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    Older pilgrims on the Salvador

    Here's my thoughts: Wonderful plan! 1. I walked in Altra Lone Peak trackers and found them to be all I could need and did my first Camino without blisters. Before this I always wore my hiking boots (left over from my Park Service uniform years) and always had blisters after several days...
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    Ok I’ll just say it...bladder leaks

    Got a pair, tried them, didn't work for me. Will return them and hope I really will get a refund. The search continues...sigh.
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    Sanabres Guide

    Thank you so much for this suggestion, though it makes me a little anxious. I think perhaps I just have to face not having it this time. But I will be walking the VdlP in three sections -- the middle third in September 2019 (and the last in May 2020) so I will order it from home and have it...
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    Sanabres Guide

    I am leaving the USA for Seville on March 20. Is there any way I can get the Wise Pilgrim guide to the Via de la Plata here in Massachusetts before I leave???? I went to your website but I couldn't tell how it will be mailed and from where so I don't know if it will arrive before I leave. I'd...
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    Ok I’ll just say it...bladder leaks

    Thank you thank you for this suggestion -- I'm going to try everything so I ordered a pair today. They are returnable in 30 days if not satisfied and so worth it if they work for me (though they are a fortune at $39).
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    Ok I’ll just say it...bladder leaks

    You are not alone! Thanks for bringing this up. Interested in all replies...
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    Great Air Fare!

    Booked my flight today on TAP (Portugal) from Boston (departing 7:40 pm, 3/20) to Seville (arriving 9:20 am, 3/21) for $413. And the return is from Madrid. Best ever! There's a change of plane in Lisbon (but no arriving in Madrid and having to spend time on the train to Seville). Check out...
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    Time to buy new Altras

    With enough years to experience something that's perfect (the perfect bra, bathing suit, Altras et al) I've learned that if you are loving something, buy more of it/them BEFORE you will need them 'cause they are going to change or discontinue it for sure. Makes me crazy! It feel nuts to buy...
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    VdLP Spring Walkers' Calendar

    The week of March 18 but not sure of the day -- from Seville
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    Via de la Plata - downloadable GPS Maps

    Thank you Letting but I tried wikiloc.com and couldn't make head or tails of it (I know I am technicologically challenged!). Maybe I haven't been clear about what I am looking for. As I understand it, there is an app that shows the route in the form of a map of the Via de la Plata, from...
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    Via de la Plata - downloadable GPS Maps

    I found this question from Stephen dating back to 2012 but there were no responses. Now I am planning to walk the Via de la Plata starting mid March and for the first time I am thinking I should download a map app on my phone since I will be walking alone. Since I am barely in this century...
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    Are you 70+ and still walking Caminos?

    At just 2 months short of 76, and Wes now 82, we have walked 5 Caminos and now are planning to start the Via de la Plata in March of this coming year, 2019. But I have some different thoughts about this question that I'd like to share. Not everyone can walk a Camino, carrying a pack, in their...
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    Wise Pilgrim app

    So hoping to have the written guide available before I head for the Via de la Plata in mid March!
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    Older People on the Primitivo

    Oops -- I left off the ks for day 8 on my list above. From Berducedo to Embalse de Salime was 14.2k. Buen Camino Primitivo!
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    Pilgrims hosting Pilgrims

    I traveled many years ago as a Servas traveler (with Servas hosts). Check it out on the web -- it is a lovely way to meet people from all over the world, promote cultural exchange, and generally work for peace. There is no charge and visitors are expected to spend at least 2 nights in order to...
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    Do ladies pee in the woods? I think we know the answer.

    Ordered it! Never cared to try one but your post convinced me it's worth a try. I'm also one who, like loumura, is off to the woods after one cup of joe. Heading for the Via de la Plata in March and not much in the way of woods. Thanks!
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    Five Questions about the Via de la Plata

    Thanks for the description of your (wonderful) camino. I love hearing from everyone about their experiences.
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    New Knees - User Experiences Please

    I have had both knees replaced. Wore them out working as a park ranger in the western mountains of the US -- all those mountains meant lots of downhills -- seriously hard on knees. I was in my 50s when the first was replaced and 10 years later I had a revision in that knee (the doctor said it...
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    Forum upgrade this morning 😳

    Control, Command, Space did it for me -- infinite emojis! Just don't want to spend any more time than I already do on the Forum!!
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    Stuff I was wrong about - And Trail Runners

    I also followed the advice and brought an extra set of insoles on the Primitivo for after we arrived. Changed socks, changed insoles, and wore the wet (Altras) in total comfort. Thanks again for the advice -- it sure worked for me.

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