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  1. Ian Afloat

    Tres tres excited

    Have just booked my flight to Spain for summer next year. Walking Oviedo to Grado; 2 weeks at the muni then on to Santiago. :) Anyone else going to be leaving Grado around 16th August?
  2. Ian Afloat

    Daylight late October

    Hello, Will be continuing my Camino in October from just short of Sahagun. Have about ten days and if I’m feeling up to it I would like to get to Santiago in that time...about 400km. Is there enough proper daylight at that time of the year to average 40km a day? TIA Ian
  3. Ian Afloat

    ALSA website

    Hello, I’ve been trying to book buses on ALSA’s website and it keeps on failing to complete the transaction: just getting a turning circle after I put in the card details. Is this a common problem or should I buy a tin foil hat?
  4. Ian Afloat

    Wise Pilgrim Frances app

    Hello, has anyone else had any trouble with this? Apart from the factual accuracies which leave me second guessing stuff, it tends to fall over a lot. Running it on Android. Is it just me? Ian in Ages.
  5. Ian Afloat

    My mentoring truism: a fool and his money are easily parted.

    This really makes me want to revisit my lunch... https://walkingmentorship.com/portfolio/camino-de-santiago/
  6. Ian Afloat


    Hello, So in his latest vid Andrew Suzuki mentions that one has to make a reservation to stay at the refuge at Roncesvalles. I've made my reservation so I'm not worried about the epidermis in my nasal region, but is it actually compulsory to arrive with a booking or just advisable at peak times?
  7. Ian Afloat

    Vaseline...or Vicks VapoRub?

    Hello, So in one of his videos the not totally insane John Roy suggests using Vicks VapoRub instead of Vaseline for blister prevention. Has anyone tried this? I tend to get a little congested when sleeping, so thought it might double up to help prevent me from waking up in the middle of the...
  8. Ian Afloat

    C S J Pilgrim's Record

    Please move this if it's in the wrong place! Hello, So today I took a little trip down to the buzzing nerve centre of the CSJ to pick up a Pilgrim's Record. Has spaces for 114 sellos. Going to have fun filling that up this summer. Would thoroughly recommend a visit if you are in the area of a...
  9. Ian Afloat

    Bayonne To Sjpdp

    Hello, I understand that the line between Bayonne and SJPDP is closed for unplanned maintenance. Does anyone know when the repairs are scheduled to be finished? Cheers
  10. Ian Afloat

    New High Speed Trains Unveiled

    SNCF unveiled their new high speed trains today which will be taking pilgrims (and others) from Paris to the South of France. 20170401_105623 by Ian McDowell, on Flickr
  11. Ian Afloat

    Train tickets for summer

    it seems the 90 day rule for buying train tickets in France is being suspended for the summer. Have just bought my ticket from Paris to SJPDP for July 24th on the SNCF site for the bargain price of GB£47.
  12. Ian Afloat

    Anyone used the eCamino app

    hello, In my attempt to travel lightweight, I've decided to take the Brierley map book and back it up with a phone app. Currently I have one called, rather prosaically, the Camino Guide App which seems pretty good. But I notice that there is also one called eCamino which seems to be connected...
  13. Ian Afloat

    So which is the best guide to the CF right now?

    Hello everyone, In my ill fated attempt to walk the CF in 2015 I took a 2011 edition of Brierley along with the CSJ guide with me. Now that I'm planning a hopefully not ill fated attempt this summer I'm wondering if I need to replace the Brierley and if so with what. Anything new should be up to...
  14. Ian Afloat

    Camino Dragonte

    Hello fellow pilgrims. I'm leaving for SJPDP, by train all the way from the UK, on Thursday and starting to walk on Friday morning. When I leave Villafranca, I'm hoping to follow the Camino Dragonte, my plan being to walk through to La Faba (other plans are available!). Has anyone here done...
  15. Ian Afloat

    The end of the beginning...

    Hey, Booked my train ticket from Paris to SJ today...3 months to go. All the transport sorted. Just need to make sure I get from the train to the plane back in time...just an 800km walk in between...:)
  16. Ian Afloat

    Ingles loco?

    Hello everyone; excuse the dodgy Spanish grammar. In October I shall be hopefully travelling the Inglés. It is my understanding that Coruña is historically the more authentic start point, but Ferrol enables the granting of a compostela. I would like to follow the route from Coruña; I would like...
  17. Ian Afloat

    100 get ups to go.

    Seeing as I only have to get up 100 more times before I go to SJ, thought a celebration was in order. Does this make me a Camino Perregeeko now?
  18. Ian Afloat

    Bunk length

    Hello pilgrims. The last couple of nights we stayed in a youth hostel in the Peak District. The room had a bunk bed. I am 6'2" tall. The bunk bed was 6' long, and designed so that one's legs couldn't just stick out at the bottom. Result: I now have a sore neck and shoulders as a result of be...
  19. Ian Afloat

    The big question...

    ...boxers or briefs? Going to be dropping a fairly large chunk of change on quick dry underwear in the next couple of months. Which is best...boxer shorts or briefs? Or a question of suck it and see? Don't want to be left with a fifty quid duster! Ian
  20. Ian Afloat

    October 2015

    Hello, Will be doing my first Camino from SJPdP in July/August. Already thinking about my second Camino! Will be having the last week of October off work. Is the Ingles a practical possibility in terms of hostels etc in a leisurely 6 days at this time of the year, and are there any extra...

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