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  1. Nezabudka

    Pamplona at 4am

    Hi guys, Just considering our options of getting from Barcelona to Pamplona. If we miss the latest Renfe train on the day (18.40) we may need to catch the night bus instead, that arrives at 4 am :D Any ideas where to stay for a few hours in Pamplona? I don't recall if there was a waiting room...
  2. Nezabudka

    Cheap but fine equipment

    Just wondering if we could try to collect all experience about less expensive hiking gear in one place? Cheap not necessary means poor quality all the time :) Yes, of course, we all try to hunt sales on our favourite brands, and quite often the cheap stuff that is sold online would be a fake...
  3. Nezabudka

    Pyrenees or O'Cebreiro

    Hi all, Looking for your opinions about the route selection. Next year I will be doing a part of CF with my parents and a teenage daughter. It will be the first experience of this kind for them. We will have around 2 weeks in the first half of June. My original plan was to do SJPP to...
  4. Nezabudka

    Skipping a big part on car - driving in Spain?

    Hi all, Hoping for some advice, any thoughts - welcome :) I walked SJPP to Burgos last year and loved it. I don't have a call to "finish" my Camino now, more like I want to share the experience with my loved ones. Next year possibly I can do Camino with my parents (64yo, but quite fit) and...
  5. Nezabudka

    Chiropractic vs Physio

    Hi all, Hoping for your opinions. I am off to my Camino in 7 weeks, training as often as I can. During trainings found out that I have an issue with my right hip, it starts hurting a lot after several Ks or on the second/third day. My physio suggests it's due to weak lower back muscles, thus...
  6. Nezabudka

    Roncevalles - end of September - how cold it is?

    Hi all, I am starting my first Camino end of September and naturally quite excited and worried already. The biggest fear - either I've got proper closing and equipment for this time of the year - swinging from - "omg, I will be too hot" to "omg, I will be freezing" :D I guess, Pyrenees might be...
  7. Nezabudka

    Clothing repair patches

    Hi all, A silly question :) Yesterday while training, slipped, fell on knee and ripped my trousers :( Of course better I did it now and not when in Spain already - don’t think its my one and only fall... What can I use for repair? Need something durable but fast drying, denim will not suit...

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