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  1. Theresa Brandon

    A new pack that could be a Camino fav!

    Check out the Gobi Gear organization bags: https://gobi-gear.myshopify.com/collections/segsac-series/products/segsac. I use two in my 34l bag. One for clothes and one for gear.
  2. Theresa Brandon

    Hiking Quotes - just for fun.

    "Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” ― Terry Pratchett
  3. Theresa Brandon

    Keeping a Journal for a Richer Camino Experience

    I carry a sketchbook when I travel to use as a visual journal.
  4. Theresa Brandon

    Learning Basic Spanish

    See if your local library offers access to the Mango app. It focuses on everyday conversational skills.
  5. Theresa Brandon

    Join the quest for the perfect panel loading camino pack?

    Not a panel loader. Deuter Futura Pro 34 SL with two GobiGear bags inside https://gobi-gear.myshopify.com/collections/segsac-series/products/segsac One for clothes and one for gear. Super easy to keep organized!
  6. Theresa Brandon

    Soap for body and clothes???

    I've been using Dawn dishwashing liquid for years for shampoo. With the concentrate a little goes a long way.
  7. Theresa Brandon

    Soap for body and clothes???

    I use Dawn 4x Platinum Concentrate for hair, shower and laundry.
  8. Theresa Brandon

    dry sacks/trash bag/ziplocks?

    I used two Gobi Gear bags in my backpack - one was for clothes and one was for everything else. Easy to locate items and keep organized.
  9. Theresa Brandon

    Has anyone ever walked principally at night?

    You might look at one or two of these as a night time light source instead of (or in conjunction with) a head lamp or flashlight https://luminaid.com/ They give a soft, diffuse, even light in all directions. Also check out their "Get Light, Give Light" donation program.
  10. Theresa Brandon

    Learning Easy Spanish

    Check with your local library to see if they subscribe to Mango. If so, then you can download it yourself. I like it because it is very conversational with useful phrases and common words.
  11. Theresa Brandon

    I didn't walk the whole Camino Ingles....

    What a great perspective! Thank you!
  12. Theresa Brandon

    Thoughts on Sketching Along Your Camino.

    I posted my final sketches from the Camino Ingles at the end of this thread: https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/i-didnt-walk-the-whole-camino-ingles.58745/#post-676676
  13. Theresa Brandon

    I didn't walk the whole Camino Ingles....

    Finished sketches, accordion fold watercolor book (Pentalic Dreamcatcher), 4" x 6", watercolor, Micron pen, watersoluble pencil, opaque markers, ball point pen (after I lost my brush and wore the Micron out!) Kindly ignore any spelling errors and wonky calligraphy. There is a slight pinkish cast...
  14. Theresa Brandon

    I didn't walk the whole Camino Ingles....

    I have two more panels to finish up before I scan the whole sketchbook.
  15. Theresa Brandon

    I didn't walk the whole Camino Ingles....

    I am trying something new for me - I ordered an Expand A Lung device from Amazon. I think I would also check with my physician before my next Camino to see if I need to adjust my medicines at all to help with the breathing. And climb more stairs and hills at home!
  16. Theresa Brandon

    I didn't walk the whole Camino Ingles....

    I changed the photo link in my post - let me know if it works.

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