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  1. Diane Kinney

    Ok I’ll just say it...bladder leaks

    Welcome to the forum. Have you thought of incontinence underwear? Not the disposable kind but ones that offer protection for moderate bladder leakage? If you google you can find at least two brands. They are not cheap but wonder if in the long run they don’t work out cheaper and certainly better...
  2. Diane Kinney

    Pre or Post Camino Vacation

    I guess it depends on what you mean by vacation. Other than an extra days’ stay in Ponferrada at the start of a Camino in 2015, I think I would be too focused on my Camino to truly vacation. That same trip, we extended the end by going to Porto and Lisbon. It was great, different pace and just...
  3. Diane Kinney

    Sports store in Astorga

    While I don’t remember sleeping bags, I do remember it was a well stocked store. Beun Camino
  4. Diane Kinney

    Powder toothpaste?

    Excellent idea. So much lighter. But please skip the cologne. You will likely be living and sleeping in close quarters and many people have sensitivity to fragrances. Buen Camino
  5. Diane Kinney

    Cell phone manners at night

    I find it a little disheartening reading these comments. I remember my Camino being more understanding and compassionate. I have gone twice without my husband (not his thing). And we have a six hour time difference. So I spoke with him daily to let him know I was OK, that I missed him and to...
  6. Diane Kinney

    What to wear in bed?

    Eddie Breuer Travex knotted dress and knee length capris. Used dress for evening wear, cool, loose and comfortable and if a cool evening, a batik wrap. Back at the albergue, undergarments off and capris on. Modest and comfortable. Capris doubles as a base layer on cold days, Travex is very...
  7. Diane Kinney

    Sarria scams

    The scam is either for you to get your wallet out for a “grab and dash”, or when surrounded by a multitude of children, the ring acts as a distraction while you are being pickpocketed by little hands.
  8. Diane Kinney

    Sarria scams

    I think every area/city has its scams/street vendors/ beggars. Paris it’s the “I found a ring” scam while being surrounded by a number of children, Rome it’s the umbrella/sunglasses guys, Dublin it’s the woman with her “baby” sitting silently on the steps of the church. Lisbon it was a woman...
  9. Diane Kinney

    Are there other Churches to see in Santiago de Compostela?

    The guided tour of the cathedral including rooftop was worth doing. Beautiful views and very informative. Went to San Francisco. My memory was receiving a compostella there commemorating the 800th anniversary of St Francis' Camino. That was in 2014. Otherwise nothing stood out but I think still...
  10. Diane Kinney

    Random helpful advice

    Welcome. I'm envious. Safety pins for sure. I brought my own pillow case because I liked having something of my own to lie on and as most pillows are fairly uncomfortable, you can bolster your pillow by stuffing clothing into the case. I took a buff, one of those neck/head cover things. Great...
  11. Diane Kinney

    Cathedral manners

    In attending Evensong at Westminster, and having arrived early to get a seat and not disturb others, a group of visiting clergy arrived late and proceeded to push and shove their way through the pews to get seats. I would have assumed they would have respected the occasion. At Notre Dame there...
  12. Diane Kinney

    Stomach bug that won't go away, need help.

    In China last year I had travellers tummy. I did use amodium. We were on a tour so sometimes the expedient solution is what is needed. However it did prolong the "bug". But if you have the luxury of a day or two go with BRAT (banana, rice, spplesauce and toast). No vino tinto or cafe con leche...
  13. Diane Kinney

    Izarbide albergue

    Thank you for sharing. Pilgrines can make a decision on staying or not based on your experience and those of others. I like to think this forum is about sharing information and we all know that experiences will be different depending on any number of things.
  14. Diane Kinney

    Leon to Santiago, just got back.

    Scary, I love your attitude. You sound as though you thoroughly enjoyed your Camino and didn't worry about anyone else's. An attitude I wish to emulate when I go next year. Thank you for sharing.
  15. Diane Kinney

    Thank you

    Lovely and thank you for sharing. Diane
  16. Diane Kinney

    Wealthy (no) Wise (not really) and Healthy (Yes!)

    Hi Mike. You are right many preexisting conditions preclude coverage with private/group policies. Check to see if your credit card provides you with coverage and what if any exclusions there are with travel insurance provided by the airline.
  17. Diane Kinney

    Bad Albergues

    Thank you for posting information on both albergues. I will do my best to avoid the first and try to stay at the second. I find that information really helpful. After walking all day, I want a decent place to rest, doesn't need to be The Ritz, but reasonably clean is nice.
  18. Diane Kinney

    barefoot just into Santiago???

    A few years ago I encountered three young pilgrims, a woman from Germany, a woman from Canada and a man from England. They planned to remove their shoes outside the cathedral and walk in barefoot. They did and danced up the aisle with joy. Seeing that joy was infectious.
  19. Diane Kinney

    The circle of life and death

    Thank you for this thread. It brings back snippets of stories from people I met. One my first Camino, I met a man from Belgium who was a cancer survivor. He had walked once or twice before his cancer and I think this was his second walk after his recovery. Earlier during that walk he walked for...

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