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  1. m108

    Amazon rain forest

    not just oxygen .... animals and indigenous people ... we can help put out fires, but it would probably be a long-term and more effective to start with yourself - consumption is what causes Brazilian entrepreneurs to deforestate. As long as they can sell what is profitable to them, they will be...
  2. m108

    Non-Compostela Statistics Question

    I have been to different parts of the Camino 7 times (250-300km each) and have never been to Santiago. He finally "called" me and I'm planning to have an Astorga-Santiago or Burgos-Santiago next April. I don't think I'll even go to get compostela/distance certificate even then. I don't know if...
  3. m108

    Church in Castrojeriz

    Thank you🙏
  4. m108

    Church in Castrojeriz

  5. m108

    Church in Castrojeriz

    Church at the exit of Castrojeriz. Does anyone have an idea why the Pentagram is facing like it?
  6. m108

    Four more days until SdC - and no motivation anymore to continue ...

    Dear @sugargypsy . I think I understand the words between the lines. I wish you a lot of courage, the hardest part is made (cognition and decision). Now it's a time to realization, and this is in some ways a lighter part, despite all the obstacles. I'm not talking about Camino. I really want you...
  7. m108

    Four more days until SdC - and no motivation anymore to continue ...

    I think it's important to listen to your feelings. If you do not come to Santiago this year, it does not mean that you will never come. And it does not mean defeat. So far I've walked (from 2011) about 2,000km from different parts of Camino, and I have not been in Santiago so far. I waited to...
  8. Idyll


    From Barcial del Barco to Benavente
  9. m108

    Is it OK to keep your pack on your top bunk with you?

    Yeah, I experienced that two weeks ago. And I survived 😂😂😂.... In fact, I like this system. When I want more freedom and comfort, I sleep in a room / hotel
  10. Before Granja de Moreruela

    Before Granja de Moreruela

  11. m108

    Comment by 'm108' in media 'Montamarta, may'

    It took some time: Mum watched from the nest (and I watched nest :)), then she went in a low flight and 300m far caught something. I quickly directed the camera to the nest and waited. Like a chicks :)))
  12. Montamarta, may

    Montamarta, may

  13. Spring walk on VdlP

    Spring walk on VdlP

    15km after Salamanca
  14. Salamanca Cathedral

    Salamanca Cathedral

  15. Salamanca


  16. Astronauta, Salamanca Cathedral

    Astronauta, Salamanca Cathedral

  17. m108

    VdlP in July/August

    I went through the Salamanca-Astorga section in August (I was 63 then). I started walking at 6 am and ended at 13:00. Yes, it was VERY hot (although this is the northern part of VdlP). Walking was not problematic, with sufficient water. My problem was the time from 13h to 22h - you just have...
  18. m108

    Walking 21 days from Pamplona to Santiago. Is it ok?

    Most likely you will succeed ..... but - it may happen that due to fatigue and / or lack of time, you will not enjoy all that Camino also enable: rests with coffee wherever you like, exploring towns and churches and chapels, moments admiring many stuning views, chat with pilgrims or...
  19. m108

    Getting to Salamanca from the UK

    my logistics for the beginning of May (Salamanca - Astorga): plane for Bilbao, bus for Burgos (evening and sleeping in wonderful Burgos), next day bus Burgos - Salamanca, 11 €, already bought :D! if you have enough time - Salamanca earn two days ;)

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