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  1. redpomegranates

    Confessions in English?

    Peter Robins wrote: 'so, yes, it does seem you can get a plenary indulgence on those 3 dates, a partial one on other dates, and a plenary one if you die en route. Perhaps it only applies to Spanish-speakers?? ' I wrote this facetiously, but now I'm wondering whether in fact outside holy...
  2. redpomegranates

    Plenary Indulgence, July 25th?

    To my fellow Catholics out there (and others who might know), rumor has it pilgrims arriving at Santiago on July 25 (+ Mass and Confession) receive a plenary indulgence. Is this true? I could really use a plenary indulgence. :) The partial ones would never be able to cover for all my previous...
  3. redpomegranates

    Nailclippers? Deodorant? Floss?

    Hello fellow pilgrims! A question for the initiates of the Camino: How do you tak ecare of bodily hygene along the way? I suppose nails grow unseemingly over a month's time if you dont clip them...and there isnt much you can rely on in nature to help you do this. Of course, I could just...
  4. redpomegranates

    stopping at Silos?

    Salve! I've recently been seeded with the persistent thought of take a little side-trip to Santo Domingo de Silos whilst on my Camino. Its a bit south of Burgos, from what I gather. Perhaps a daytrip away off the path? Will I get lost? Is it feasable? Has anyone been? Will wild animals and...
  5. redpomegranates

    Snakes? Contact Lenses? :)

    Two birds with one stone, so as not to take up too much space :idea: 1. I'm doing my walk very contemplatively and don't really want to bother about the refugios very much. So, its me and my sleeping bag. From experience, can anyone tell me if I should be worried about strange bugs or...

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