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  1. Steve Goods

    How to make great videos with your phone

    I used my Iphone SE to make videos on my Camino this month of May. The week prior to my flight to Madrid, I bought the DJI Osmo Mobile which is a gimbal (a stabilizer for 300 euro). When walking or moving your phone and record videos, this gimbal reduce the shakiness (watch my videos). One cool...
  2. Steve Goods

    Dry your bananas, why and how

    This time I have dried about 5 kg of fresh bananas. And I will bring about 300 gr to have for snacks and nutrition. Bananas are a healthy source of fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and various antioxidants. Bananas are a good source of potassium which can lower blood pressure in people...
  3. Steve Goods

    Lease an albergue?

    Any advice how to rent/lease a non associated or church associated albergue (evangelistic, non catholic)? My aim is to find an albergue, or a "religious institution" to use and not to buy. The goal is to set up a friendly, evangelistic and early church atmosphere for the pilgrims. Bed, supper...
  4. Steve Goods

    Arriving to Compostela - then what?

    Hi guys, Any suggestions what to do after you arrive to Santiago de Compostela? I have 7-10 days to spend. And have never visited before. Any good albergues in the city or around? Should I stay and do what? Or go north, or into Portugal? (Im free to leave from any airport) God bless!
  5. Steve Goods

    Places to stay & eat in Burgos

    Any suggestion where to stay in Burgos or places to avoid? Eating places?
  6. Steve Goods

    How to get on train at Bayonne?!

    Im in a hurry from Biarritz airport (flying with Ryanair, Stansted London) and need to take a cab to Bayonne train station to be able to get on the 18:05 train to St Jean PDP. - buy train ticket in advance? - easy to find the SPDPD train inside the station? Im leaving tomorrow for my first el...
  7. Steve Goods

    What to wear - start next week from SJPDP

    How is the weather right now, from SJPDP and onwards? I plan to walk for 14 days. How should I dress in the mornings, and how much clothes do you wear during daytime? Are people having shorts and tshirts?

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