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    The Devil's Footwear

    Yes,also known as thongs, flip flops or for our NZ cousins..jandals (a combination of sandals and..er something else). A salutary warning. My friend decided to walk the camino last year and against my advise took a pair of these abominations. 200 kms before SDC he was wearing them and slipped...
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    VDLP June

    Greetings and salutations from Melbourne..Currently 40 degrees..42 tomorrow. Will be back on my favourite camino early june. Will start from Granada and walk to Meerida then train back to Sevilla then onto SDC..thats the plan. Still reminisce about my first camino in 2006 where it was pretty...
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    Starting Sureste In Late May

    Greetings Plan is to walk from Alicante to Benevente then train/bus/taxi to Puerto De Tarna then walk down the GR1 to near Barcelona
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    Unauthorised removal of Posts

    I opted out of this forum last year due to various comments under the topic of couchsurfing. I went back to see may last post and find that the moderator has removed ALL of my posts with the comment that they were removed at the request of the original poster. Does this mean that I can request...
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    All About Airfares

    Thought this might be a good place to put forward deals offered by the various airlines regarding flights to France/Spain. Many forum members have suggested special deals but maybe they could be added to this topic. Specials are often ephemeral but some are not. My contribution is from Singapore...
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    Silk Liners

    I'm toying with the idea of buying a slik liner for my much used Snugpak Travelite sleeping bag (about 900gr).The sleeping bag is generally adequate but there have been times on the camino when it was not sufficient and I'm wondering whether the expense of a silk liner is warranted. I'm...
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    Vezelay-SJPDP Refuges/Albergues/Gites

    Thought some of you might be interested in some of the accommodation I came across this year from Vezelay to SDC concentrating on those in France. As a comment I was quite surprised how some of the French villages were quite bereft of hotels,shops,bars etc making food a problem. This is solved...
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    Someone else's post about some idiot with their rustling plastic bags and packing and un packing their bag between 11pm-2am. Incidentally I agree with what someone else added..why did'nt someone tell him/her to shut up? YOU DON"T NEED PLASTIC BAGS!!! I met someone who was annoyed with herself...
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    What's This?

    Took this photo on the Vezelay route-any idea what it is?....
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    Meeting Ivar

    I met Ivar at the Camino Travel Centre about 4 weeks ago and enjoyed a pleasant chat with him and I encourage forum members to do the same. I was very surprised to hear from him that only about 2 or 3 others had come in to say hello, given the number of forum members.
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    SDC Tourist Office

    I thought I might point out that there are 2 tourist offices in SDC. The first one encountered when leaving the pilgrims office is the Galician Tourist Office. This is NOT the Santiago Tourist Office which is further along and more geared to Santiago (obviously). When I was there in mid august...
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    Pilgrims Office SDC

    Having just returned from Salamanca-SDC then Vezelay-SDC via the northern route I thought I would offer some advise on collecting your compostela from the pilgrims office. For some reason many seem to think that the earlier they get there the quicker they will get a compostella-wrong. The...
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    Madrid Hotel/Hostal Recommendation

    Can anyone recommend a quiet/cheapish place to stay in Madrid for one night (24th May)?
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    Credit Cards on the Caminos

    Just a cautionary note: My bank rang me up last week to say they had cancelled my credit card because of some suspicious activity with it. A new card takes 5 working days, sent to my home address then 2 days later they send the pin number. This got me thinking about what I would have done on the...
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    Women Pilgrims in Middle Ages

    A new book coming out at the end of march looks interesting-except for the US$147 price. Below is the blurb: Wandering Women and Holy Matrons: Women As Pilgrims in the Later Middle Ages (Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions) Leigh Ann Craig This book explores women's experiences of...
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    CSJ Credencial

    Now and again potential pilgrims ask where they can obtain a credencial. Several times it has been suggested that one can be obtained from the CSJ. This is only correct if you are a CSJ member. My membership lapsed in september and a friend in London went to their office to obtain a credencial...
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    Recommended Equipment Stores

    I thought it might be a good place for members to post info about stores/outfitters where material appropriate to the caminoes. My own are: http://www.vermontgear.com a good site where I bought my Asolo boots I agree with Falcon269 that http://www.sierratradingpost.com is well worth a look If...
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    Sheen santiago Movie

    I read a very brief article in my local paper that said Charlie Sheen and his son were planning on making a movie about the CF-not sure whether documentary or fictional (more likely). Apparently they have a family connection to Galicia.
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    Skin Cancer

    I'm frequently amazed at the behaviour of some on the camino with regards to protection against skin cancer. Here in Australia we are especially vulnerable due to the hole in the ozone layer over us and antarctica.For the last 25-30 years we have had extensive warnings about not protecting...
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    French Guide books on the caminoes

    This is a good site for camino books in French with nearly 30 publications http://www.chemin-compostelle.fr Then select boutique

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