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  1. WayWalker

    Non walking partner wants to buy a motorbike - any suggestions?

    We met a young dutch man on the Portugese who walked his camino and bought a second hand motorbike and was doing it in reverse back to Holland!
  2. WayWalker

    Help! The walking pole makes me feel like the walking dead!

    I could tell you all about poles and why I like them but that's about me. From what you said I would tell you to ditch the poles. Doesn't sound like your thing. Sort of like fitting a round peg in a square hole. If it's so important why not just carry one pole like a walking stick?
  3. WayWalker

    Bus from Finisterre to A Coruna

    Yes the bus across the road from the bus station is the blue line. It will say airport.
  4. WayWalker

    Bus from Finisterre to A Coruna

    Not sure about from Finisterre but we took a bus from Muxia to A Coruna to fly to Faro Portugal. It was a couple of hours. It was pretty easy. I'm sure there is a bus from Finisterre.
  5. WayWalker

    Norte Here I come !

    Well, there are certainly not as many albergues on the Norte so maybe it's a competition thing. It's been 5 years since our CF and we did the Norte last fall so can't speak to the dicrepancy.
  6. WayWalker

    Norte Here I come !

    Depends on the time of year I think. We walked in Aug/September and October 2018. We were shut out of the alburgue at Ibiri Auzoa 20ks outside of Markina-Xemein for not calling ahead. Had to taxi forward as I could not do another 20k that day having walked from Zumaia. Then a few days later...
  7. WayWalker

    Pictures that show you totally outside your comfort zone on the Camino!

    If meant Grijo. Gijon was on my recent Norte. My caminos runneth together.
  8. WayWalker

    Pictures that show you totally outside your comfort zone on the Camino!

    On the Portuguese Camino we had dinner in with a Portuguese family in Gijon. Barely anyone spoke English and we were gregariously accepted into the fold. I thought the grandmother was going to choke me and the daughter liked my husband a little too much after too much wine and port! Lol.😂
  9. WayWalker

    Walking stages on costal/senda litoral a bit confusing

    If you happen to get there on a Monday and don't want to spend the night, there is a guy named Mario who will take you across by boat for 5€ pp. Ask at the tourist information office.
  10. WayWalker

    Best way to get to Irun

    We flew into Biarritz, rode the bus right outside the airport to Hendaye then walked 2k over the border to Irun. Very easy.
  11. WayWalker

    Please Help: Where to start from coastal to variante espiritual for credential

    Well, the walking from Vilanova was a hard road slog so we decided to walk to the train station 10k away. So admittedly we took the train to Padron. I just couldn't fathom the road slog after getting my mind set on a boat ride. One of the only transportation we took on our entire Portuguese.
  12. WayWalker

    Did you fall in love on the Camino?

    My son's best friend walked the CF the spring after we did in 2015, inspired by our journey. There he met a french Canadian woman and they just got married in the fall. We were on the Camino del Norte. He now lIves with her in Montreal. ❤
  13. WayWalker

    were i to do the Del Norte again

    Wow, I walked from Lisbon two years ago so this past fall I felt like the Nortewas a pusscat comparatively as far as the road walking. Scarier and oh those cobblestones!
  14. WayWalker

    Norte Here I come !

    Oh, and I recommend you stay on the Norte all the way to Lavacolla (sp?). Merging with the CF at Arzua was a shocker after the relative solitude of the Norte.
  15. WayWalker

    Are there are any parts of the Norte Stages that people consider dangerous ?

    I recognize that this thread is old but there may be some who are still interested. We walked the Norte in the fall of 2018 and I believe people here are confusing the climb out of Berria with the climb up from Castro Uridales and over a headland and down into Laredo. We saw the small sign that...
  16. WayWalker

    Norte Here I come !

    We went in the fall and encountered mud here and there but not enough to stick to boots. Enjoy! You will love it. It's beautiful. We got our credentials and shells at the Alburgue de Peregrinos in Irun. Make sure you are aware of the interior route that leaves out of there if you want to walk...
  17. WayWalker

    Looking for pilgrim Found (38 years old)

    So thankful! I have been checking back too. Speedy healing and safe return home for Chris.
  18. WayWalker

    Looking for pilgrim Found (38 years old)

    Prayers for a swift and good ending.
  19. WayWalker

    Starting from Faro

    I am actually in the Algarve for a holiday after completing the camino del Norte. I was so surprised to find there are official way markers from Faro and also from Tavira! The one in the picture is from the main cathedral in Faro.

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