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  1. Calgarybiker1965

    Non-religious experience

    Hi Todd. I am not religious. Watched the movie THE WAY and all of a sudden had the biggest NEED to do this walk...I am not sure why...I am quiet emotional about it...preparing.. For me..it will be about reconnecting with myself...lots of thinking, reflecting...inner peace...acceptance..self...
  2. Calgarybiker1965

    Non-religious experience

    I was more than a little taken back by the comment about being Atheist yet taking advantage of the so called FREE beds. I am not religious yet I would never use anothers religion to give myself a FREE/CHEAP vacation...those places are by donation. I hope there are not too many people walking the...
  3. Calgarybiker1965

    what the Camino gave you

    Beautiful thank you
  4. Calgarybiker1965

    My camino could have ended but for an honest pilgrim

    These things are not common so we have to explain them some how. There was a quote that said" Common sense is so uncommon that it is now a super power" Same thing in this case!
  5. Calgarybiker1965

    Albergue Etiquette

    Raised in a BARN?
  6. Calgarybiker1965

    Albergue Etiquette

    Good job on the list!
  7. Calgarybiker1965

    3 days is this normal

    Wishing I were sleepless for this reason...I have 2 yrs before my planned walk. Come back with a good story when you are done! Cheers!
  8. Calgarybiker1965

    Feeling quite dissapointed and haven't even started my way

    I look for the posts everyday...Everyday I am more excited when I read the stories, humor and experiences of the people posting. I really haven's seen much negativity and If I did..I took no note. I try to see the glass as half full. If reading these posts upsets you, perhaps it's best not to...
  9. Calgarybiker1965

    Ultra-Light Rectangle Sleeping Bag

    Perhaps after your camino you could let us know how this bag worked for you. I am planning on buy a new bag...just sold my -30C mummy bag so have a budget for one.
  10. Calgarybiker1965

    Train from Paris (CDG) to st.jean pied-du-port

    I can totally relate. Vacation romance/love is often burst once home. Still a great story and wonderful memories I am sure.
  11. Calgarybiker1965

    Unwise pilgrim seeks advice from wiser ones!

    Oh man I'm laughing...I'm German...not sure what boots but I definitely will be wearing my lederhosen !! Bahahaha
  12. Calgarybiker1965

    30 L (28L Actually) Pack big enough -- Or 40 L better ---

    I am looking at a 40l and it weighs only.05k more than the 30L. I will be carrying a sleepingbag tent as well as a bag. I will seriously looking soon! Glad you said 40L as I looked at the 30l and thought....wow where will I put everything?
  13. Calgarybiker1965

    Things the Camino needs more of

    We have Cafe/Laundromats here...I know for a fact those laundry machine make a killing and if someone owned one...they could take a long winter off!
  14. Calgarybiker1965

    One walking stick vs two

    I am a Massage therapist...mountain biker, hiker, walker and I tend to agree . We have two hips...legs..( Knees) we are trying to help on the journey...why would you use one cane...it would be like using ONE CRUTCH...balance and fluidity and knee relief is the key!
  15. Calgarybiker1965

    10 Things We Learned On Our First Camino....

    Thanks! All great tips!
  16. Calgarybiker1965

    Water on the Portuguese Camino

    I will be bring along my Life Straw which allows you to filter ANY water to be drinkable..So if you pass a stream or creek....voila..you have water!
  17. Calgarybiker1965

    Coffee in the morning...

    I'm laughing WycombeMan...7 cups? SAY WHAT? How many pit stops is this after the tea starts breaking the seal?
  18. Calgarybiker1965

    Disappointing arrival in Santiago

    Beautifully worded!
  19. Calgarybiker1965

    Disappointing arrival in Santiago

    A good night sleep...some good wine and food will make you have a whole new outlook!!! You did it!!!!
  20. Calgarybiker1965

    Camino Romance

    I can only hope to be so lucky!!!

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