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  1. MichaelRpdx

    Like B/W photography? Take a look at my Camino Photo Book

    B&W conversion from color? RAW -> BW? Nice! Nice!
  2. MichaelRpdx

    Villages for sale in Galicia

    It sure does. thank you.
  3. MichaelRpdx

    Villages for sale in Galicia

    Idle fantasizing does not rise to the level of interest. That and needing to convince my wife of the sanity to the idea.
  4. MichaelRpdx

    Villages for sale in Galicia

    No prices quoted. Shucks.
  5. MichaelRpdx

    Keeping this invaluable forum alive

    What? There's more? I donated to have the site supported by users instead of advertisers. To me Ivar is providing the best of web options: let the advertisers pay for people to get to know the place and then let the users pay to really make the place "our own."
  6. MichaelRpdx

    Wine: Your favorite, and where you drank it

    There's actually two Estrella beers. Estrella Damm, from a brewery in Barcelona that is pervasive and available in many countries. There is also a lesser known Estrella Galacia which you'll probably also find on the Camino since it's from A Coruña. Now I'm wondering which beer the forum posters...
  7. MichaelRpdx

    How to post question/comment on the forum

    Ivar, May I suggest inserting between 0 and 2 #) Check the FAQ page. There are 45 collections answers to questions. It's nice to read the existing wisdom before asking.
  8. MichaelRpdx

    Taxi will be here in 1 hour -Follow my journey on Instagram

    Hope your Camino is going as well as your photographs are looking. Thanks for the Instagram notice.
  9. MichaelRpdx

    905 km with a 22 liter backpack...y

    What about the option of having your pack transported to your next albergue each day?
  10. MichaelRpdx

    Sleeping bag + mattress cover = no bed bugs?

    Nearly every day you had a case to deal with? Or did you find them in different beds that you treated individually?
  11. MichaelRpdx

    Wine: Your favorite, and where you drank it

    I prefer Red. In a glass. But to each his own. Did any of you encounter Ratafia on the Camino? I had some in Barcelona and only wish I'd bought more bottles to bring home.

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