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  1. falcon269


    CRTVG is upgrading its webcams, and they provide much better views in "real video." O Cebreiro and Praza do Obradoiro are among the first upgrades, but the Praterias has returned with the old camera. It shows that entrance to the cathedral is open again.
  2. falcon269

    Greenery in Portomarin

    The paving in front of the church is covered with greenery, something like Palm Sunday. Does anyone know the occasion? Thanks.
  3. falcon269

    Summer solstice bonfire?

    A bonfire is ready in the plaza in Portomarin. Even though the solstice was Friday, will there be a bonfire tonight?
  4. falcon269

    October statistics

    https://oficinadelperegrino.com/en/statistics/ Women outnumbered men. Of course, it was a record October. Every month this year set a record (with a slight adjustment for Easter).
  5. falcon269

    Statistics August 2018

    August is 61,411, but exceeded last year by only about 153 pilgrims per day. There were more Compostelas in 2010.
  6. falcon269

    Record Day

    I think today set a record for compostelas, 2,789, eclipsing a three-year-old record, which was on August 9, 2015!! The heat is not keeping pilgrims away. :)
  7. falcon269

    GoLite products are back (sort of)

    The originator of GoLite packs, clothes, and equipment has started a new business with very similar products and features. If you liked the old stuff, you may like the new stuff...
  8. falcon269

    Statistics for June 2018

    It is a record June. Male/female is split at 50%. The USA tops the foreign pilgrim list. The Camino Frances still dominates, as does Sarria as a starting point. Camino seguido. Los caminos que han seguido la mayoría de los peregrinos son...
  9. falcon269

    Portrait on the altar today?

    Does anyone know whose portrait is on the altar today at the 1930 mass? Thanks.
  10. falcon269

    Cathedral scaffolding

    It looks like most of it is down or coming down. There is a crane working on the final scaffolding and netting on the right side. It looks like a very clean Cathedral!!
  11. falcon269

    Statistics, May 2018

    It was a record May with 40,665 compostelas. The genders were evenly divided, and Sarria maintained its status as the #1 starting point. https://oficinadelperegrino.com/en/statistics/
  12. falcon269

    Hospitalero Training - Minnesota

    American Pilgrims Members! If you've been looking for a way to say thank you for all that the Camino has given you, look no further than American Pilgrims on the Camino and its hospitalero training courses. The next one available is Friday, June 15, 2018 through Sunday, June 17, 2018...
  13. falcon269

    Statistics March 2018

    Yesterday nearly 1,000 pilgrims received compostelas in Santiago. Today there was 1,212. Definitely an Easter phenomenon!:)
  14. falcon269

    February Statistics

    It was a record February, smashing the old one by over 20%. It was even larger than March back in 2007. 2,181; with about 51% on the Camino Frances, 60/40 male/female split. Fifteen percent were Korean, but only 3.24% USA. Ireland topped the English speaking countries at 4.82% (let the language...
  15. falcon269

    Carnaval 2018 Day One

    As Cancelas is filled with children in costume even as it opens. Band and parade leave Praza do Toural at 8 p.m. with over 100 marchers. Galician witches with brooms (and a couple of Warlocks) dominate, but pirates also abound. Women up to about age 80 are dressed in red/pink dresses with...
  16. falcon269

    A decade later; then and now

    Then: two albergues in Palas de Rei. One bar with several coin operated computers. Another bar is the only one open for breakfast. Pilgrims pack it at dawn for a noisy multicultural melee. Today: over ten albergues. Not a computer to be found. Eight pilgrims from four countries enter a bar...
  17. falcon269

    New albergues Portomarin

    Sarria claims to have the most albergues on the Camino Frances, and who am I to challenge that? However, Portomarin has exploded since 2010. A fifth albergue is under construction at the top of the stairs, making it five there. Not quite at the stairs is the Hotel Ferrementario and an albergue...
  18. falcon269


    There is a new laundromat in Santiago about 60 meters from Casa Manolo. It has 12, 15, and 19 kg machines. Suitable for bug detox. Also, a fairly new one in Arzua along albergue row as you enter. And one in Astorga down the back street near the bed store. While albergue washers and dryers...
  19. falcon269

    Toulouse and Camino Aragones

    I hit Toulouse tomorrow. It looks like my trekking umbrella will be put to use!
  20. falcon269

    Snow at O Cebreiro!

    The webcam is showing a nice coating of snow at O Cebreiro! Winter is Coming...

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