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  1. Csutak

    What I learnt along the way + Short Film

    Dear Emma! Thank you so much, you've lightened up my day! 🥾🥾🥰 I am moved.... This is the best video I have seen recently.
  2. Csutak

    Twelve Camino Rules for Life

    One more: If you think it is a steep "subida", just turn back and you'll see it's a "bachada", ;)
  3. Csutak

    Is the albergue in San Vicente de la Barquera closed?

    Otros datos Año de apertura: Reabierto en 2016 Titularidad: Municipal Gestión: Municipal Encargado: Kety Fernández ???
  4. Csutak

    Is the albergue in San Vicente de la Barquera closed?

    I have not heard about it. This is a municipal albergue,
  5. Csutak

    Is the albergue in San Vicente de la Barquera closed?

    And there is a very good and cheap bar in Serdio! :) Here is the albergue: https://www.gronze.com/cantabria/serdio/albergue-peregrinos-serdio Now there is a painting on the wall.
  6. Csutak

    Descent to Cee

    Hi L. B. You can/will find a stick if you feel you need it. ;) It is not steeper than many other parts, it's just with stones.
  7. Csutak

    Which part of the Camino de North?

    It is advisable to take the bus from Oviedo to Aviles - this is what I also did. However, I agree that the Primitivo is much more challenging. :cool:
  8. Csutak

    Which part of the Camino de North?

    Hi Amir, Some people continue the Norte from Oviedo via Aviles, so it's also an option. https://www.gronze.com/camino-norte Buen Camino!
  9. Csutak

    Injury 24 hours before flight!

    Wishing you all the best, spagirl! Buen Camino!
  10. Csutak

    The last few meters (video)

    Oh! Just 4 weeks ago I was there!!!!!!!! :):):)
  11. Csutak

    What's the craziest thing you have done to save weight?

    And what about the bananas? Did you peel them? :cool:
  12. Csutak

    Can I start Northern caminos from Muros de Nalon city?

    Hi Gint, I started my Camino in Santander in July and I didn't have a credencial. I took an old one with me hoping that later I will be able to obtain a new one. However, on the very first day I was given a sheet of paper by the hospitalera which was meant to substitute the credencial so I...
  13. Csutak

    Accomodation after Lugo?

    Although they have received some negative comments on Gronze https://www.gronze.com/galicia/lugo/san-roman-da-retorta/albergue-candido, I was happy to stay there. It was a bit tiring day with lots of asphalt and with some rain when I arrived so I was extremely happy I could get a bed. (I know...
  14. Csutak

    Pigs of Spain

  15. Csutak

    Pigs of Spain

    These are the only pigs I have seen on the Camino this year.
  16. Csutak

    What's the craziest thing you have done to save weight?

    YES! I did the same with the shampoo and hair balsam. :p And I left home my trainers... Actually I always leave them at home.
  17. Csutak

    Accomodation after Lugo?

    Hola Anamya, I walked there 5 weeks ago but I don't remember anything else except for 2 albergues in San Roman da Retorta. I stayed at Albergue O Cándido.
  18. Csutak

    If you had only one word ...

  19. Csutak

    Is this the inner experience?

    A big hug to you, David for your beautiful thoughts. Yes!!! I (and many of us) know this feeling. I experienced it several times on different Caminos. First, in 2006 in Viana when on my arrival (completely exhausted) a window opened wide and I could hear a wonderful Spanish song. I guess it...

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