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    What are your favourite places on the Primitivo?

    Dinner at restaurant on cider alley Oviedo, Hospitales, lunch at HOTEL LAS GRANDAS overlooking the reservoir, walking the Roman Wall at Lugo
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    Unsettling death on Camino del Norte

    Having had family members and friends die a slow and painful death I would wish us all the chance to go this way. Doing something we love.
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    Camino del Norte as my first Camino in June - have I made a mistake?

    My daughter and I did it in september 2016. We got a late start from Irun and got off on the GR for a while. Ended up walking 32 km and getting to our stop in San Sebatian at 9 pm. Advise: start early and watch the route carefully. its a beautiful walk.
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    Hospitales in the rain?

    We walked it in September 2016 with both intermittent rain and wind. Wild and exhilarating. Go for it!
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    I probably won’t do this again

    My wife is a wicked snorer so I have been wearing foam ear plugs for years. Consequently I had no problems on my 2016 Camino
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    Getting from Norte to Oviedo

    My daughter and I took the bus from Santander to Oviedo. Not expensive and you don't miss much.
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    Places with communal meals on the Norte .....

    Absolutely do not miss a stay with Father Ernesto at https://www.alberguedeguemes.es
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    Help! The walking pole makes me feel like the walking dead!

    Lighten up Life's too short! I'm 75 and been using poles for 20+ years. Get poles with long grips so you can constantly raise or lower your hands as the terrain shifts.
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    I wore liner socks for years but switched to compression socks under smart wool. Very pleased with the result
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    Giving Up on the Primitivo

    Sorry to hear it. My daughter and I did the Norte to Primitivo to Santiago in 2016 when I was 72. But I am use to doing 1000 to 1500 m per day here in the Mountains of Maine and New Hampshire. At my age training is everything. Also carry a simple Sawyer Star water filter.
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    Bilbao to Santander

    Make sure to stop in Guemes with father Ernesto
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    Have you seen this "Hoverglide" backpack?

    F=ma Force = mass x acceleration. Unless someone can explain how that extra force due to movement is absorbed I can't see it as more than the proverbial better mouse trap. From my years of experience keeping the load stable and close to your body is a must.
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    Back Pack Rain Cover AND Rain Poncho?

    The one thing I wish I had brought on our Camino was an umbrella. We had some days early on the Norte in excess of 90 F. With the sun beating down and hot asphalt it was a killer. Led my daughter to dub those days as shit walking days. I have since bought a hiking umbrella and easyily tie it to...
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    A gentleman's undercarriage question regarding chafing......

    I second the Exofficio boxer briefs. They have some very light weight ones and they dry very quickly after washing
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    Start in Irun or San Sebastian - WWYD?

    That first day from Irun covers some beautiful scenery. I wouldn't have missed it
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    First Aid Kit - Basic items to take?

    Better than compeed. Apply moleskin at first sign of hot spot
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    WiFi or data

    I have had good luck with https://www.mobal.com/europe-sim-card/?gclid=CjwKCAjw9e3YBRBcEiwAzjCJuqg65Fli-fDiSn28ZD4hQwTlNU2Um7RbF2j_opM4GsGAD-7dZXTSPhoCwOcQAvD_BwE Trekking in the Alps and 2016 Camino
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    Disgruntled Pilgrims

    A bit preachy
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    What to wear in bed?

    I have been wearing Ecoffivio boxer briefs for years. Skiing, hiking, trekking, Camino Different weights for each season.
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    Looking for a camino companion

    Make a stop at Guemes to stay with Father Ernesto. A high light on the Notre http://www.alberguedeguemes.com/historia.html

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