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  1. november_moon

    Camino Portugues - Language

    My husband and I are thinking about walking the Camino Portugues from Porto to Santiago, and I am wondering about language. We both speak Spanish and English (and a bit of a couple other languages), but neither of us speak any Portuguese. We've been to Lisbon before, and did just fine with...
  2. november_moon

    Rest days between Burgos and Santiago

    My husband and I will be walking from Burgos to Santiago in June, taking about 3 weeks for the walk. I figure that at the end of each week, we will appreciate having a rest day, so I am planning that in - nothing set in stone, of course, but just want to have an idea of where we might want to...
  3. november_moon

    For those who walked in tennis shoes or trail runners...

    I am interested in the experiences of people who walked in tennis shoes/sneakers or trail runners instead of hiking boots or hiking shoes. How did it work out for you? Did you have enough support for the trail portions? Were the soles sturdy enough? How did it go with the extra weight of a...
  4. november_moon

    Fun observation - "walking distance"

    Just a little fun observation - my family and friends no longer believe me when I tell them that something is "walking distance" from where ever we are. Them: "Should we walk or drive to the restaurant?" Me: "It's just down the street, we can easily walk." Them: "Is is REALLY just down the...
  5. november_moon

    Camino re-do

    My husband and I recently returned from an aborted Camino attempt (emergency at home required us to cut our Camino short). We are starting to talk about the plan to return. We are alternately calling the aborted attempt the "Prototype" and the "Beta Version", so I guess our return will be the...
  6. november_moon

    Leaving tomorrow!

    My husband and I leave for our Camino tomorrow! I can't believe that it is finally time to go. We started seriously thinking about this a few years ago and made concrete plans about a year ago. And now it is time! We fly to Madrid, then take a train to Leon, and start walking from there...
  7. november_moon

    Watching the World Cup

    The World Cup group matches will be happening while we are on the Camino and there are quite a few games being played at 13:00 and 16:00 Brazil time, which looks like 18:00 and 21:00 in Spain, which are good timing for watching in the evenings - 21:00 may be a little on the late side for the...
  8. november_moon

    Bought my boots

    It feels official now - I have bought the boots I am taking to walk the Camino :) They are replacement boots for the ones I have been wearing. I've hiked a bunch in the old ones, so it was time for a replacement. I have 2 months before we leave, so time for several hikes in the mean time to...
  9. november_moon

    Fitness after the Camino

    The various threads on training for the Camino and weight loss during the Camino got me thinking about fitness afterwards. Getting fit, losing weight, toned muscles - all good things and it seems like a shame to let it slip away. I think it is easier to get in shape when you have a goal such...
  10. november_moon

    Shipping luggage to Santiago

    What do people do about shipping luggage to Santiago? Can you send things general delivery to Santiago itself or is there a service that people ship luggage to that will hold the luggage? Any ideas about costs? We arrive in Madrid on a Thursday evening and plan to spend 1 night there, then...
  11. november_moon

    Sports bras

    This is a question mostly for the ladies, but I suppose men might have some input too, so no discrimination here :) I am looking for recommendations for sports bras. I usually wear Champion brand, which are fine, but they don't always dry overnight after washing - for obvious reasons, this...
  12. november_moon

    Training for the Camino

    I want to get people's opinions about our training plan for the Camino. My husband and I will be walking from Leon to Santiago in June, so while June feels like ages away since it is still winter time, but it will be here before we know it, so we are getting serious about training...
  13. november_moon

    Planning based on the phases of the moon

    Has anybody planned their camino around the phases of the moon? The thread about the early morning walking got me thinking about the moon phases during our upcoming camino, so I looked it up to see what the moon will be doing. My husband and I will be walking in June of next year and I just...
  14. november_moon

    Solar charger?

    Does anybody have recommendations for a solar charger? I am thinking of something light (obviously) that I can attach to my backpack and charge a phone or an eReader while I am walking - this way I don't have to rely solely on shared outlets to charge stuff. I am going to be walking in June...
  15. november_moon

    It's official - we are going

    We just bought our plane tickets for next summer. It's official - we are going on our Camino :) We have 3 weeks for the trip, including travel to and from San Francisco, so I think we will walk from Leon to Santiago. I'm excited though - we have our tickets (and using airline miles too, so...
  16. november_moon

    Where to start?

    My husband and I will be walking the Camino next year in June and are starting to consider logistics. We will be reserving our flights soon - using miles to buy the tickets, so we need to plan way ahead in order to get good flights. We will most likely fly from San Francisco to Madrid and then...
  17. november_moon

    April or June?

    My husband and I are planning to walk part of the Camino Frances in 2014 - most likely from Leon to Santiago. We can go in April or June, with a slight preference for June. What are the positives and negatives of walking in either month? It seems like the weather would be better in June -...
  18. november_moon

    May or June - pros and cons of either month?

    My husband and I are planning to walk the Camino Frances in 2014 - planning ahead, but I know it will be here before we know it. Due to schedule constraints, we will probably walk the portion from Leon to Santiago de Compostela (approx 300 km). We can go in May or June and are trying to decide...

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