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  1. lt56ny

    Hello. Walking the Camino in October 2019

    You should book early for Orisson. You never know the weather and even in October the Napolean route may be closed. You should definitely check the weather (I am sure they will tell you) in the Pilgrim Office when you get your passport. Even if you have a passport it is a good idea to go there...
  2. lt56ny

    Camino Portuguese in April from Lisbon

    Here is the website: https://oficinadelperegrino.com/en/ The Manu bar on top says Home, Pilgrim Office, etc. click on Pilgrim Office and statistics and you can find everything. Hope this helps. There will not be a lot of Pilgrims walking out of Lisbon at that time. When I walked 2 years ago...
  3. lt56ny

    How/why is VdlP difficult?

    Very impressive that you can walk 45K in 7 hours with breaks. Hope I see you one day on the Camino we can wave to each other as you roll by!
  4. lt56ny

    How/why is VdlP difficult?

    If you look at the top right hand corner there is an icon with the British Union Jack and you can switch to English.
  5. lt56ny


    Hi Michael, Coed comes from the word and is short for Coeducation(al) or universities that admit both male and female students. Coed also referred to a female student attending a coeducational university. Coed can also refer to facilities, such as dormitories that students sleep in or sports...
  6. lt56ny

    LIVE from the Camino Vdlp

    We will miss you Waka!
  7. lt56ny

    Why we walk

    Please read what I wrote to another poster. I have cut and pasted it. I should have said that I called my friend and asked his permission before I wrote this. I told him I would keep things as ambiguous as possible. Before I posted it I even sent this to him to read. He said please post it, If...
  8. lt56ny

    Why we walk

    I should have said that I called my friend and asked his permission before I wrote this. I told him I would keep things as ambiguous as possible. Before I posted it I even sent this to him to read. He said please post it, If my story can help one person it is well worth telling.
  9. lt56ny

    Why we walk

    You beautifully captured the spirit of what I was trying to say. Thank you.
  10. lt56ny

    Why we walk

    Firstly I wish to send you my heartfelt hope that you are finding some peace. I hope that you did not misunderstand what I was trying to say. My intention was not to intrude on anyone's life or to introduce anyone's suffering as a way to connect with anyone. My intention was only to give an...
  11. lt56ny

    Why we walk

    Hi The last few days I have thought a lot about whether or not I should post this or not. But a brief conversation I had with Jan_D helped me to decide that I should write this. I think it would be a wonderful thing for others to share stories of how the Camino profoundly aided fellow pilgrims...
  12. lt56ny

    del Norte in winter?

    Muchas Gracias Jan. It would be so great to meet you and some of our other forum friends for a wonderful pilgrim meal one night on one of our future walks to understand who we all are.
  13. lt56ny

    del Norte in winter?

    I walked the Norte in Late September through early November last year. There were enough accommodations, iealbergues and cheap pensions but the further I got into the Camino, after the Camino turned Southwesterly there were more and more albergues that read open in Gronze or Wise Pilgrim but...
  14. lt56ny

    Recommendation - Keeping Back Pack Dry

    Overkill, ya think!!!!???A good poncho covering your backpack keeps everything dry.
  15. lt56ny

    Which route from SJP?

    I think the advice to start in Roncevalles is the smartest thing for you to do. I also think depending on how you do the rest of the way that you may want to taxi or bus to O'Cebreiro. That can be a really difficult day especially if it is raining and the rocks are really wet. Take your time. Do...
  16. lt56ny

    What to do with extra time?

    I think the Norte is more difficult than the CF. It is also a little longer. It will probably take you a little longer than walking the CF. You can always walk to Finisterre and to Muxia. That could take you for or more days. I have also heard that the Camino Ingles is really pretty. I have...
  17. lt56ny

    Can anyone relate!

    That little comic is so true. The only way I can justify things is knowing I just have a small amount of gear. I’m a big person. I am 6 foot two 210 pounds with size 14 shoes. That is a US size. I know if I need something it’s tough to find it on the Camino. So I’d rather spend more and get...
  18. lt56ny

    LIVE from the Camino Vdlp

    I don’t think you can calculate any distance. What are used to do to try to figure out this census was far from scientific. I would open the map and see my location and then try to see a spot on the map that I had passed to get an idea of how long it took to get to my present location. I would...
  19. lt56ny

    Alpriate Albergue

    I stayed there before the renovation. It is small and cozy. I had a friend that stayed in a hotel just as you are entering the town. If the Albergue isn't open that is a choice. I don't think he paid a lot for his room. The albergue is small but I doubt there will be a lot of pilgrims in March...
  20. lt56ny

    LIVE from the Camino Vdlp

    I agree. You are walking enough. There is nothing more frustrating than getting lost and adding unnecessary kilometers! When in doubt use the app!

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