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    I cannot take my boots off

    My boots were so wet and smelled so bad after 4 out of the last 5 days of walking in pooring down rain that I left them in the bus station in Santiago and just wore my Tevas for the travel home. They were never going to dry out before my flight home so I left them in Spain.
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    Pamplona Bus question

    My flight arrives Sept 17 about 10:15 am and was also considering trying to share a taxi rather than wait till 14:00 for the bus.
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    Pamplona Bus question

    Thanks. So when you get the cab you just tell them to take you to the alsa bus station?
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    Pamplona Bus question

    I have totally confused myself, granted thats not very hard, happens often and I should be used to it. I have been reading over several posts and decided to try to get the ALSA bus from pamplona to SJPDP at 14:00. Now that part that confused me is where do you get your ticket and on the bus in...
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    Some basic instructions

    I like the new look
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    Video diary for pilgrims!

    I found them when you were got to St Jean and followed along every two days or so. Good view on things and can't wait to get there at the end of summer myself. Thanks for sharing.
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    Anyone have any travel advice getting to SJPdP from Hawaii?

    Madrid to Pamplona flights are cheap and there is a bus the rest of the way to SJPDP for like 15 or 20 euro.
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    Question about Food and Water on el Camino Frances

    Re: Question about FOOD and water on el camino frances Are there microwaves at some of them or just the basic stove range combo?
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    Breaking in shoes and boots

    If they don't feel good in the store, no amount of "breaking in" will help. Try on as many different kinds and sizes, don't look at color or style, let your feet tell you, as you will find one that will just feel awesome. Then once home go for plent of walks with them to make sure they are the...
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    Time off??

    I don't know about everyone else, but I am not college or retired. I usually don't use much vacation time and am allowed to have 240 hours saved at the end of the callender year so after a few years that is what I have and now this year its use it or it rolls over into sick leave, so I decided...
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    Transport from Santiago to Madrid

    I booked a airplane ticket with ryanair that fit in with my plans.
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    First Camino: Getting to SJPDP from US East Coast?

    I recently booked my tickets for september and the cheapest and easiest way for me (north east North Carolina) was to fly from Norfolk VA to JFK then to Madrid and then to Pamplona, planning to bus it to Roncevilla or St. Jean or a Taxi depending on timing and meeting people and bus scheduling...
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    Travel from Finisterre to Santiago on a Sunday?

    So as it stands right now I will be flying out of santiago early on a monday 7:55 am I think. One of the options I am thinking about depending on how I feel and if time allows is to try to make it to Finisterre as it would be great to see the other side of the atlantic (as I see this side every...
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    Travel from USA passport question

    Thanks, I am waiting a bit to get the credential.
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    Travel from USA passport question

    So I have never been a world traveler, Canada and the Virgin Island is about it. I just got my new passport in the mail the other day and booked some flights to and from spain for Sept. and Oct. I am wondering if my passport and a drivers license is all the documentation I will need? Probably...
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    How to pick where to stay the night.

    Thanks for the replies, I am semi young at 36 and I am a runner and swimmer so am pretty fit so the mileage should not be a problem and the goal is to get to Santiago but then I said it would be really neat to see the other side of the Atlantic. So for now its Santiago with a hope to see the...
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    How to pick where to stay the night.

    Just wondering if people plan out there days or just kind of wing it as far as how far to walk each day and where to stay each night. I am going to have 30 to 32 days that I will be able to walk and and going from St. Jean to Santiago but would also like to make it to Muxia if possible. I have...
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    Attention U.S.A Mid-South Camino Pilgrims!

    Hope it makes it to netflix or vimeo, or someplace like that.
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    Just got approved for vacation

    Any websites I can look at for travel from pamplona to Roncesvalles. It seems like it would be easy to get a taxi the last bit, but not sure where to look for the bus or train from Pamplona to Roncesvalles.

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