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  1. Krista Catlady

    Oh dear... cell phone app Iphone — Vodaphone — question and warning

    I love your detailed posts. Now feeling well informed as I head off to have my iPhone unlocked here in Nova Scotia, Canada to ready myself for CF in three weeks time. Yay!
  2. Krista Catlady

    Overheating Gortex Shoes

    I wrote a similar post about this issue last week and received some helpful advice. Mine is definitely heat and distance related. I will certainly try to avoid training in extreme heat and elevate the legs up a wall post walking to allow the blood and lymph to return throughout the body...
  3. Krista Catlady

    A dollar well spent

    I certainly hope so, Michele. Like you I'm also down one toenail and am getting some funny looks when wearing my flip flops. Still, so worth it for the upcoming adventure. Keep up the good work! Hope we meet up.
  4. Krista Catlady

    A dollar well spent

    Great advice. Viparita Karini! Will start working that into my cool down post walk.
  5. Krista Catlady

    A dollar well spent

    Will be bringing compression socks for the long flight so will have those if need be. An ounce of prevention.... Thanks.
  6. Krista Catlady

    A dollar well spent

    Think I've ruled that out, Ian, but will keep in mind as the training continues. Good point. thanks!
  7. Krista Catlady

    A dollar well spent

    As am I! Will look for you along the way.
  8. Krista Catlady

    A dollar well spent

    So I'm six weeks away from my big adventure. It's been a year long education in "all things Camino". Books purchased, gear tested, flights arranged and training walks logged. Foundational to this important bucket list item has been my countless hours spent on this forum. So imagine my...
  9. Krista Catlady

    Not getting my training time in....

    I'll be two days behind you so walk slow, smell the roses and I'll look forward to meeting you soon!
  10. Krista Catlady

    Best way from SDC to Lisbon

    Took this good advice and have tickets booked post Camino in October to fly from La Coruna to Lisbon. Very affordable (Rome2Rio) and will arrive via train or taxi from SDC the morning of departure.
  11. Krista Catlady

    Camino diary, before and after

    I too, love this post. Well done at quieting that monkey mind and getting on with it! Hugs from afar.
  12. Krista Catlady

    Getting Old.

    Well that clears up that mystery, trecile. You're welcome Dolly Parton.
  13. Krista Catlady

    Bra Recommendations?

    Well Mama's going shoppin! Boy, did the twins and I get taken...
  14. Krista Catlady

    Bra Recommendations?

    Going with one Champion sports bra and one ExOfficio crossover as noted above. The ExOfficio dries super fast when rolled in a towel then hung to dry. Champion affordable, at approx 25$ and great support. ExOfficio 60$, not cheap so hoping it proves it's worth.
  15. Krista Catlady

    Live - Camino Francés Just a quicky to check in

    Things appear to be fine and dandy, Andy. Cheers to you and hi to Randy....(or Sandy?).
  16. Krista Catlady

    The wait is over, but unfortunately the weight is over.

    Looking forward to following your journey as you carry that svelt body and winning personality towards Santiago.
  17. Krista Catlady

    Brushing up on my Spanish

    You guys are killing me! I'm supposed to be going to sleep and can't stop laughing!
  18. Krista Catlady

    A growing concern.

    Thank you for this most entertaining and comforting post. I suffer from the same affliction, quietly worrying and thinking that my husband and others close to me are all of the mind that Camino planning had become my "post retirement new normal" and really is all I have to talk about when they...
  19. Krista Catlady

    Reservations for SJPdP?

    Look forward to meeting you, Zen Librarian, when we arrive on Sept 14th taking MSPath's advice to not miss the stopover in Roncesvalles and experience the Pilgrim mass.

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