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    LIVE from the Camino Almost no private rooms available around San Juan, Ages and Atapuerca

    In ages, Try Albergue Al Pajar de ages , they have a second Albergue called the red house . There are some private rooms with shared bathrooms there but you have to call them and talk to the lady ( who speaks English ). The rate is donativo. Really lovely couple with a super pilgrim paella dinner.
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    There are limited spaces in roncesvalles. The best option is to go to burgette which is 3.5 km away. There are more beds there.
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    Newbie Bike Questions

    I don't cycle but cycled from Burgos to Leon this May. Loved it . I bought cheap biking shorts and gloves from decathlon in Burgos for a total of about 12 euros.i have to say it was the best advise ever. The path is not all smooth, so you do run into stony - rough bits. The bike shorts (worn...
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    Good kickoff dinner in SJPP?

    Ttipia is great , just by the river .
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    best trail description in a guide book

    I found this invaluable, on my walk , and downloaded it to my phone http://caminoguide.net/
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    Sandals and rain ? Do I wear socks..... Portugues in two week's time !

    I wore socks with my sandals. But heavily Vaselined my feet to stop the friction and brought an extra pair of socks to change once the rain stopped.
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    Booking accommodation

    Generally a day in advance. Use booking.com. For me after a few days on the Camino I preferred to book a day ahead as it gave me peace of mind. Once I reached my destination, in the beginning , it irritated me to have to walk around after a long day to look for accommodation . But it depends...
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    Cycling sleeves for walking

    I used it religiously to protect my arms from the hot sun. It kept me very cool and less sweaty compared to wearing long sleeves tshirt. The material is lighter. My camino girlfriends thought it was a great idea as it would have protected their arms from being sun burnt and gives them the...
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    Side trip: wine tasting at Marqués de Riscal

    Yes I have and had lunch there which was wonderful! You can take a cab, about 25-30 euros per trip, about 20 mins ride. Booking recommended.
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    Restaurant in Santiago

    You must go to el papatorio. The food is so good , long queues. We kept on going back .
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    This is how I feel about Spanish food (sorry)

    Bragging rights: ate n ate , lost wt, Camino toned, came back with a bikini body. But don't think I can maintain this for long :( .
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    This is how I feel about Spanish food (sorry)

    I ate very well on the Camino, a few were even guia Michelin. Some peregrino meals were truly delicious (especially when it was home cooked), but most were boring. Realistically, for 10 euros restauranters would have to cut corners if they were going to serve three courses with wine. So, I found...
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    Yes another blister question

    I just got back from the Camino and was plagued with multiple double layer blisters. This was my experience and the method I used To finally dry out my blisters. This may not work for everyone . Best Method - archaic by some comments Method 1: pushing a threaded needle through the blister I...
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    Can't Stop Worrying! Solo Female!

    Hi Lucy, I will also be walking alone in May, for the first time. From what I gathered, it is not an entirely "lonesome" route, unless you want it to be. There is a group on FB called camigas, it is A very supportive women walking alone group chat, and there you can put your name down on the...
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    Terrified And Unsure Of How To Travel From Paris To Sjpp

    There is a train from Bordeaux at 15:51 , So connection is Depart CDG 2 at 10:16 (tgv 5202) Arr Bordeaux st jean 14:34 Depart Bordeaux st jean 15:51 (tgv 8537) Arr Bayonne at 17:32 Onward connection to SJPdp at 18:06 I am booked on this , you can book directly from : http://m.sncf.com/...

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