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    The Meseta; Burgos to Leon

    Having just returned from Spain, I would like to share with you some facts and thoughts: Two year ago, May 2016, I walked with two friends from Pamplona to Burgos, took a bus from Burgos to Leon, walked on to Santiago, then to Muxia and down to Finesterre. Altogether some 650 km. Last year, May...
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    Burgos to Leon

    Two years ago I skipped this section due to lack of time. I was told it is the least interesting part of the camino and that's why I chose to skip it. Now I am thinking of walking it in mid-May with my wife. I would like to read what you people who have walked it think of my idea of walking just...
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    Burgos to Leon

    In 2016 I walked with two friends from Pamplona to Santiago and then on to Muxia and Fistera. We skipped the Burgos - Leon part (took a bus) and now I am thinking of doing just this section. Any thoughts about it, anybody?
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    SJPP to Pamplona

    In May of this year I walked the camino with two friends from Pamplona all the way to the ocean (Muxia and Finistere). We skipped the SJPP to Pamplona part due to time constraint. Admittedly, we took a bus from Burgus to Leon, but just the same, we actually walked some 650 km. It was great! Now...
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    Advice on getting to SJPP

    Please advise if this is doable: 1) Landing at Barcelona airport at 10:05 in the morning 2) Taking the train from the airport to Barcelona Sants train staion. 3) Taking the 12:10 train to Pamplona, arrivin at 16:06. 4) Taking the Alsa bus from Pamplona to SJPP, departing at 17:30. If this will...
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    Seeking opinions and advice

    1.For the section of SJPP - Pamplona; what time of the year is best; mid October or mid May? 2. Arriving in Pamplona by train from Barcelona in the evening; what's the best way to get to SJPP?
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    Seeking advice

    I did the Camino this year with two friends; we started from Pamplona on April 28th, took a bus from Burgos to Leon and continued on foot from Leon to Santiago - Muxia - Fistere and from there a bus back to Santiago and flew home on May 31st. It was fantastic! The weather was just perfect; very...
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    Renfe train tickets; barcelona to pamplona

    Is there a significant or any price difference, buyin the ticket at the ticket office just before boarding vs. buying online at renfe site?
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    Barcelona to Pamplona by train

    Can anyone explain to me why when I search the Renfe internet site for a single ticket from Barcelona to Pamplone the price is 19.40 Euro and when I want to buy 3 tickets the price is 26.90 each...
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    Train from Barcelona to Pamplona

    I will be landing at Barcelona airport at the end of April at 13:10. I am planning to catch the 15:30 Alvia train from Sants train station to Pamplona. My dilemma is what happens is my flight is delayed and I miss the train, having an online booking fro that specific train? The next train is an...
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    Where to stay in Pamplona

    We will arrive in Pamplona by train from Barcelona at 22:45. Any idea which albergue will let us check in at such late hour; probably a little after 23:00?
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    What kind of weather can I expect along the trail?

    I will be starting from Pamplona on April 28th, finishing at Santiago on May 31st
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    What is the walking distance from Pamplona to Santiago?

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