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    Recommendations / Advice for a very slow , 10 day Baztan

    We will be departing the coming chill descending on Melbourne by the 14th June. Will get to Bayonne the next day. Elaine [ Laineylainey] and Gerard have both given us great advice. Nuala's print out has been very helpful and Gronze is allowing us many short days just to enjoy the tranquility and...
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    St Palais to Uhart -Mixe

    Is it possible to walk to L' Escargot from Hiriburia going left along the river instead of the GR heading to Harambeltz ? or Should we just follow GR and turn left @ Harambeltz ? Don't want to walk 1.5 km and then return same path if possible , but we do wish to see these lovely hosts again in...
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    Compostela for ""commencing"" in Finisterre or Muxia

    We were sitting around a table recently in Finisterre , after walking to Muxia - Lires from SDC and a young Korean girl asked us the above post. She was walking back to SDC We considered her question and had no idea after all these years . ****** However we all agreed and that it was the most...
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    Luxury for an oldie from Leon to Muxia

    A very fit 75 year old relative wishes to walk from Leon to the coast Money is no object as he has saved for this present to himself with his children's blessings for a year and it will be in July next year he will walk Whilst I can recommend Posadas in Rabanal etc which we have used I am...
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    Do Albergues / Hotel or Casa Rural owners have access to this forum

    On the Le Puy route i have friends who are based after Cahors who watch every word said about their Gites and have helped pilgrims on this forum. Recently i have been told that Albergue owners on CF do not have assess to reply to comments made on this forum. Is this true? Do owners who **reply...
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    Bag transportation on Primitivo

    Is there a known company from Oviedo Now on Norte , one person in our group with very bad knees but wishes to attempt Primitivo with short days. Thanks , D
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    Time a problem , where to finish and get to Lugo

    We will be walking Norte with family in late June and then going to Oviedo for Primitivo. Our original plans showed going NO further than Lugo because of flight home. Grandas will be too early to stop, Is there a bus from Fonsagrada to Lugo , AM or PM ?? Likewise O Cadavo ?? We wish to see...
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    Aviles onwards

    In 2011 when doing the Norte because of the rain we bused from Villaviciosa to Oviedo expecting to stay a night and return to continue. However we stayed 3 nights and thus had to restart @ Luarca . This year we are starting in Bidart [ Biarritz], we hope to go as far as Navia and/or Tapia and...
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    Colombares to Pendueles

    Will be there in a few weeks , Has the construction of new freeway finished? Is there a new up to date path along the coast and if so where does it commence? Thanks for any update
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    albergues / hostels with blankets and sheets

    Is it possible to avoid the "silk liner" and have sheets and blankets supplied ? How many hostel on Norte are in this class. Friends stayed @ Hostel Renacer in La Franca and were very, very , very happy with these supplies and the quality of accommodation. Any others?
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    One week to Deba

    Have been asked the following by two women aged a young 70 yrs; They will be taking their time as Norte was walked previously with family , now for the sight seeing and a leisurely walk. It will be June 2016. Flight will land @ Biarritz, They will commence from Hendaye. 1/ Accomm in...
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    Jacotrans on Norte ??

    Might have to be assisted very early next year on Norte. The group has a few elderly who have had luggage carried before in France thus this request. I have tried looking at old questions in this section but to no avail, Advice appreciated, David
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    17 days walking from Bilbao to Santiago

    Have a friend flying into Bilbao in September. She has 17 days walking before she flies home from Santiago She has completed 2 Camino Frances . Any recommendations on 1 Walk Bilbao to Santander then bus to Oviedo .....time could run out before reaching Santiago 2 Walk Bilbao to Santander , bus...
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    We will be walking from Cahors [ Le Puy ] getting as far as Burgos. Before we have a holiday in San Sebastian we were thinking of stopping @ Vitoria. Train connections between Burgos and San Sebastian are via Vitoria. If anyone can offer advice on this city [which friends from previous camino's...
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    Le Romieu or Casteinau sur l' Auvignon , Condom , La mothe

    Have 3 night from Lectoure before we stay in Eauze. [ Booked there for the festival] Originally ; La Romieu ....Is it too touristy , and if not places to stay and dine on a wednesday. Condom , was going to stay in Le Relais St Jacques Seviac, staying in Lou Prat la Ressego Now recommendations...
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    Eauze , "feria" weekend in July

    Having trouble getting into places during this festive weekend in early july. Any recommendations and references for places in Eauze appreciated. Have got the latest MMDD but still getting nowhere with hotels. Communal Gite??? Thanks David
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    Moissac to Aire-sur l'Adour

    Because of a sudden tragedy with family in the UK a few years ago this section was missed. Both Rom and Aideen / Odile and Andre were wonderful in the help provided with urgent travel arrangements through Toulouse. My wife will walk this section in July 15 , continue to StJPdP and then turn "...
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    Plantagenet Way / Chemin Anglais

    Could any one advise on the first opportunity to purchase poles when we arrive at Mont St Michel ? We are walking from the 1st May to at least Bordeaux [750km] but have to return home on 4th June. We only have carry on luggage and will not be stopping before arriving at Mont from Paris CDG...
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    Why mention miles when Europe uses km's ?

    Just to stir up Henry Ford's mob . I cannot understand how people mention miles to walk each day when every sign they will come across on any camino in France or Spain have distance in km's. Hey Falcon old mate, do you think they alter the MMDD pages into miles from km's before arriving? Buen...
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    Train from Paris

    Arrive CDG @ 2.10pm on sunday 27/4 Have to attend function @ Albert in Somme before camino from Mont St Michel. [1 ] Do i get a train from CDG to Albert .......can't find times for TGV and costs [2] There is one @ 3.30pm on TGD ........what hope of carry on luggage only to get this?? [3] There...

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