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  1. CdnDreamer

    Any advice?

    Lots of people walk the Camino Frances alone. You will meet lots of people walking so you don't have to worry about travelling alone. Everyone is headed west, so you just have to find people who walk at your speed, or agree to meet people at stops along the way. Have fun planning! In 2015...
  2. CdnDreamer

    Recommendation - Keeping Back Pack Dry

    I carry one of those $1.00 ponchos in my hip belt pocket and it goes over me and my pack in the rain. I also have the pack cover on if there is any possibility of rain. Last year it rained 14 days out of 20 walking days and my little poncho survived being put on and taken off a few times a...
  3. CdnDreamer

    Scared to walk alone

    If you stay in the albergues, then everyone is leaving within a couple of hours of each other, and everyone is headed in the same direction. Last year I took the train to Leon and walked out of the city to an albergue. While doing my laundry I started chatting with a woman and we went for...
  4. CdnDreamer

    I hope you find...

    I really enjoyed this poem! As soon as I booked this year's camino trip I had that feeling of joy!
  5. CdnDreamer

    Wise Pilgrim Big Map

    What a great idea! I have mine pinned to a wall. I love the idea of tracing out my journeys.
  6. CdnDreamer


    You helped that person feel better about herself by letting her look down at you without starting a fight. Good for you! There will always be people who are so unsure of themselves they have to put others down. I like to help them out by wearing socks in my sandals. That lets the majority of...
  7. CdnDreamer

    Camino Frances? Via de La Palta?

    If you think of people as part of your spiritual journey, it may give you peace. Every encounter is a blessing whether it goes well or not. You get a chance to see how you feel about your personal space, what you believe is right and wrong, polite or rude, how to accept help from others etc...
  8. CdnDreamer

    Brierley Guide ????

    I would continue to use the Brierley guide but not walk every day exactly as he laid out the guide. You can stop at any of the towns along the way, and the Brierley guide gives you the names and phone numbers of all the albergues in the different towns. I have used the guide and stopped at a...
  9. CdnDreamer

    Can we please talk kilometres, litres, Celsius, right-side driving, etc.?

    I agree with @dougfitz. Part of the fun in travelling is seeing how other societies are set up. In Canada we are used to being confused about metric and imperial measurements so I have been happy to read other countries also have the same problems. And I use Celsius in the winter but...
  10. CdnDreamer

    LIVE from the Camino Heading out on the Lana

    Buen Camino! I look forward to reading your blog!
  11. CdnDreamer

    First time - planning jitters

    I flew Air Transat each time. I have returned to Toronto from Barcelona and from Porto rather than going back to Paris for my flight home. Air Transat lands at Terminal 3 at CDG and then you just have to find terminal 2 to get the Easy Jet flight. I reserved the Express Bouricott and it was...
  12. CdnDreamer

    First time - planning jitters

    I think the Canadian Government has had a travel advisory for France for years. If you look closer at the site it mentions not to get involved in the yellow vest demonstrations. So don't worry, you are just passing through there. I have landed at CDG three times and taken the train once and...
  13. CdnDreamer


    Wow! That is crazy. Buen Camino! I hope you love the guide, and it was worth the wait!
  14. CdnDreamer

    Confessions of a Fat Pilgrim

    @AnnaWinter We don't want you to give up your dream. Almost all of the posters on this thread have also walked the camino and not let their weight get in the way of the dream. But on this thread we are discussing the merits of losing weight before walking maybe a 3rd or 4th camino - and we...
  15. CdnDreamer

    Best time to walk the primitivo

    I carried a light rain jacket, but most days I just put a $1.00 plastic poncho over me and my pack and rolled up my pants to above the knee so they didn't get wet. It was too warm to wear a rain jacket, and definitely too warm for rain pants. The dollar poncho rolled up and went into a side...
  16. CdnDreamer

    Best time to walk the primitivo

    This is the big debate - Spring vs Autumn. I don't think you can decide based on the "weather" as you could end up with a hot spell, cold spell or rainy spell while in Spain. The big difference is the amount of daylight - and the difference in the plants. Some people prefer spring, while...
  17. CdnDreamer

    Weather in April

    Celsius - I agree, as long as you have the right clothes the walking is nice at that temperature
  18. CdnDreamer

    If anyone is passing through Pedra Furada...

    Maybe you can contact the restaurant to see if they can send the book to you or put you in touch with the author.
  19. CdnDreamer


    The title of the thread becomes the entry in the calendar. So you may want to start a thread with a title of which Camino and where you are starting from.
  20. CdnDreamer


    I scrolled down and the link is a ways down. I can tell you that since you started the thread the link to the calendar looks like 3 dots at the top of your first post. It opens a drop down that allows you to pick calendar. I think they ask you just to put in the date you are starting and dont...

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