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  1. Terry Ruttger

    The truth about Camino fashion

    After my first Camino, I went home and took 3 garbage bags of clothing to Good Will. I’ve been a minimalist ever since and it’s been transformational. Second Camino took 5 minutes to pack. I am moving to a hiking dress so I can eliminate some more clothes in my pack for my next one this fall...
  2. Terry Ruttger

    Route from SJPdP mid April

    Remember jet lag and if you give yourself a rest day before you start. I did neither and thought I was going to die! I had been up 36 hours with a 9 hour time difference and little sleep in St Jean (lost my wax earplugs). Orisson was a godsend and I slept 5 hours before dinner. The next day...
  3. Terry Ruttger

    For men - great deal on Exofficio at Costco

    Men’s boxers are the way to go for women too! Ultra lightweight and there is way more air circulation than women’s briefs. Black with the 6” inseam and it looks like bike shorts - great with my hiking skirt-
  4. Terry Ruttger

    Pondering the experiences of refugees

    Thank you for the deep insights. All people on journeys need the energy of the Universe to push on. There are many souls in poverty on the Camino too. Each knows their own desolation as we carry our baggage and wrestle with the past and hope for a new future to emerge. Godspeed to all -
  5. Terry Ruttger

    Twelve Camino Rules for Life

    And when facing a steep hill, count 25 steps and stop. Look behind you and the view is always stunning. Then face forward and walk 25 more. You will always make it. Nothing is insurmountable -
  6. Terry Ruttger

    Nice alberge/hostel in Fisterra

    I was there last spring and there was a group of Downs Syndrome young adults from Valencia that took up the majority of beds in the albergue. The owners were so gracious and the group was amazing. What a way to start another Camino with people who's special needs made them so open to...
  7. Terry Ruttger

    Question about Albergue in San Juan de Ortega

    It was the one place where I wouldn’t take a shower Luckily it wasn’t a hot day- The food was plunked on my plate and had no flavor. The front desk man sneered and wouldn’t speak to us. Internet was only in the lobby. The pilgrim mass was wonderful and the bar next door a winner. Couldn’t...
  8. Terry Ruttger

    New Camino song

    How beautiful! Thank you-
  9. Terry Ruttger

    Madrid to Astorga

    We stayed at Hostel La Peseta and had wonderful accommodations. Great food and a quiet, comfortable room.
  10. Terry Ruttger

    What is "Dog" symbol on milemarker 8 km Portuguese

    Close to Santiago on the way in from Finisterre. It actually looked kinda cool. There’s worse defacing outside of Sarria on the 100km marker and the one saying “Jesus didn’t start in Sarria.”
  11. Terry Ruttger

    Live - Camino Francés Leaving Triacastela: right or left?

    Samos! Beautiful forest walk and you come in to town high above the Monastery. Enjoy the quiet before you get to Sarria - it’ll be the last of it for awhile -
  12. Terry Ruttger

    ...on painted toenails...

    I have had painted nails as long as I can remember. I absolutely agree on the callous issue but compromise on the polish by using a very light translucent barely pink. Also I know after two caminos which toes have skin that don’t mind their manners and routinely blister. Prophylactic Compeed...
  13. Terry Ruttger

    Why should you Over-Night before SJPdP

    Last year we started without rest from St. Jean and I thought I was going to die! 36 hours awake and 8 hour time difference along with being "of a certain age." It was pure stupidity to start right away. This year we took a day to adjust and had no problems on the trail. Next year's trip...
  14. Terry Ruttger

    Live - Camino Francés Burgos: best store EVER!!!

    They are a “must” stop whenever we come across them. Cee has a hyper bazaar that’s the size of a Target store inside and has a tiny storefront. Astorga has a great one too. And you have no idea what you really need—-
  15. Terry Ruttger

    Santiago to finisterre

    We came into the city instead of leaving and knew where we were going. We had no problem following it up to Roots and Boots alburgue and went to our hotel from there. The Brierly maps show it pretty well -
  16. Terry Ruttger

    Santiago to finisterre

    We just finished walking Finisterre to Muxia to Santiago. This was against the arrow from Muxia to Santiago and was a challenge. It’s been so rainy that we had a hard time seeing arrows on the pavement and we had to guess at the pillar arrows but with three of us, we figured it out. It was...
  17. Terry Ruttger

    Sun protection for ladies?

    My Irish-Swedish skin is prone to skin cancer - I've already had one surgery that removed half my nose skin. Shishido has a tinted moisturizer that's SPF50. I walked the entire Frances and didn't always have my hat on. My face never once was burned and I now wear the tinted sunblock every day...
  18. Terry Ruttger

    Souvenirs! What have you done with them?

    I made an end table in my living room by using a birdbath with a glass table top. My grandmothers rock collection, old family watches, Christmas ornaments- and now my Camino pins, rosaries and the prayer I had in my pocket the whole way - all are in the collection. And I return to the Camino on...
  19. Terry Ruttger

    What did you bring on the Camino that you wound up not using?

    Sent my solar charger home. Used my iPhone flashlight for the one time we were in the dark. I wore a neck pack with phone pocket and the light was perfect. Brought camping wine glasses and used them every day - good for brushing teeth and a road side nip along the way. Who’d have thought...
  20. Terry Ruttger

    How accessible and frequent are bathrooms on the Camino?

    I too have digestive issues and found the following routine helpful - Get up and walk for a few hours. Usually we found a town and stopped for breakfast. Use the bathroom. Walk for a few hours and stop for lunch. Use the bathroom. Walk for a few hours and end the day. I never had to use a...

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