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  1. CW86

    Free medical treatment for pilgrims?

    I ended up in the hospital last year with suspected DVT - I was on a drip, had blood tests and a full ultrasound of my leg to check for DVT. It ended up being an infection and I was prescribed antibiotics and strong ibuprofen. I had my EHIC card and the only thing I had to pay for was the...
  2. CW86

    Post a picture of your "shadow".

    Me and my friends kept forgetting to take one then we had the perfect opportunity!
  3. CW86

    Camino Ingles - the thought of it feels a little like cheating :)

    The Ingles was my first Camino and I loved it - I did it with friends at the end of May, we didn't see many other pilgrims at all - mainly one family who we saw most days. It took us 5 days from Ferrol. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend! Buen Camino!
  4. CW86

    Distance Certificate

    Thank you, I tried that address weeks ago, funnily enough I got a reply an hour ago!
  5. CW86

    Distance Certificate

    Is there a way to apply on line for this? I have tried emailing the pilgrim office as it says to do, but haven't had any reply.
  6. CW86

    Portuguese Camino... concrete all the way?

    Having just returned from CP last month Ponte de Lima to SDC was not mainly road walking - there was quite a bit of forest and cobbles although there were points when you had to cross a busy main road, which in effect we followed to SDC. In the Brierly book there are alternate routes to avoid...
  7. CW86

    5 Questions re: our first camino - Camino Portugues

    Just returned 2 weeks ago from the Portuguese route, we started at Ponte de Lima and went up to SDC. I can't help with all the questions but in regards to the forest fires affecting the paths - they haven't. You can see where they were clearly, in the distance and some a little closer to the...
  8. CW86

    Pilgrim Routes within UK and Ireland

    Oswald's Way in Northumberland is beautiful and there is a guidebook too. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0955380618/?tag=casaivar-21 There are recommended distances each day but you can please yourself. When we did it we picked where we wanted to stop and the tourist board in Berwick were very...
  9. CW86

    Porto to Santiago in 10 days?

    I'm hopefully going in August and have decided to start in Ponte de Lima, walk for 8 days and have a day in Santiago at the end. Buen Camino!
  10. CW86

    St Declans Way Ireland

    Never heard of this route...off to look it up! Is there a guidebook?
  11. CW86

    Stage 1 question

    I agree, I also walked from Ferrol to Pontedeume and it was easier than expected. Day 2 though was tough - VERY up and down!
  12. CW86

    signage in Sigueiro

    We had trouble as we came into Sigueiro too, our guide was telling us one thing but we were unsure as there weren't any arrows anywhere until just before we turned up a road to go past a church. We asked in a shop and were directed.
  13. CW86

    Macs Adventures???? Anyone know anything about MacsAdventures

    We used Macs Adventures this year - we walked Ferrol to SDC. They booked all our accommodation and we had no problems with them. We had to contact them at one point and they were very helpful. A couple of the group had their luggage transferred each day (at an extra cost) which again there was...
  14. CW86

    St Oswald's Way ~following the 7th century King/Saint in Northumberland

    I walked this from Lindisfarne to Heavenfield the opposite way to what was described above - there was only one field that we got lost on as the way marker wasn't visible and the farmer hadn't kept it as well as the rest of the way - the rest was marked fine and we had the following book from...
  15. CW86

    Our (slow) Camino Inglés May 2015

    We arrived in time for the Pilgrim Mass on the 30th. Because of the queues and time we were meeting people we went back on the 31st about 9am for our Compostela. We then spent the day wandering around Santiago before we headed home on the 1st June.
  16. CW86

    Our (slow) Camino Inglés May 2015

    I'm enjoying reading this and working out where I was compared to you. We passed the huge dinosaur, which we weren't expecting! and stayed in Buscas on the 28th
  17. CW86

    Our (slow) Camino Inglés May 2015

    We stayed in the Hotel Sarga on the 26th Literally we have missed each other by days!
  18. CW86

    Our (slow) Camino Inglés May 2015

    We stayed in Cabanas too, not really realising though, we walked over the bridge realised and had to walk back over it again! We walked straight to here from Ferrol.
  19. CW86

    Our (slow) Camino Inglés May 2015

    We had a free day before we started walking from Ferrol, we were waiting for another pilgrim to arrive, and ended up following the markers to the edge of town before heading back! We were there a few day's after you spending the 25th May in Ferrol before leaving on the 26th for SDC.
  20. CW86

    Last minute questions from a first timer...

    When we arrived last week, you could take your bags to the pilgrim office to leave there for free, but the queue was so long and we would have had to wait in it. So we paid 2 euros diagonally opposite the entrance by the fountain - I think it was ike a post office, while we went to the Pilgrim...

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