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  1. Bob from L.A. !

    What to do with extra time?

    I echo many of the statements above. - Norte is longer. - Norte (without question) is more physically difficult. - Norte is more expensive. - Norte has fewer Pilrgrims. Take your time, plot out your daily kilometers (miles), volunteer at several albergues/hostels and use them as your rest...
  2. Bob from L.A. !

    Kindness in Moratinos

    A wonderful way to take care of a fellow Peregrino ! Bravo !
  3. Bob from L.A. !

    Reserving rooms

    I did the entire Norte in July/August 2018 and used Booking.com the entire way and booked the entire trip in advance. This just fit my comfort level to know I would not have to "Scramble" at the last minute to find somewhere to stay in a foreign country with limited Spanish speaking abilities...
  4. Bob from L.A. !

    Stages from Bilbao

    I will send you a PM (Private Message)
  5. Bob from L.A. !

    Stages from Bilbao

    Good to hear. Lezama is a good place to stop for lunch
  6. Bob from L.A. !

    Stages from Bilbao

    Yes, it can be done, depending on your level of fitness. I would also caution this time of year can be cold and wet. Taking all of this into consideration you'd be looking at a looong day on the trail. Between the two locations you'd also have a considerable gain and loss in elevation. Good luck
  7. Bob from L.A. !

    Found! Weetie is found!

    Definately proves there is still hope to be had in this world.....
  8. Bob from L.A. !

    What part of Porto does the coastal route start from? My first camino and looking to book lodging before s

    San martin in Santiago is great yet affordable. If you're in the mood to spend a bit more and enjoy luxury in Santiago. The Hotel Montenegro is really nice and super clean. Enjoy !
  9. Bob from L.A. !

    Walking to Santiago de Compostela airport

    Easy walking, but not much to see... Enjoy !
  10. Bob from L.A. !

    Women not as strong as men.

    Amazing story. Thanks! I've often thought about the topic of which sex is "stronger" and usually when I get to the idea of trying to carry a baby for 9 months in my stomach (or thereabouts) I usually come up with my answer. Hats off to women!
  11. Bob from L.A. !

    My Packing List for Summer on del Norte (Yay or Nay)

    Trecile is correct. There was lots of rain. No race for beds. Weather was rainy, warm and at times even humid. Ala in all it was beautiful though............
  12. Bob from L.A. !

    My Packing List for Summer on del Norte (Yay or Nay)

    I would lean more towards the poncho as it does not cling close to the body, (It breathes) covers your pack, has an integrated hood (No neck exposure), can be shaken dry, does not retain water, easy to fold up (Bundle) and provides some simultaneous mid body coverage as well. I did the CDN this...
  13. Bob from L.A. !

    Racial discrimination on the Camino

    Rick M hit the nail on the head in his first sentence of post #8. (See post #8). Don't allow anyone elses bad behavior to dictate what makes you happy in life.
  14. Bob from L.A. !

    Stages from Bilbao

    I echo the Guggenheim idea and staying in Portugalete. Both are interesting places to check out.
  15. Bob from L.A. !

    Graffiti on the Frances

    This past summer while on the Norte I was touring a beautiful old church (unknown exactly where) and found graffiti crudely engraved into the interior walls near a baptismal area of the church. While leaving I mentioned my findings to one of the priest assigned to the church. When I did he said...
  16. Bob from L.A. !

    Bayonne / Santiago de Compostela

    Beautiful shots Peter
  17. Bob from L.A. !

    2018 Low light Photos from your Camino

    I know NOTHING about photography, but each of these posted photos is beautiful and makes me yearn to return ! Thanks everyone for posting them...
  18. Bob from L.A. !

    2018 pilgrim numbers set to reach 300,000 this week

    These numbers are amazing. This last summer I was on the Norte and I had gone sometimes 2-3 days at a time seeing less than maybe 5 Pilgrims all day.
  19. Bob from L.A. !

    Death of a German pilgrim in Triacastela

    I know there are "official" numbers kept every year for pilgrims who walk the Camino's, but does anyone know if any entity keeps tabs on Pilgrim deaths along the Camino's each year?
  20. Bob from L.A. !

    Death of a German pilgrim in Triacastela

    On his way to the big Camino in the sky...

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