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  1. KinkyOne

    Going in and out of Ourense

    I veered off the Paseo Fluvial well before the Mino so I wouldn't have to walk back to the center and albergue. This is screenshot of my track: http://prntscr.com/pz68k7 There are metal stairs to the right from the river. You ascend to Rua do Progreso which is main street through Ourense and in...
  2. KinkyOne

    Levante 2020 blog

    The link is working. And I hope I did everything successfully to follow it. It's exactly the same route I walked in 2015. I started with my bare feet in the Mediterranean Sea and ended the same way in Atlantic Ocean days later.
  3. KinkyOne

    El Camino de 8 Compostelas- The Way of 8 Certificates

    Official required starting point on Invierno is now Chantada. Starting in either Fisterra or Muxia wouldn't be enough. If you start in Fisterra you have to go through Muxia and then to SdC and vice versa (Mux-Fis-SdC).
  4. KinkyOne

    Sultans Trail

    Hi, Karly, I haven't walk it but I've been in NE and E Turkey. I can't say whter it is safe or not with Turks but you will definitely be spotted as a female, solo or not. The part around Istanbul is much more "europeanised" (did I invent a new word maybe???) so I doubt you would have any...
  5. KinkyOne

    accommodation prices for Levante

    As I remember in La Gineta they moved Acogida from Polidportivo itself (changing room) to a nearby house. Best to call Policia which is located behind the Polideportivo as you come from Albacete. TO in San Clemente is actually on the main square by the church and you can hardly miss it. The...
  6. KinkyOne

    LIVE from the Camino On the camino Zamorano-Portugués

    You thought you have waterproof gloves? Oh, you really disappointed me, Alan :D :D :D Keep on and wish you better weather! ;)
  7. KinkyOne

    LIVE from the Camino Uh huh! Camino Sanabres

    The highest point on Camino Sanabres is at about 1270 meters above sea level on the stage from Lubian to wherever you go that day. It's actually the border point between Castilla y Leon and Galicia. And the elevation gain to that highest point would be "only" 750mts in 3kms. It's a killer uphill...
  8. KinkyOne

    Towards a theory of difficulty

    Geez, you must really suffer from that Post Camino Blues :D :D :D How would you rate weather? And what about you getting older each year? Just kiddin' ;)
  9. KinkyOne

    Update: Casa da Solaina in A Rua de Valdeorras

    Nice to see Sra.Manuela once again although only on the photo :)
  10. KinkyOne

    LIVE from the Camino On the camino Zamorano-Portugués

    From Verin you also have an option to connect with Sanabres already in Laza.
  11. KinkyOne

    Pilgrim House Santiago

    It is run by @natefaith , Annie :) And it's not an albergue. Their website have a description of what you can expect there.
  12. KinkyOne

    If you're planning to walk the Invierno...

    Agree, but I also can't understand someone couldn't get a decent meal in A Rua and Quiroga (or not even a tapas). So many places to choose from and hardly all of them closed ;) And if this is his experience it is just that. Mine is from 2014 - 5 years and a half ago and there were plenty of...
  13. KinkyOne

    Sara talks about her assault on the Salvador

    I'm very happy that everything turned out all right. But this incident is one of those moments when I'm really deeply ashamed of certain "xwyz"'s of my gender. I just can't find the proper name for those, those, those ... Uggghhhhh!!! Keep on walkin' Sara! :)
  14. KinkyOne

    Any pilgrims in Alicante this week?

    Of course there is because two Caminos start in Alicante: Camino del Sureste and Ruta de la Lana ;)
  15. KinkyOne

    Vieiragrino is now in English

    Even without a guide I'd say you could find the way but better safe than sorry. I'm also sure it's much better marked now than it was in 2015 when I walked it.
  16. KinkyOne

    Any pilgrims in Alicante this week?

    Congratulations on your CaminoCombo! Why not pay a visit to http://www.encaminodesdealicante.org/ Enjoy Alicante!
  17. KinkyOne

    My ethical dilemma regarding a compostela

    Come on, Tim... Are you serious? I had to read all the posts to be sure. I almost hit the HAHAHAHA icon knowing you in person. Ethical problem? I don't see any in your case. You are/will be walking much more than required 100km to the tomb so where's the ethical or administrative glitch? I...
  18. KinkyOne

    How much of the Camino Frances can I cover in 19 days?

    @AlwynWellington : - why "get going by sunrise"? I have never ever started before 8am even in the summer (on 10 different Caminos, some of them I repeated). - why "at least 25 km"? My shortest stage was only 6km and the longest 42km. If they want to spend 19 days together none of these two...
  19. KinkyOne

    LIVE from the Camino Sea to Sea - Part 1 - Camino Catalan

    Looking at the second photo first I thought it was Najera on CF :D Buen Camino, Rick!
  20. KinkyOne

    How much of the Camino Frances can I cover in 19 days?

    Hi! I wouldn't skip any part of any Camino. On Camino Frances it's quite easy to plan your daily stages because the longest distance you have to cover without overnight stay (of any kind) is 17km long. So I would say that the answer to your question is how much you can/want to walk each day...

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