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  1. kelleymac

    Hi Ivar-- My older son is meeting me in Burgos carrying two backpacks on the 11th. We will be...

    Hi Ivar-- My older son is meeting me in Burgos carrying two backpacks on the 11th. We will be arriving in Santiago either Good Friday or the Saturday before Easter, and flying out on Easter Sunday. (We're only walking till Leon this time.) Can we ship one of his packs to you? Are you open...
  2. kelleymac

    Avoiding the breakfast trap?

    "American breakfast" is huge and goes back to when breakfast was served after getting morning farm chores done. Oddly, no one I know eats an "american breakfast" on a regular basis. (We make pancakes on holidays or maybe Sundays. We do make our own maple syrup every year or two from our maple...
  3. kelleymac

    Avoiding the breakfast trap?

    My teenage son complains that we waste a lot of good walking time in the morning because of my caffeine addiction. He has a point. So... When there is a kitchen I make a cup of strong tea, and I bring along some starbucks instant coffee. We eat some protein and bread in the morning. Usually...
  4. kelleymac

    Walking again, re-starting in Burgos... Advice needed.

    On May 3rd, 2017 my younger son and I stopped our second camino at Belorado because of illness. On April 11th, this year, we are planning on re-starting from Burgos (maybe Belorado). My older son, who has never walked the Camino, is going to join us. Here are my questions: --Can my younger...
  5. kelleymac

    Easter in Santiago

    Yes. Exactly, 6 hours to get there. :( We usually attend Easter Vigil at our home parish, which lasts late into the night. --I was thinking we'd walk for a 7-8 days (we usually walk between 20 and 25 miles/day on flattish terrain), and then take a bus (or rent a car.. as there are three of...
  6. kelleymac

    Easter in Santiago

    Good morning, My sons and I will be walking the 100 miles we haven't walked yet (Burgos to Leon), beginning April 11th. My younger son would like to take transit from Leon to Santiago de Compostela to be there for Easter. Will the cathedral be closed? Is there an Easter Vigil Mass in...
  7. kelleymac

    Pilgrim masses in Santiago cathedral to be suspended from Monday 28 January

    Argh! ...we're planning on arriving this Easter, and were hoping to attend the Vigil mass at the cathedral. This will be my third pilgrimage that I won't see the botafumiero swing. Well. I guess I'll start planning my forth pilgimage....
  8. kelleymac

    Can we please talk kilometres, litres, Celsius, right-side driving, etc.?

    Yes, you are correct. Happily, I've always driven a normal car in the given country. Changing gears is takes a few second more as one needs time for door-thumping.
  9. kelleymac

    Can we please talk kilometres, litres, Celsius, right-side driving, etc.?

    When I drive a car, I remember that the driver (me) should be toward the center of the road. That thought keeps me on the correct side. I keep a widget ready for me to switch between C and F. I can figure it out with an equation, but it takes a while. Some numbers are easy 0C is freezing...
  10. kelleymac

    Does having a half-full pack affect the weight distribution in a pack?

    At the end of our Camino, my son packed the top of my pack with a lot of cheese and chocolate. I picked up my pack and swung it on, and said "This is too heavy." He said "Mom, the train station is less than a km away. " Right. So-- I walked. And my knees hurt for 6 weeks afterwards.
  11. kelleymac

    Starting in Porto 2 May

    I'm thinking of walking from Porto with my 17 yo son -- starting out on April 11th, arriving at Santiago for Easter. How crowded will it be? We average about 25km/day. -- If it's going to be packed, maybe I shift back to LePuy, Conques, or from Leon-- but we'd really have to hoof it time...
  12. kelleymac

    Does having a half-full pack affect the weight distribution in a pack?

    I thought the heavier things should go in the middle of the pack, not the top. ?
  13. kelleymac

    Accommodation costs Seville surprise to me

    I am wondering this too. We plan to be in Santiago de Compostela on Easter and I tried booking at Seminario Menor through a number of booking sites inc. ones for hostels. All the rooms were taken. I checked the Seminario's website and found over 77 beds open, and rooms as well.
  14. kelleymac

    Second guessing myself

    Your pack may not fit you well. Try different ones. I tried Ospreys, and Deuter packs, but ended up with an LL bean 35L women's "daypack" with a trampoline suspension. It is so comfortable for me to wear. On the Camino, one third of it is filled with my down sleeping bag. I hike in the...
  15. kelleymac

    New Backpack

    Try on a number of packs-- and adjust them with weight in them. There will be one that will be an "Ah-ha!" moment of comfort. Ospreys and Deuters didn't work for me. I am slight across the shoulders, and they didn't fit well. Also, I want to be able to set my pack down and not have it fall...
  16. kelleymac

    Second guessing myself

    Your pack can be lighter than 24#-- and you can also be stronger by May. You can still be a pilgrim and have your pack forwarded if you need to! Wear your pack on walks at home, and around your house too. Just put in about 10#s or so, or even 5# to start out with. :) Your back and...
  17. kelleymac

    What is a Pilgrim/What is a Pilgrimage?

    Thank you for writing this-- and having the courage to post it! I think most of us have pondered the meaning of pilgrimage vs walking tour. It is a daily choice on the Camino, I think-- more for some than others. On my walk from Le Puy to Conques (too short a walk!), I found myself slipping...
  18. kelleymac

    Planning a pilgrimage in April, 2019.

    Planning a pilgrimage in April, 2019.
  19. kelleymac

    Walking trail for 11 days in April

    Hi again-- It looks like I'll have about ten days of walking between 4/11 and 4/25. I'm trying to decide where to be too. My son, now 18, wants to walk with me, and wants to spend Easter in Santiago. (We first walked together when he was 13.) :)
  20. kelleymac

    Walking trail for 11 days in April

    The parallel routes are the same path, but different outlook and intent, and places to stay. There are buses running twice daily from stop to stop. I am thinking of walking it again, but will look to stay on the "pilgrimage" route by staying in municipal gîtes when possible, and also taking a...

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