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  1. Terry Callery

    Transport from Porto to Sarria and form Santiago to Porto.

    You can get all of your travel itineraries in Europe at this website: www.Rome2Rio.com Just plug in destination and starting point and it will give all options bus, train, plane etc. Very useful
  2. Terry Callery

    Any especially memorable Albergues on Camino Portuguese?

    O Ninho was easily the funkiest and most welcoming albergue I stayed at on my journey. Translated from the Portuguese, it means “the bird’s nest,” and the word is used in the vernacular to express an affectionate connection with one’s home. There were a number of lodging options in the town of...
  3. Terry Callery

    Cathedral Closed...Is the Camino still worth it?

    Abruptly, he posed a question that no one else on the Camino had asked me. “This Camino…would you do it again?” “Yeah, I would do it again,” I said. “Not me. If you want to find God, then get yourself a bedpan and spend time at a hospice. That would be better than all this walking. At times it...
  4. Terry Callery

    Transport back to Porto

    The Website "Rome2Rio" will give you train, bus and air connections between any two places in Europe! Just put in the destination and the city you will be leaving from and it will give you all the options. Terence Callery
  5. Terry Callery

    How about posting your favorite photo(s) of "unusual" doors on the Camino

    This was taken in Ferrol at the start of the Ingles Route March 2019 Great Victorian door knocker! Terence Callery
  6. Terry Callery

    camino tips

    Another website I stumbled onto was www.annieswalkers.com, which was full of sage advice by Annie, who has made a small business of taking others on the Camino as a guide and planner. The single best piece of advice came from Annie, who was adamant about getting hiking shoes or sneakers a size...
  7. Terry Callery

    5 things most pilgrims don't do on the Camino (but should)

    Learn to "Chi Walk" in order to make your pilgrimage more of a walking meditation! I was no longer walking in the same aggressive way as when I trained over the winter in Maine. Instead, I began to walk in a way that conserved energy. I called it “sleepwalking” at the time. Now I refer to it as...
  8. Terry Callery

    Restaurant splurge - Matosinhos

    Amazing Food on the Portuguese Camino!!! The city of Mealhada, population five thousand, stretches out over nearly four kilometers. One guide book suggested that I skip Mealhada altogether and target a very nice hotel and restaurant called Três Pinheiros that was located just one kilometer from...
  9. Terry Callery

    My thoughts on being a "solo" women Camino Walker Spring 2019

    The approach to the beautiful town of Ponte de Lima meanders through the tiny hamlets of Anta, Bouça, Paço, Pereira, and Barros, which seemed to merge into one as I drifted through them. This five-kilometer portion of the Camino parallels the Rio Lima, and it transitions from fields with sheep...
  10. Terry Callery

    Newbie questions

    Take the Portuguese Route which is way less crowded. Food is way better and people friendlier. This route is very flat and easiest walking of all the Caminos. This is from" Portuguese Camino - In Search of the Infinite Moment" The official pilgrim welcome office in Santiago de Compostela...
  11. Terry Callery

    Single rooms on Primitivo?

    I pre-booked some when I knew I that I would be in that town - like Oviedo for example first night. Or if the place was the only hotel in town. some days I did not book since I did not know how far I would walk. But this Camino is deserted in February, you will have more competition for rooms in...
  12. Terry Callery

    Single rooms on Primitivo?

    I think the rates in February are lower than after holy week, plus you have to specifically ask for the special low pilgrim rate and also lower if you get without breakfast.
  13. Terry Callery

    Single rooms on Primitivo?

    Oviedo -- Hotel Vestusta 35 Euros Grado --Hotel Auto Bar 20 Euros Salas --Hotel Solo 20 Euros La Espina --Hotel Dakar Salas --Palacio de Maras 50 Euros but really worth it - Like a Paradore Hotel! Campiello --Hotel Casa Rural Herminia 30 Euros Pola de Allende --Hotel La Nueva Allandesa 25 Euros...
  14. Terry Callery

    The (Unofficial) 99 most frequently asked questions regarding any Camino !

    Is Saint James really buried in Santiago de Compostela?
  15. Terry Callery

    Heading to Lisbon!

    Check out these art museums in Lisbon! I slept like a baby. I had been awake for thirty-two hours since my head had lifted off my pillow at my place in Cushing, Maine. I was unable to sleep on the overnight Iberia flight from JFK to Madrid, so I really needed the sleep going into my first day...
  16. Terry Callery

    The Unlikely Rise of the Pastel de Nata, and Why It’s Suddenly Everywhere

    The sheer number of pastry shops in Portugal was staggering. Referred to as “pastelarias,” these eateries are founded on the secular trinity of the highly caffeinated coffee, the sugary sweet pastries, and the community offered by the place where everyone goes to talk. Café culture is part of...
  17. Terry Callery

    The Holy Chamber in the Catedral (Cathedral) of Oviedo...

    I probably should have flown into Oviedo, which would have avoided the five hours at the train station Chamartin in Madrid followed by a five hour train ride. But then I would have missed the absolutely spectacular hour when my high speed electric train passed over the Cantebrian Mountain...
  18. Terry Callery

    What to do if we have to change plans and don't walk?

    I would spend 10 days visiting the following: Templar Castle in Tomar, The loveliness riverside town in the world, Ponte de Lima and then check out the University town of Coimbra. For over a hundred years (from 1145 – 1255) Coimbra was the capital of Portugal, but today it is Coimbra University...
  19. Terry Callery

    First Camino, please help!

    These are all my worldly possessions for five weeks on the Portuguese Camino. 1). LLBean 100% nylon rain pants - Black Polar Fleece Pants - Railriders rip-stop dress pants nylon fast dry 2) Poly Polar Fleece Top - Eddie Bauer Black Fleece Top - Deluth Trading Polyester Heavy Duty outer vest 3)...
  20. Terry Callery


    Do the "Spiritual Variant" on the Portuguese Route as your start. Then it is two days from Padron to Santiago to finish. This is from "Portuguese Camino - In Search of the Infinite Moment" "My ride to the restaurant came at the appointed hour of 7:00 p.m., and I was driven away in an old...

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