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  1. Just Karin

    is the first day as daunting as it looks?

    if you are in a very good condition, used to walking in mountains and you have strong legs, hips, knees and ancles: go for it! If not on one of these: start earlier, like in Orthez, and walk a few shorter days. Really, só many people are injured that first day, it’s unbelievable. I don’t...
  2. Just Karin

    Meseta sandals?

    Ah yes gravel ... gravel ... and more gravel.
  3. Just Karin

    Meseta sandals?

    I walk in vibram 5 fingers for about 7 years now but I would not use the one on this photo. Try to find a trail model, at least with trail soles. The footing on the frances is sharp gravel, mud and rocks and asphalt and the trail models soles are the best for that combination. A huge BUT... to...
  4. Just Karin

    The unpredictable ends of my Camino!

    Sorry to hear about your injury. Just a question: why walk so many kilometres per day? So many people walk too big stretches,getting injured knees, ankles, getting shin splints and blisters all over. We walked 15-25 kms a day and did not get one injury or blister. I read that a human body is...
  5. Just Karin

    I probably won’t do this again

    Just back from 7 weeks of albergues. I was extremely surprised that I seemed to be able to sleep with snorers, farters, coughers, stinkers, pukers, squeaking beds, people who set their alarm at 5 am and many other things. Oh yes things woke me up. And sometimes I was surprised that all beds...
  6. Just Karin


    I wear the injinji merino ones ... in my Vibram five finger shoes 😊
  7. Just Karin

    Why oh why, why, why.....

    I love the word ‘snarky’ 😂👌🏼🙏🏻🤣
  8. Just Karin


    Mobile phone which I use as a guidebook, map, camera (I have to leave my slr at home because of the weight and my company, who knows with a camera close I forget everything around me including time), writing device, library, and much more. Probably a little gimbal as well as a spare battery 😉
  9. Just Karin

    Adding a zipper to a Costco quilt

    Thanks all! I manager to buy two and I even received them already! They seem very thin, or is it me? I find it hard to imaginaire they are warm enough? But ik you all way they are... Then I have to believe you don’t I :) I’m going to think about ho to close it. I saw several options. Funding a...
  10. Just Karin

    Adding a zipper to a Costco quilt

    I soooooo wish I could buy two for my sister and me, planning for starting the vdlp in 6 weeks! I live in The Netherlands and just can’t find those here, or a shop that ships to this country 😕
  11. Just Karin

    VdlP outfit for march, icebreaker needed?

    Thanks. I love Icebreaker for theid good fit and merino. Can’t find them here though.
  12. Just Karin

    Best guide for VDLP beginner?

    No problem, thanks anyway, the app looks great, too. The thing is - a printed guide doesn’t consume battery 😊📲
  13. Just Karin

    Best guide for VDLP beginner?

    Thanks for your answer. If I click ‘here’ where you mention it, I am getting a link to the Gerald Kelly app, not the Wisepilgrim guide. Those are two different ones as far as I know. And I was asking about the Wisepilgrim printed guide :)
  14. Just Karin

    VdlP outfit for march, icebreaker needed?

    That sounds great! I got two merino singlets, a merino t-shirt and a marino longsleeve shirt. Where do you get the loose sleeves? I saw some people use some loose legs too, I’ve never seen them in shops though.
  15. Just Karin

    Best guide for VDLP beginner?

    I think there is some miscommunication here. I was asking @wisepilgrim if his guide was already available.
  16. Just Karin

    Best guide for VDLP beginner?

    Not in my app, there are only 4 routes? I am talking about the Wise pilgrim guide, are you on about the same ones?
  17. Just Karin

    Best guide for VDLP beginner?

    But not for Via de la Plata unfortunately.
  18. Just Karin

    Best guide for VDLP beginner?

    Is the guide available yet? Didnt see it in the shop. Would love to buy it.
  19. Just Karin

    Some folks just really don't get it ....

    I thought it was Pooh who mentioned that long ago 😇
  20. Just Karin

    Euro Vegas in Castilblanco?

    Ah I think you are correct! Nothing (too much) to worry then.

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