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  1. The Kerryman

    20 irish pilgrims rescued yesterday in Lepoeder

    Well this is August regarded as one of the hotter months for Irish people to walk and the risk of snow is lower than home 😁. How many threads have you read here on the forum advising wear shorts and skirts in the rain as your legs dry quickly.
  2. The Kerryman

    20 irish pilgrims rescued yesterday in Lepoeder

    I do not think they look that unprepared , possibly they started too late and as a charity walk maybe they could not speed up with the four others . Of course when you get wet you then get cold . I hope it does not deter them from carrying on .
  3. The Kerryman

    The journey has begun

    I hope you did not take the rain with you , Buen Camino 😀
  4. Ponferrada


    Shelter from the rain, 24/07./19
  5. The Kerryman

    OUF!!! The heat must be terrible. In Spain

    I was in Caceres last night and we saw a pilgrim on Via Del Plata , I could not believe my eyes . I hope he will be ok
  6. The Kerryman

    Doors on the Camino Frances

    Here are some more from May 2019
  7. The Kerryman

    Cheap but fine equipment

    I walked 3 times in Karrimor Aspen Low walking shoes that cost €40 , I bought good insoles to replace the originals and I have never yet got a blister thank God .They are available from Sports direct but have increased in price since to €65 but they are great value at that with a Vibram sole
  8. The Kerryman

    Cheap but fine equipment

    I totally agree with you , sometimes you would think Osprey are the only pack that would get you to Santiago from reading posts here . When you walk the Camino you see every brand , size colour and condition and they all do the job for their owners . The biggest factor for anyone walking is buy...
  9. The Kerryman

    Bar Elvis is closed

    It was definitely open at the end of May when I called in . He seemed in great form but would not allow a UK pilgrim take his photo. That was the morning of May 25 at 10.30 or so.
  10. The Kerryman

    Bar Elvis is closed

  11. The Kerryman

    Are we losing our "Way"?

    I witnessed the exact same behavior in 2016 except it was an oldish man who came in and sat down . It nearly turned into a fist fight but the the man stayed sitting and the the other person in his twenties had to back down . The attendants at the Cathedral had watched this keeping of seats and...
  12. The Kerryman

    Post a picture of your "shadow".

    From late May / early June
  13. The Kerryman

    Are we losing our "Way"?

    Having just returned after finishing the final 430 km , and feeling stiff and sore I might add. I am by no means an expert but I have been on the Camino Frances 3 times and love walking it. I believe that every pilgrim is different and walks a different Camino and I believe some on this site...
  14. The Kerryman

    The unpredictable ends of my Camino!

    You did your best and you will return stronger . As you recover you will plan and maybe do a different approach next time . I am a way older than you and got to Fromista last year in 9 days , Why? because I only had nine days off and got up early and walked . Nobody’s Camino is the same or...
  15. The Kerryman

    Suggestions for place to stay in Irun/San Sebastian

    A Room with a View in San Sebastián was nice and well located near the old town .

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