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  1. Mark T17

    Etiquette for shared paths

    Hi all, I realise this issue has been flogged to death on this forum, but if I may express a minority view as one who has biked the Camino Frances. I think its important to distinguish between the bicigrinos who are carrying panniers on the back of the bike, doing the pilgrimage and battling...
  2. Mark T17

    Is there any elitism between pilgrims taking different routes?

    Wow what a thread. I think anybody who has done any camino can return to their daily life with a sense of accomplishment and quiet confidence due to the personal journey and experience of self reflexion. I feel equally amazed by a person in a wheel chair who travels 100Km from Sarria, the 70...
  3. Mark T17

    Is the camino del Norte in August a terrible idea?

    Hi Andy, I'm planning on doing the Norte and Primitivo combo in 2022. Have you written a report on this forum or can you give us some words of wisdom? I'm planning on walking in May/June because it fits in better with work. Any thoughts? Thanks M
  4. Mark T17

    I probably won’t do this again

    May I prescribe a simple fix: walk 25km/ride 50km a day, drink vino tinto and insert silicon ear plugs at night. I never heard a thing, woke up at 7am and didn't even know most of the early risers had already left.
  5. Mark T17

    Is this a sign?

    Hi Telboyo, interesting read, its not often you see a negative post on this forum but I did relate to your story and we probably have a similar history and experience on the Camino. I spent over 10 years in a Police Force in Australia, so nothing in life really surprises me anymore. In 2017 I...
  6. Mark T17

    Running the Camino

    I love running and have completed a few half marathons over reasonably flat terrain, but if you start in SJPDP then you need to average more than 60km per day. I did it in 12 days on a bike when I was afforded the luxury of coasting down a few hills, I cant imagine what it would be like to run...
  7. Mark T17

    Norte or Portuguese + new painting

    Hi, I've been crunching the numbers and April/May/June is probably the only time I can get 6 weeks off work anyway. I think if I start in early May and finish in June, starting on the Norte then switching to the Primitivo, the numbers shouldn't be too bad.
  8. Mark T17

    Dual Pilgrim Certificate at Santiago?

    Hi dfox, I started the Kumano on 20 November 2012, doing the stages below. I was 47 years old, 82kg and fit enough to run half marathons in 1 hour 45min. Bradypus is correct above, there are very few gravel or paved sections on the Kumano, it is almost entirely bush walking with 1000 year old...
  9. Mark T17

    Dual Pilgrim Certificate at Santiago?

    Hi Tachi, sounds like you had an amazing trip on the Kumano and the boat trip to Shingu was a great way to finish off. I hiked the last 2 sections from Hongu (Kawayu) to Koguchi, then onto Nachi. The Koguchi leg was a reasonably pleasant 13km hike with fantastic mountain/forest views, however...
  10. Mark T17

    Dual Pilgrim Certificate at Santiago?

    Hi dfox, You have to use the Kumano Kodo website to pre-book and pre-pay accommodation. You can get different packages that include meals, etc but they are not albergues, more like "bed and breakfast" places or you can stay in an onsen or resort type accommodation if you want to pay more. In...
  11. Mark T17

    Dual Pilgrim Certificate at Santiago?

    Hi all, Correct above, the reception in the Santiago Tourist Office is a little poor, but they do give you the pin and a couple of stamps for your passport which I thought was good (see attached).
  12. Mark T17

    Norte or Portuguese + new painting

    Hi, I'm grappling with the same choice and I look like settling on the Norte from Irun, then changing onto the Primitivo through to SDC in May/June. By doing this route, I think I get the best out of the coast and the mountains without the crowds. I've watched a few youtube video's of the...
  13. Mark T17

    Camino Frances Biking Tips from a Non Biker.

    Hi Glenn, Happy to catch up sometime if you are in Sydney, sorry I haven't got any plans to go to Brisbane any time soon. I'll try to answer a few of your questions. I saw an older German couple probably in there 50's riding e bikes on my camino and they seemed to be doing it comfortably...
  14. Mark T17

    Guides and maps

    Me too !
  15. Mark T17

    Camino Primitivo in Sept 2019!

    Hi Jerry, your thoughts sound very familiar to me when I had limited time and thought it would be a good idea to do the Frances by bike. I planned on doing 3 stages per day (about 70km) and I outlined my itinerary down to the day and hour in September. It was great planning, but I tossed the...
  16. Mark T17

    Which Camino - Portugues, Norte, Frances or Other?

    Thanks all, Norte and Primitivo it is !
  17. Mark T17

    John Brierley cover photo

    I think it is after crossing Alto de Mostelares, down on the flat. Check the top left corner of my photo.
  18. Mark T17

    Which Camino - Portugues, Norte, Frances or Other?

    Hi all, I'm going to be kids free in a couple of years and want to enjoy some "me time"! So 2022 looks like being a great year for a walk after the holy year in 2021. I completed the Frances by bike in 2017 over 12 days and don't think I really did the pilgrimage justice, so I'm thinking...
  19. Mark T17

    An Exhibition on Kumano Kodo in SdC

    Hi Kaz, I'm researching my next holiday/trek/hike/pilgrimage and I see you have done the 88 Temple Walk in Japan which is on my radar. I've done the Kumano Kodo in 2012 and the CF on a bike in 2017, can you let me know what you thought of the 88 Temples? Maybe direct message me if you like...
  20. Mark T17

    Would you pay extra for a lower bed?

    I'll take the top bunk everytime! My fear of heights is nothing compared to my fear of bed bugs dropping in my mouth and all over me during the night !

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