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  1. Walton

    FREE copy of 'Northbound' - a book about the Camino Portugués

    Thank you Paul. We are looking forward to reading it - it will bring back memories of our 2017 walk from Lisbon to Porto and then Porto to SDC via the coastal route. It is a lovely gift.
  2. Walton

    Disparaging "The Way"

    Same here Jim. Loved the film! - thank you to the Estervez family for making it. We did the Francis in 2016 and Portugeuse in 2017. Hoping to do the Via April 2020. Criticising is easy. Doing is much harder. I couldn't even begin to imagine how difficult making a movie might be, let alone...
  3. Walton

    Dangerous dog

    I wonder if dog attacks should be reported? To whom? The Guardia perhaps?
  4. Walton

    Trekking Pole Suggestions

    With two Caminos under our belts now, it is Pacerpoles for us. Alloy. Carbon fibre wasn't available when we bought ours. Carbon fibre can break while the alloy is perhaps a little more robust to rough treatment but alloys are also heavier as well. Whilst I can't comment on other poles...
  5. Walton

    Big Bad Dog on CP just before Alverca do Ribatejo

    Oh well, that’s the dog fed for at least a week!
  6. Walton

    Big Bad Dog on CP just before Alverca do Ribatejo

    A timely reminder Suzanne. Thanks The dog may have been trying to tell you that you are riding the wrong way :) or maybe it just likes chasing moving things like bikes and cars. Maybe it has learned that if I chase bikes, the rider pedals really fast! There are some very good online links...
  7. Walton

    New Rules re: Electric Assist Bikes...

    Add a towable portaloo type toilet trailer to the bike and its a win!
  8. Walton

    The Camino does NOT start in StJpdP - discuss

    I'm a bit of a "Lotus Eater" in regard to philosophical questions like that posed by Tincatinka. I started walking from St. Jean Pied de Port, because climbing hills is supposed to good for you. And bragging rights - "I climbed the mighty Pyranees, man against altitude, and then went...
  9. Walton

    Why No Public WCs along the Caminos?!?

    We took special purpose plastic trowels on our first camino. Useless for digging holes on sunbaked "hard as rock" ground. I'm taking a jackhammer on the next Camino! 😂 The worst part in my opinion, is the Orisson to Ronceveles section especially to the Spanish border. Barbed wire fences on...
  10. Walton

    LIVE from the Camino Our Vegemite only lasted 1400km

    Seriously - running out of vegemite is a Camino ender! Being vegemiteless ranks on a disaster scale while on the Camino alongside broken legs, stolen backpack, terrible hangovers caused by yummy red wine or being run over by a tractor on the way. Running out is almost a crime. You should...
  11. Walton

    Forest fires in Portugal

    Agree Lucy. We walked the Portugeuse in 2017 from Lisbon through to SDC. Being Australian, I have to say that I've never seen such magnificent eucalyptus trees. They grow tall and straight and unlike here, there is no damage caused to them by insects or other predators. Eucalyptus trees are...
  12. Walton

    Forest fires in Portugal

    Wow! You have to see Global Forest Watch. That's scary. Can't help wondering how much all these fires are contributing to climate change.
  13. Walton

    Missing out

    Hi BartM I've been deaf in one ear and less than 50% in the other year since age 2 years. The suspect cause is a common antibiotic - streptomyacin. Like you, I overwhelmingly prefer being alone I suspect, for hearing reasons but I also do try to involve myself in meeting others and...
  14. Walton

    FREE copy of 'Ego Trip' - a book about the Camino Francés

    Downloaded from Australian Amazon site. Thank you Pat
  15. Walton

    Litter, Toilet Paper, Poop, Not Just a Camino Problem.

    Thank you Bobcat 77. This is good advice in general, however there are millions of people who have bowel issues or one sort or another, caused by one reason or another who are unable to "discipline their bowels" as well as they would like. I’m one of those. If only it were that easy...
  16. Walton

    Bank account hacked

    If you are in the Camino and want a cheap mode of temporary protection, wrap your cards in ordinary aluminium foil, the same stuff that's used for cooking or lining baking tins etc. It's not perfect protection I'm told but it will disrupt most electronic scanner pickpockets from getting an...
  17. Walton

    Paris to SJPdP

    That’s fantastic. I hope you have a truely memorable birthday at Orrison. During dinner, pilgrims introduce themselves and state reasons for walking the Camino and please don’t forget to mention your birthday! 😀 Buen Camino
  18. Walton

    Paris to SJPdP

    Just to add another option. Wew prebooked all of our travel in France from Australia. Saved quite a lot of money by self-translating French on the iDTGV website, picking up two first class over 60's seniors fares costing a mere 74 euro total. (2016 prices) to Bayonne. We also booked the...
  19. Walton

    Litter, Toilet Paper, Poop, Not Just a Camino Problem.

    Or lunch for that matter! :eek: Twh - Great idea. You see similar buildings in National Parks here where the toilets are more often than not, self composting. I've seen those deposits too. Right alongside the track for everyone to see. It's a wonder there isn't a sign by the mess...
  20. Walton

    Litter, Toilet Paper, Poop, Not Just a Camino Problem.

    Oh no Elle! Now I will get many enquires for years to come, asking how much an unlimited Camino pass is. :cool: We won’t mention the many people no doubt applying for the job of chief Camino thunderbox inspector. ( Australian slang). The pay is poor, but the exercise is great. All we need...

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