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  1. ACL

    New Camino Documentary on YouTube

  2. ACL

    New Camino Documentary on YouTube

    Don't forget to press CC!
  3. ACL

    Looking For Infinity: El Camino film (on YouTube)

    This was quite a trying project. 800KM, carrying heavy equipment. No budget. Ended up taking around 2 two years to get the film over the finish line. We tried to stay as close to the original pilgrim's progress by immersing ourselves in nature: a fantastic experience that I hope many will enjoy...
  4. ACL

    Special Camino Event, Galway, Ireland With Camino Society Ireland

    Looking For Infinity: El Camino will be premiering in Ireland at 5.00PM September 5th at the Townhall Theatre, Galway with a panel put together by members of Camino Society Ireland and Camino Ways, and Irish Pilgrim Paths: It is the first time that an event like this has been put together...
  5. ACL

    Q&A Hosts/General Host for Camino Film Screenings.

    ACL submitted a new resource: Q&A Hosts/General Host for Camino Film Screenings. - Spread the Camino! Read more about this resource...
  6. ACL

    "El Camino" Film Screening Alaska, Anchorage.

    For those interested See here
  7. ACL

    New Camino Film: Trailer

    All the best. A
  8. ACL

    Looking For Infinity: El Camino Film Clip (Camino Documentary) [Paid]

    - The film is an immersive voyage along the ancient pilgrimage route El Camino De Santiago Read more about this resource...
  9. ACL

    Pilgrims singing on the Pyrenees

  10. ACL

    Faces Of The Pilgrims.

    Below is a small side-project we shot whilst walking the camino frances in 2014; Whilst filming our documentary Looking For Infinity: El Camino That id like to share with the pilgrims here. Buen Camino
  11. ACL


    I had such a wonderful walk on the Camino Portugese, after walking the Frances i couldn't get enough and had to continue the experience. I had just arrived into a small village a few days after leaving Coimbra (I had some great hospitality there, from some university students) and was about to...
  12. ACL

    Camino Documentary

    I wanted to take this moment to share with you all the news that we have finally released a small run of DVD's of our Camino movie. Trying to pass along the essence of the camino to the world was a huge challenge. We recently had John Brierley screen the film, and his words resonated with us...
  13. ACL

    Profound Experiences

    I'd like to hear about all your profound experiences on the camino. I'd have to say the most beautiful night for me on the camino was staying with David whom many of you know, during that time he had a host with him called Andrea, who as we arrived welcomed us with food and water.. We spent...
  14. ACL

    Jose Jiminiez - "El Camino De Santiago" (Busker After Davids Donitovo)

    We filmed this in 2014 after staying the night with David. What an amazing experience that was! You may like our FB page
  15. ACL

    Visions from the camino.

    I would like to let you all know about our camino film. Click here for more info about the film We walked in 2014 from St Jean Pied-De-Port - Finisterra; carrying our equipment the whole way, not missing a single step. I hope the videos return you to the nostalgia of "El Camino"...

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