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    LIVE from the Camino For those worried about beds...

    I love this!!!!! Not stressing about life!!!
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    What exercises to do to strengthen lower back?

    I am convinced that yoga and targeted stretching is the key, at least for me. Strength may not be helpful if you cannot move. My back gives me issues and at age 60 I finally discovered the magic of morning and evening stretching and some yoga. There’s a nerve that runs through the piriformis...
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    Food to bring to Spanish friend from US

    I am from NC. We think we have the best BBQ on the planet. I’d send pork BBQ sauce, Eastern and Lexington styles.
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    Two pilgrims trapped in tree by a cow

    My grandfather was a dairy farmer. Spent a few summers with cows. They are usually docile. Bulls however.. Depending on the circumstances they can be very dangerous. From what I observed if they are still intact and in with cows they can be aggressive. I’ve never witnessed an aggressive cow.
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    Sandals vs. flip flops.

    I'm totally not getting in the public shower without sandals.
  6. F

    Chinese shops???

    What is this Chinese shop I keep reading about?
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    Sandals vs. flip flops.

    Yeah, I can't do Xero brand. I bought their shoes on a sale and for long distance walking they were awful. I have a decent pair of hiking sandals. I might just carry those and buy some cheap shower sandals when I get there.
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    Sandals vs. flip flops.

    After a major knee injury and surgery shoes and foot care is a big deal for me. I've decided on my shoes, HOKA Speedgoats. Now I need to figure out a sandal or flip-flop for the Camino Frances. I want something to shower with, walk in and go downtown in. I have a decent pair of "hiking...
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    Sending a bag or box from SJPdP to Ivar

    My wife and I plan on arriving in Santiago on June 28th. I plan to ship a bag to Ivar in late May from France. Good information here. Thanks!!
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    Best shoes for Camino Ingles?

    I have spent months looking for the best shoe to get over the Pyrenees and all the way to Santiago. I tried Saucony, Altra, Solomon, Brooks and HOKA. In my opinion, HOKA Speedgoat 5's are way above every other brand. I had a complete quadricep rupture and surgery about 18 months ago. Socks...
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    OK guys, what underwear?

    I saw that Patagonia was on sale at REI so I pulled the trigger on those. Apparently they have done their homework on this topic.
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    Accommodations suggestions

    Been emailing someone at a hostel in Zubiri. I think this one is figured out.
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    Accommodations suggestions

    We’ll be staying at the Libredon Rooms in Santiago
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    Accommodations suggestions

    Zubiri not easy to find accommodations. Albergues don't seem to be open, have websites or the ability to be booked on third party websites.
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    Accommodations suggestions

    Thanks! We have a night in Orrison. I'll do Roncesvalles and Zubiri next.
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    Accommodations suggestions

    So we have purchased our airline tickets to Pamplona and back home from Santiago. Now we want to reserve places to stay in SJPDP and Santiago. I'd love suggestions for both please. Where did you stay? Recommendations? We want a private room with a private bathroom to get started and end...
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    OK guys, what underwear?

    As we are avid hikers and walk several miles a day, I have tried various kinds of underwear. I just can't find anything as comfortable and regular old cotton briefs. But, 5 weeks on the Camino means cotton might be not awesome at all. Do tell... What should I be looking for. I tried "Smart...
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    Non gortex hiking boots

    Hitech boots fit that bill. They seem to run a bit big so try them on.
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    How often do you take a break?

    My wife and I walk a lot. Yesterday we hiked in the mountains all day and this morning we walked about 5km after breakfast. Yesterday was a hard walk due to steep ups and downs. At the end of the trail I needed a serious break. I’m 60 and in good shape, all things considered. I’m trying to...
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    Biking Options for People Who Mostly Want to Walk?

    We’re walking the Frances in June. We’re also on a kinda tight schedule. So, our plan is to knock off a couple of days in the middle with a train or bus.

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