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  1. K

    Favorite private accommodation between Sarria and Santiago

    absolutely Casa Caxieguero, just about at the 100Km marker http://vimeo.com/8837100
  2. K

    You know you are a seasoned pilgrim, when you

    ...are able to accept assistance as well as give it...
  3. K

    Want to buy a nice albergue?

    A little background...American Pilgrims was actually founded, in part, to consider hosting an albergue, in 2000. A group of five wanted to pool time, effort, etc. towards that end. Since that time, considerable time and effort was put into educating ourselves as to just what albergue...
  4. K

    Alternative route between the Norte and Frances

    Let's do it! I want to see this interactive guide...and San Miguel de Escalade and the whole 9 yards (134 km?) Yahoo!!!!
  5. K

    Any transportation to Santo Domingo del Calzada?

    Thank you all...I will indeed look into the bus schedules.... When I was in the south of France, the buses sometimes only ran a couple of times per week and I was afraid of that. Now I know I have some leeway.
  6. K

    Any transportation to Santo Domingo del Calzada?

    Hola, I would like to do some research in Santo Domingo del Calzada in May, but am unsure of how to approach it...I could walk, of course, having done the Camino a number of times, but I am looking for public transportation either from Madrid or from the east to get to Santo Domingo. b-t-w, it...
  7. K

    Aong the Templar Trail: Seven Million Steps for Peace, B. Wi

    Seven Million Steps for Peace When I first walked the Camino Frances in 1999, a friend sent his good wishes for the journey with a note translating 800 kilometers into approx. 1.5 million steps. Brandon Wilson, a companion at times during that pilgrimage, has taken that a great deal farther…...
  8. K

    King's 1920 classic now online

    Here is the information you requested...(from the publisher) The Way of Saint James, Vol. I by Georgiana Goddard King 978-0-9790909-2-9 pp. 484 $34.95 The Way of Saint James, Vol. II by Georgiana Goddard King 978-0-9790909-3-6 pp. 532 $38.95 The Way of Saint James, Vol. III by Georgiana...
  9. K

    King's 1920 classic now online

    I was just in Santa Fe with Elyn Aviva (Following Milky Way, etc.) and her husband, Gary White (Pilgrim's Process Publishing) is currently getting ready to publish all three volumes. Vol. 1 should be ready in about 2-3 weeks from Amazon and the usual sources with Vol. 2 and 3 to follow with a...
  10. K

    Alternate Medieval Routes

    I am an associate editor for a medieval pilgrimage encyclopedia out of Brill, the Netherlands...and one of the articles I am looking to write or to assign is on other (than the Camino Frances) Camino routes that were widely used during the middle ages period...that is up to 1500's. I'm familiar...
  11. K

    New signage for Camino?

    In response to Ulysse, there is a place, besides this forum, to register your dismay (or approval?) of the Xunta's new symbol: http://www.elcorreogallego.es/index.php?idNoticia=48732 there are a number of very interesting replies in all languages and hope to see more there, as well as here!
  12. K

    New signage for Camino?

    yellow arrows not dumped? Oh Ivar, the foot image is just awful!! What about the humility and symbolic simplicity of the pilgrimage... the foot image looks like the reflexology pads I used to wear when I was training for my first Camino.... I know Spain and the powers that be there...
  13. K

    Your next pilgrimage?

    Most probably I will continue on the Chemin St. Jacques from Moissac to the Camino Frances, where I have walked before.... The Via de la Plata is calling me, though, Kathy
  14. K

    Pilgrim Statistics

    Ivar, Where can I find the pilgrim statistics for last month or the month before? appreciating all you do, kathy
  15. K

    luggage storage in Santiago

    mail from US to Spain? Can someone in the US mail something to Spain for a pilgrim going to Santiago de Compostela? Thank you for this...I didn't find the answer in the forums yet. Kathy
  16. K

    bus from Santiago to Sarria?

    Greetings, Ivar... I just had a call from a lovely pilgrim group who are flying into Santiago but want to go immediately to their starting point, Samos, to begin. Are there any busses that go directly from Santiago to Samos? Hurray, for they a re a youth group from Pennsylvania. Any...
  17. K

    Busses to Finisterre

    busses Finisterre to Madrid Thanks, Ivar... now the inquiry is on busses between Madrid and Finisterre. I imagine one has to go through Santiago...is this correct?
  18. K

    Busses to Finisterre

    Santiago to Fiisterre bus routes Hola, on another list serve, questions have been asked about the bus company that services the route from Santiao to Finisterre. When I took it years ago, it doubled as a school bus in the afternoons and ran fairly regularly but stopped at every small town...
  19. K

    Le Puy en Velay to Santiago - Sep / Oct

    Graeme, Going from LePuy in September is quite beautuful...it's harvest season for the grapes and nuts in France. There is a renaissance festival Fete des Oisseaux the second week of September in Le Puy. It is much more difficult, I felt, than walking from St. Jean and even in last...
  20. K

    El Camino/Santiago around the world

    where did I hear about the Camino.... ah...being brought up Catholic, I still had never heard of it until a May 1999 article in the New York Times. In spite of a cranky author, it hit the right note for someone wanting to do something different and meaningful to celebrate a landmark...

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