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  1. Ian T

    Sharing the love

    Hey everyone Just thought I would share this book so good I brought it a few months ago and my wife also brought it for Christmas for me. Can't be bad two books eh http://www.amazon.com/dp/1484079841/?tag=casaivar02-20
  2. Ian T

    Well isn't life full of unexpected things

    Well I am sat here with my iPad mumbling away to myself, as one does. What are you mumbling about says my wife. Trying to match up trains to get to St Jean I boldly retort. Well she was a safe distance away. Why says she, so I can go walking says I, again getting bolder by the second. When...
  3. Ian T

    Great confusion-Camino on a Pogo Stick

    I am considering undertaking next years Comino Frances on a Pogo Stick. I was wondering on the following counts: Has anyone had experience they could share on this mode of transport. Would it contradict the much discussed Camino Code How would I transport my post cathole gems until I reach...
  4. Ian T

    A very good read indeed

    http://www.amazon.com/dp/1484079841/?tag=casaivar02-20 Just brought the book a very good read indeed. Not got through it all but pulls everything together nicely. Highly recommended Regards Ian
  5. Ian T

    The act of commitment

    Well here I go, read so many threads I am word blind but all so wonderful and helpful. So here I go. I have decided to go last week of May next year and June so 34 days or there abouts. That's it, the planning done apart from booking Eurostar to Biaritz when it becomes available and sorting...
  6. Ian T

    Late as possible to miss the school holidays

    Hi everyone Looking to plan my first comino for next year I originally thought of May but reading all these wonderful threads I would like to push it back a little but I do not want to clash with the school holidays as I am reading that this is a hugely contributory factor to the crowds and...

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