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  1. jungleboy

    Questions for upcoming Camino de Madrid

    Hi all, We leave for Madrid two weeks from today, spending a couple of nights there while visiting friends, and then starting on the Camino de Madrid on Monday 1st April. Here are a few random questions that my cursory research has thrown up so far. I'd appreciate any advice! 1. Gronze shows a...
  2. jungleboy

    Walking the other way: the Portuguese Camino (Guardian article, 2 March 2019)

    Walking the other way: the Portuguese Camino. This is a rather unremarkable article that's light on substance and purpose but I'll share it anyway. The writer did three days of the Portuguese camino, walking 9 miles / ~14.5km per day and staying in manor houses. He doesn't seem to know much...
  3. jungleboy

    Favourite Camino Waymarking Signs

    Do you have any photos of camino signs or arrows that you particularly like for any reason? Here are a couple of mine. This is from the Camino Primitivo, somewhere near Tineo - near the muddy section, if I recall correctly, which would make sense! How cute are the snails? This one is from...
  4. jungleboy

    Help me choose my May-June 2019 camino (~18 days)

    TL;DR - Which camino would you recommend in late spring for about 18 days? Things have changed a bit since the last time I asked for advice about choosing a camino for 2019. Now, it looks like I’ll have a window to walk a solo camino in late May - early June while junglegirl is leading a tour...
  5. jungleboy

    Camino Signs in Unlikely Places

    This morning I was in the sleepy colonial town of Antonina, near Curitiba in the Brazilian state of Paraná. I know the camino is popular with Brazilians but I didn’t expect to stumble upon camino memorabilia in a place like this! Have others come across camino signs in unlikely places?
  6. jungleboy

    Next camino (2019): Mozárabe or Portugués?

    @Wendy Werneth and I are in the early stages of deciding which camino to do next year. We have two windows of opportunity and are thinking of doing either the Camino Mozárabe from Almería to Mérida from mid-March to mid-April, or the Camino Portugués Central from Porto to Santiago, with the...
  7. jungleboy

    LIVE from the Camino Nick and Wendy on the Primitivo

    Edit: Most of what I posted in this thread is now available in blog form at this link, if you prefer to read it that way. Right now we’re in the pre-Camino stage as we prepare to start walking on Friday. Last night we left Lisbon on the overnight train to Madrid. The Oriente station in Lisbon...
  8. jungleboy

    A new buff for a new camino

    @Wendy Werneth and I are leaving Lisbon tomorrow on the overnight train to Madrid, staying a night in Madrid to see some friends, taking the train to Oviedo on Thursday and starting the Camino Primitivo on Friday! Today I bought a new buff to celebrate the start of a new camino!
  9. jungleboy

    What does your Google Maps in Spain look like?

    Hopefully this can be a fun little thread. I like it how my Google Maps shows that I have done the Camino Francés because of all the places I starred along the way. What does your Google Maps (or other map service) look like?
  10. jungleboy

    Podcast episode about Santiago de Compostela

    Hi all, I host a weekly podcast for intermediate/advanced English speakers and learners. The podcast features real conversations about people, places and their stories (so it can be enjoyed by native speakers too). This week's episode is about Santiago de Compostela so I thought I'd share it...

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