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  1. MaidinBham

    Keen boots on CP? Need new shoes

    I am on The Way in Portugal, approaching Golega and wish to buy new shoe's - preferably Keen brand, or other shoes with wide toe box. If you can help and know of Sports Shop please post address. Bom Caminho Janice
  2. MaidinBham

    Caminho em direcao Santiago de Compostela

    In a few hours I will arrive in Lisbon :) This morning, I have tweaked my backpack numerous times, cleaned the house top to bottom, played with apps and settings on my mobile, (SOS Perigrino phone number on my home screen). I must say that my backpack looks rather stealth, and am happy with it...
  3. MaidinBham

    German Trade Union Strikes At Airport's Across Germany

    Thought I would alert people to the airport strikes in Germany. Had to cancel my airline flight with Lufthansa yesterday - was due to fly today to Lisbon, via Frankfurt. Do not expect much in way of communication with Lufthansa (website or phone), I just hope I get full refund. Janice
  4. MaidinBham

    May Camino on the CP - Can I ditch the fleece?

    I have been following the weather in Lisbon - seems it has been hi's in the 60's and lows in the 50's. I am thinking of leaving my merino wool hoody behind, and just adding a additional merino t-shirt. What are your thoughts? Janice
  5. MaidinBham

    New Arc'teryx Shell Jacket

    Don't you love when your phone sends a text alerting you your new Arc'teryx jacket has arrived! I recently sent my old 2001 Arc'teryx jacket back to the manufacturer because the cinch waist strap on the interior had delaminated. A simple fix I thought, and the jacket was well cared for and...
  6. MaidinBham

    New albergue in Alverca?

    Hi, I know I saw reference to new albergue in Alverca, on forum and it is mentioned in my guide book, but can't find thread now. Alverca is located in first 2 stages of CP starting Lisbon. Any updated info? Thank you, Janice
  7. MaidinBham

    Who is the panty-liner-in-the-boot-genius?

    I used this method twice so far. Today with temps in hi 60's, liner socks, wool socks, (nothing else on feet such as anti-friction creams, tape etc) Panty liners tape side down and stuck on to insole insert. Very low profile, comfortable, and really noticed a difference in sweat accumulation...
  8. MaidinBham

    Yes - you need another cable for your electronics! USB OTG cable

    Busy making packing list for upcoming CP, contemplating which electronics to bring and how many cables and adapters I will need. and came across info regarding USB OTG. Honestly I think this is the best thing since sliced bread, and it solved problem of a compact camera without WIFI. I will...
  9. MaidinBham

    Water Filter on Camino Portuguese?

    Sorry if this question has been asked before. I tried to use search function - maybe not doing it correctly or I need new lappy, or new web browser! On my Camino Frances in the mountains I became very ill - spent 3 days off the trail, and several days after with poor appetite. I think it was...
  10. MaidinBham

    Motorola Moto G Global GSM Unlocked

    I researched buying this phone quite a lot, so thought I would share what I have learned. Phone: Motorola Moto G Global Unlocked (1st generation) Model # XT1032. There are MANY model numbers for 1st generation, I was only interested in XT1032 because it is truly global and optimized to work...
  11. MaidinBham

    Recommend guide book for CP

    Hi, originally was planning Euro Peace Walk in June, but have changed my mind and plan to go back to El Camino. I am now scrambling to collect all info, plan to leave April for Camino Portugues and need recommendation for guide book. Finding it difficult to piece together wealth of info on...

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