Bilbao

    We left SdC via bus for Santander where we relaxed for a few days. We then took the ferry to Plymouth, UK and it was a good way to process our camino. Nice way to travel too.
  7. Montana Jayne

    Jesús y María

    Paderborn is a great experience. We SO ENJOYED the hospitalero that we had there!
  8. Montana Jayne

    Foot and ankle strengthening exercises

    I had PF doing the C.F. in 2015. I was fine from SJPP til Burgos, then the pain became progressively worse. I did intermittent bus trips which allowed my husband to keep going. Not what we planned, but that became "my" camino. We both made it to SdC, but... differently. The pain really was...
  9. Montana Jayne

    Walking or biking with a 3 year old very active child

    I like the idea of a "shorter" walk/bike camino with your child. It is a great was to give it a go. Biking on roads IS of concern, so you are aware of that. If anyone is concerned about a child being in the alberques, please, don't worry. A child will be bone tired like the rest of us...
  10. Montana Jayne

    Trouble with finding beds in early September to October 2018

    Rosemaryk1, my husband and I walked the Camino Frances to Santiago from Aug. 28 to Oct. 9 in 2015 and never had a problem getting an albergue. I believe you'll be fine. Enjoy! Buen camino!
  11. Montana Jayne

    Conflicted about going, plane leaves Friday?

    Copado, GO, GO, GO!!! You will make your own pace. DO NOT try to keep anyone else's pace! We nearly always started 6:30am-ish and stopped between 1-2. Only had a top bunk once. BTW that is usually an early enough arrival time to pick any bed. And you can always take a bus if you need to do...
  12. Montana Jayne

    Let's get rid of plastic on the Camino

    Pack it in, pack it out ... simple to do really. I hope people would also consider picking up their own poop and toilet paper ... that is also a problem. Hey everyone, if you can arrange to go on a camino you can figure out how to take care of it. Seriously!
  13. Montana Jayne

    I would like to know is a sleeping bag or a sleeping silk sheet necessary on the trip.

    In September we used the sleep sacks and it was fine. A few times I used albergue blankets though. I wonder if April/May might be cooler.
  14. Montana Jayne

    Craziest thing you've seen someone bring on Camino

    We went to mass everyday, when available, on our camino SJPP to SdC and I never saw this. I am surprised to here that any local church would "turn over" the church for a mass without authentication paperwork. Priest on the camino usually ask to concelebrate the mass with the local priest...
  15. Montana Jayne

    Very dissilusioned. Can't wait to finish

    Our CF camino fall 2015 was terrific but with 3 exceptions. On those 3 nights there were obnoxious groups who would not respect others. Large groups do not care that you can't get in the kitchen or that you can't sleep, but those people are part of life... Still I hope for another camino in...
  16. Montana Jayne

    Could O Cebreiro hostal be full

    We left SJPP late August 2 yrs ago. Arrived O'Cebreiro September 26 and it was full mid-afternoon. We stayed at FRADE Tlf. 982 367 104 which is a stone house/private home in the middle of town. Just so very nice! A highlight stop for us in a beautiful spot. Bien camino
  17. Montana Jayne

    Non-RC pilgrims and mass

    Anyone is certainly welcomed to attend Catholic masses on the camino (or any place for that matter ). Common sense says to be respectful in any church or holy place, but please go in and see it all. People have all sorts of opinions on the reception of holy communion, but the fact is that for...
  18. Montana Jayne

    Canadian pilgrim safely found in Villafranca del Bierzo

    It is, most likely, not the same people who are the subject of the silver alert. N.J. has a population of older folks who gradually become the vulnerable population. I hope that once this happens the family / and doctor can get the driver's license taken away. Not easy at all, but necessary.

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