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  1. easygoing

    Making the commitment

    Everyone has given great advice with understanding and encouragement. But I hear you saying that you don't really want to go but worry that if don't go now your health or fitness level may have declined. Well that may or may not happen so live today fully. Do what brings you Joy now and when...
  2. easygoing

    Importance of First Night's Stay

    I have stayed here 5 times http://www.beilari.info/en/reservations and Joseph celebrates being a Camino family at dinner. The people I meet that first night I see though out the entire Camino even with so many different paces. The dinner is delicious too.
  3. easygoing

    Women's Lightweight Hoody

    Yes that includes my backpack. I use the Zpack Scout and it weighs 22 ounces/1.6 pounds. The Arc Blast is essentially the same pack and actually weighs less, but I bought the Scout"youth version" because Iam only 5'3" . Mine weighs more because I added extra pockets I used to use a lighter...
  4. easygoing

    Women's Lightweight Hoody

    The Zpack wind jacket is water resistant and dries fast if wet. I often wear it in the rain and with my Montbell umbrella (4.6) I stay warm and dry. I answered another inquiry just now but I repeat i also carry a OR (6oz) rain jacket and a Zpack (1.8 oz) rain skirt too for strong winds and...
  5. easygoing

    Women's Lightweight Hoody

    I have walked the Camino 7 times, twice in May, the rest September and October. The temperature varies from morning to night. I have kept warm while morning ice was still on the ground. I do also carry a OR rain jacket(6oz ) and a zpack rain skirt (1.8) for a complete system. So I am...
  6. easygoing

    Women's Lightweight Hoody

    Although pricey, it is worth it because I wear my Zpacks™ Ventum Wind Shell Jacket every day. Usually I wear it over my hiking tank top. If it is really cold I wear it next to the skin under my blouse as a vapor barrier. A large is 1.9 oz. Because it has a hood I stopped bringing a hoodie but...
  7. easygoing


  8. easygoing


    Kanga, I do almost the same thing. After my shower I change underwear socks and wear a silk sleeveless tank top with either my tights or my skirt. Don't be shocked but I don't wash out my skirt every day but every few days. I wear panties liners and they keep it fresh. My hiking tank top is...
  9. easygoing

    Are you 70+ and still walking Caminos?

    Hi I am a 73 year old petite woman and feel 50 and have been told I look young. I walked the Camino Francis solo doing18 to 20 mile days last spring carrying my own backpack and enjoyed the walker high I felt speeding along. I walked again in September with a 60 year old woman who complained...
  10. easygoing

    Altra Shoes Replacement Insoles

    I always replace my Altra insoles with orange superfeet because I need the extra cushioning. When I trim them to fit there is an 1/8th inch or so gap on one side of the top but it doesn't cause any problems. I walked in daily rain last May and i removed the insoles for drying. Both the shoes...
  11. easygoing

    Organising a group Camino

    Jesus is a lovely young man that runs the website. He lives in Leon and I had the privilege of meeting him last September. I don't know if I even asked for his last name. When I walked the Camino alone last May he gave me his personal cell number which I used when a 76 year old woman was...
  12. easygoing

    Organising a group Camino

    Another resource is Only Pilgrims website. Though this website you can book private albergues and the owner, Jesus, is very helpful. I have used this site many times.
  13. easygoing

    LIVE from the Camino Bus Villafranca to O Cebreio

    Only taxi possible. No bus. I was just there.
  14. easygoing

    Pamplona Pension suggestion?

    Hostal Rodas Pamplona is a clean quiet hotel. And close to the bus station.
  15. easygoing

    Albergue Santa Ana San Martin del Camino

    I stayed there 2 nights ago and it was open with a good dinner. Maybe they are taking the slow season off.
  16. easygoing

    Beilari Albuergue SJPDP

    I recommend Beilari. I certainly hope no one judges me by only a few moments in my life I know the cook and she is very kind and provides delicious food. Also I know she has some serious health problems and I admire that she continues serve others. I don't know how much pain she is in each...
  17. easygoing

    Beilari Albuergue SJPDP

    Please don't judge a place by one bad review. I have stayed at Beilari 5 times and love how Joseph starts the dinner by teaching us how to be a Camino family. I was just there on September 5 and had another good experience.
  18. easygoing

    Question about Santiago cathedral

    I am currently walking the Camino and a fellow pilgrim just told me there is a new entrance fee to the cathedral of 15 Euros. Is this true
  19. easygoing

    Poles don't fit in checked luggage!

    I always buy fiberglass collapsible poles I place them inside my backpack , one on each side of the pack so they look on x-ray like a pack frame. They do collapse down to fit into my pack. I do this a when I fly to Madrid with no problem. Then returning home I check my bag in a light weight...
  20. easygoing

    The alternative route down to Roncesvalles

    We walked it 3 days ago and it is well marked. Tell the pilgrim office you are going that way and they provide a guide with pictures.

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