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  1. Richard P

    Toulouse to Lourdes

    I haven't walked that way but when I was in Lourdes last year I met folks who had and no one mentioned anything that would suggest it wasn't well marked. As for accommodation I would suspect it similar to the Pyrenees route I was on: there was accommodation but I pretty well always had to phone...
  2. Richard P

    Where have you been 50 years ago?

    50 years ago this month I had just finished 10 weeks of working on a salmon troller in Haida Gwaii and was ready to do something which included walking more than 7 meters from fish pit to wheelhouse so with a buddy headed south to Vancouver Island to walk the little known West Coast Trail. We...
  3. Richard P

    Vaseline on feet?

    I'm with Linda Fantillo above. I have used NOK for 4500 +- kms and have always had Happy Feet (and not the movie type)
  4. Richard P

    Ideal Time of Year for Camino de Norte

    I arrived Irun on the 15th of June and left on the 17th. Warm and sunny when I left but within a couple of hours it began to rain and did so on and off for the next two weeks! But it was warm. I had left Geneva at the end of April and chose the Norte as I recconned there would always be a wind...
  5. Richard P

    I probably won’t do this again

    Wow, what a thread. Snorers, farters, grunters are just background noise. This conversation has reminded me of hiking the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island, Canada. I was sitting on a log next to my campfire one morning enjoying my cowboy coffee as two young woman walked by and I greeted them...
  6. Richard P

    The longest, reasonably marked & with infrastructure, Camino?

    I love the idea of a LONG walk. I know someone who knows someone who knows someone who did the Iron Curtain Route or the EuroVelo13 which is roughly 10,000 kms from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea. They were not heading to Santiago but there would have been many times in which they would have...
  7. Richard P

    Getting into Paris from CDG?

    Hello Trecile Like @BShea above I have taken the city bus from CDG into Paris where I got off at Gare du Nord then it is a lovely walk of 45 mins to an hour to Montparnasse. And once, because I was in no rush I walked from Montparnasse to my hotel which was about two kms. from CDG and that took...
  8. Richard P

    Post a picture of your "shadow".

    In a church in Saintes
  9. Richard P

    Arles to Camino Catalan via Narbonne and Perpignan

    Hello Caminka I would say "Yes" as in each town/city there appeared to be a gite or chambre d'hotes which had a special rate for pilgrims if not an actual accueil pelerin. Also another thing which I have done is depending on the circumstances. If I find myself in a situation where the pilgrim...
  10. Richard P

    Arles to Camino Catalan via Narbonne and Perpignan

    Hello Sitkapilgrim Last Sept.-Oct I walked from Arles-Montpelier-Sete-Agda- Beziers-Carcassonne-St.JPdP. First of all thank you Caminka because I followed most of your route. In Montpelier I met a young man headed the way you are proposing and he seemed to have printed sheets of all the...
  11. Richard P

    Has anyone started in Lourdes and walked to St. Jean Pied de Port?

    I arrived in Lourdes October 6th, the night before the Pelerinage de Rosieres began so there was myself and 30,000 other pilgrims in the city. Finding inexpensive accommodation was a bit difficult but I did manage. The folks at the Centre Jacquiere are very helpful and will supply maps and a...
  12. Richard P

    Paris hotel for two nights?

    Hello trecile I am guessing you are arriving at CDG so my suggestion is to stay at a hotel near the airport. I stayed two nights at the Ibis Budget Roissy for just over 50 euros a night in late October. The rooms are small but modern and clean. A five minute walk takes you to a public bus stop...
  13. Richard P

    To book or not to book!

    Hello Lee On my two walks (2015 May -July, and 2018 Sept-Oct) I never booked ahead although on several occasions the hospitalero(a) would call ahead because a good friend ran a gite in what was going to be the next days stop. I also do not have a cell phone, something I will have for my next...
  14. Richard P

    Grenwich meridian

    Nice to hear that Russian Trains is now on time zone time, as 4 years ago when my wife and I took the TSR to Beijing it was very confusing especially as my Ipod would change with the time zones. Then a year later I joined our son on a trip to Lhasa from Beijing, where he was working for the...
  15. Richard P

    Grenwich meridian

    Here's the real deal. My wife and a good friend. Excuse the references as I sent this pic off to our granddaughters.
  16. Richard P

    My Camino plan from Mont-Saint-Michel

    Hello Mathew I just came upon this thread as I am contemplating a walk starting in Mont-St-Michel in 2019. This year I walked the Piemonts-Pyrenees and arrived in StJPdP with almost two weeks remaining before my flight back to Canada so like any lover of walking I thought "where can I go for...
  17. Richard P

    I should hike the Piemont Route. Change my mind!

    Hello Malachiuri I just returned home (Nov 1) from walking the route you are contemplating. I) paved maybe 50% or less 2)there are many inexpensive lodgings. Get hold of the little booklet Guide des Hates Saint-Jacques. Voie du Piemont-Pyreneen de Narbonne et Carcassonne vers Lourdes et...
  18. Richard P

    2018 Low light Photos from your Camino

    Sunrise St Juste-Ibarre and waiting for the sun to rise Lamouroux
  19. Richard P

    Camino For Alzheimer’s Awareness

    Very nice to have met you in the park this afternoon. Buen camino
  20. Richard P

    Should Rock Stacking be Banned?

    Wow what a discussion. I am presently on the Piemont/Pyrenee path and thank goodness there was a little pile of rocks in two places otherwise I would have had to follow three different paths to find a marker. Bon chemin

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