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  1. J

    Apple iWatch 4 and GPS app?

    I'm considering using my Apple iWatch with a stand alone GPS app, WorkoutDoors. It seems to have everything you could find in a GPS app for a phone and can download free Openstreetmap maps for anywhere around the world, and can import GPX tracks if so needed. Has anyone else tried this...
  2. J

    God is a Prankster?!? LOL

  3. J

    PERFECT Camino Underwear!

    Finally for sale... the PERFECT Camino underwear. Quick drying, very lightweight, washable in shower, comes in every size and will last a lifetime!
  4. J

    Alternate Route into Pamplona worth the time and effort

    This year I decided to try the alternative river walk into Pamplona and really enjoyed it. When the route goes under the highway to the rest area outside of Pamplona, instead of taking off up the steep path you walk back across the bridge towards the city. Then there are nice pathways along the...
  5. J

    Snow... But Just Barely!

    I was excited to arrive in Roncesvalles to find a very modest amount of snow on the ground today, also happy that by half way down to Zubiri the ground is totally bare. To top off a nice afternoon of settling in for tomorrow’s first day of walking, Father Valentine came by and offered all (6) of...
  6. J

    Favorite Communal Meal Recipes

    Hi All As I get ready for my winter Camino I wanted to ask everyone if they have a favorite communal dinner recipe/dish they would share. Eating at Bar from the Pilgrim Menu is nice sometimes but the communal dinners were some of the best moments shared on the Camino and my hope is to share...
  7. J

    A Great Way to Carry a DSLR on the Camino

    It's not a new product but I've just found and bought one so thought I'd share for other photo junkies who haven't seen one yet and like me have struggled with how to bring my DSLR on the Camino. It's a camera clip called Capture by Peak Design that very securely attaches your DSLR to your...
  8. J

    Feedback on Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX boots?

    Hi Everyone - just updating some gear before my January departure and looking at new winter boots. Has anyone got any feedback (good or bad) on the Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX boots? I've worn Lowa Renegade GTX Mid's for last 5 years but either my foot is changing or the boot is changing but either...
  9. J

    Article about mental health benefits of walking

    An interesting short article published about the mental health benefits of walking in nature (and disconnecting from electronic devices) that may help explain the Camino addiction some (aka Me :p) seem to suffer from!
  10. J

    Free Automatic Photo Upload/Backup Solution for Phones

    I've read many threads regarding how to upload and backup photos and videos taken on smart phones during a Camino. Often the solutions sounded pretty complex or potentially costly. I found a great solution and wanted to share it! Google Photos allows free unlimited "high quality" photos and...
  11. J

    Keep Your Waterproof Jacket Waterproof

    There has been some very good threads recently about using gear you already own rather than rushing out and buying shiny, and expensive, new gear. I agree. As long as that gear still works properly as it was intended to. When I bought my first Gor-Tex rain jacket I was ecstatic! I was warm and...
  12. J

    Spanish Traffic Jams

    Bumper-to-bumper traffic and tempers flaring is a problem everywhere, even on the Camino :mad:
  13. J

    Rules and Standards on the Camino: Do they exist? Should they?

    After reading a recent thread on the Pokemon phenomenon and it's possible existence on the Camino I was interested when one reply noted that it would be a sad thing for rules and standards applied to the Camino. At first I was inclined to agree with that statement believing we should all...
  14. J

    La Citadelle in St Jean Pied-de-Port

    Before we arrived in SJPDP we had heard about the Citadelle and that it was worth a visit. We didn't know much about it but certainly glad we did so, quite amazing for almost being 400 years old! I made a short video about our short hike up the day before we set out on the Camino for anyone...
  15. J

    Did you see the Botafumeiro?

    I saw a recent thread regarding the Botafumeiro in Santiago de Compostela and the times it is being swung. Some experienced Pilgrims shared that while there is a weekly evening occasion that it is seen regularly thanks to local Hoteliers but to see it during the noon Pilgrims Mass is a matter of...
  16. J

    A very expensive day on the Camino

    5,800 Euro fine for those caught in the storm last week on the Pyrenees but helicopter charges are still pending. Expensive lapse of judgement... http://www.eitb.eus/es/noticias/sociedad/detalle/3917448/interior-factura-5800-euros-dos-peregrinos-su-rescate/
  17. J

    Our Spring Camino set...

    We have just finalized our dates so wanted to add this for the calendar should we be walking when anyone else from the forum is. We'll leave SJPDP on 13-April :) Hope to meet some of you soon! Jordon & Sandra
  18. J

    Recommendations for days off...

    Hello All We're getting ready for our April walk and after reading some compelling writing about stopping to smell the roses, we've decided to spend an extra day in each of the 4 larger cities; Pamplona, Logroño, Burgos and León (or very nearby at least) to explore the Cathedrals, museums, etc...

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