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  1. Stellaluna

    Where are you?

  2. Stellaluna

    Buying poles in Porto

    Hi there, I'm trying to limit my luggage to carry on so I won't be able to bring my poles. Does anyone know of places where I can purchase them in Porto? Thanks, Jennifer
  3. Stellaluna

    Interior vs Coastal route?

    Plusses/minusses? Opinions? Give me your ideas please as I plan my second camino. Thanks! Jennifer (Camino Frances July 2016)
  4. Stellaluna

    I think that I'm ready...

    I fly tomorrow and start walking on Tuesday from SJPdP. I have done my final packing and my pack weighs 7kg/15lbs. Some of that weight is electrolyte mix, 10 Clif bars, and a month's worth of specialized vitamins. All of this will dwindle so I think that I'll make it down to 6 kg a week or so...
  5. Stellaluna

    4 more sleeps!

    until I begin my first camino! I feel an unnerving mixture of excitement and anxiety but as I stated elsewhere on the forum, I'm hoping that my feet will start and my head and heart will follow. Any last minute advice?
  6. Stellaluna

    Three weeks to go...

    and nerves have kicked in BIG time! I'm feeling a mixture of excitement and worry; Did I train enough? Is 33 days long enough? How will my feet fare? Will I stay healthy? Will there be a train strike? And so on and so on! Nonetheless I am thrilled to have the privilege to look forward to this...
  7. Stellaluna

    How to avoid San Fermin?

    Hello all, For those of us with the unfortunate (fortunate??) departure date that will have us passing through pamplona during San Fermin what would the veterans recommend in terms of avoiding crowds and finding accommodation? I would most likely prefer to avoid the city entirely during the...
  8. Stellaluna

    My July packing list

    Hello all, I leave in exactly 4 weeks from today and I think that I have sorted out my packing list. If you have any feedback on it I would welcome that. Thanks in advance. (With water bottle full my backpack weighs around 15 lbs) Jennifer TO WEAR Osprey Kyte 36 L (and rain cover) Black...
  9. Stellaluna


    So I leave SJPdP on July 4 and have been "training' for a while now. I regularly walk with a 15 lb pack and do 2-day consecutive 18 km walks easily. I have thrown in hills on shorter walk days (but hills in Ottawa are nothing compared to the Pyrannees). Mid week I do shorter walks 5-7 km. This...
  10. Stellaluna

    Impact of Train Strike

    Hello all, I land at CDG the morning of July 4th and am then supposed to board a train to Bayonne and connect to SJPdP. Now with the train strike do I need to be looking for an alternate way to get to St. Jean? Forgive me if this is a silly question but I am new to European travel. Thanks, Jennifer
  11. Stellaluna

    A "wave" of pilgrims??

    Hello all, I read the advice often to avoid the "wave" of pilgrims by either speeding up or slowing down to find a trough. My question is what causes a "wave"?? Why are there theoretically crowds of pilgrims going through a specific place one day but fewer the next? Wouldn't the flow of...
  12. Stellaluna

    Santiago to Paris (CDG)... HELP!!!

    I have to be at CDG at 15:30 on August 9 to fly back to Canada and was hoping to NOT have to spend the night before in Paris. I had seen morning flights out of Santiago on Veuling on line but now see only afternoon flights. Hmmmmm??? So it seems that I might have to do an overnight in Paris...
  13. Stellaluna

    Should I prebook a room in Santiago?

    Hello all, I am starting in SJPdP on the 5th of July and need to fly out of Santiago to Paris on the 8th of August. I hope to be able to spend 2 nights in Santiago (that would be around the 6-7 of August.) So my question is, do I need to pre-book? And also, what are some of your favourite places...
  14. Stellaluna

    Plane tickets purchased!!!!

    I'm committed now! I fly out of Ottawa to CDG on Juy 3 and hope to start walking on the 5th. Only 134 sleeps to go! A Very Excited Jennifer
  15. Stellaluna

    33 days to walk

    Hi all, I'm about to buy my plane ticket and am having last minute jitters about my timing . I will start walking on July 5 and need to be in Santiago for August 7. that gives me 33 days to walk. My sense is that that is quite a reasonable length of time to take. I am fairly confident about my...
  16. Stellaluna

    July crowds???

    Hello, I am deep in the midst of planning my first camino for this coming July The problem is that I can't decide between the Frances or the Primitivo. I'm leaning toward the Frances for a few reasons; 1. many on this forum have said that it's the best "first time" camino, 2. I like the idea of...
  17. Stellaluna

    4 weeks summer 2016 - where should I walk?

    Hello all, I have 4 weeks for sure this summer (maybe 5 if I'm lucky) to walk one of or part of one of the routes. Initially I was thinking of the Primitivo and then on to Finisterre but from what I read, one's first Camino should be the Frances. I walked the Coast to Coast in Northern England...
  18. Stellaluna

    First timer questions

    Hi all, I am Jennifer from Ottawa and I am 99% sure that I will be walking the Primitivo to Santiago (and then on to Finisterre) starting in early July. I did the Coast to Coast walk last summer in Northern England and am now hooked on long distance walking. I am a bit concerned about the heat...

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