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  1. stewartza

    Arrest on suspicion of theft at Ponferrada

    I had to buy a couple of pairs recently after I had my clothes stolen from the washing line. The cheapest (€2,50), and actually good quality were from the Chinese bazaar. There seems to be one in every town.
  2. stewartza

    10 things to know before visiting or moving to Spain....

    Whilst walking the Camino Ingles recently my Spanish companion and I gave up waiting to be served in a restaurant in Betanzos, but he laughed at me for the rest of the camino for going up to the restauranteur and saying "yo hambre" in a very pleading voice.
  3. stewartza

    PLEASE get a BELL for your bike

    I agree. They are like a flock of seagulls - they arrive, make a lot of noise, and then depart again.
  4. stewartza

    Finished a few days ago... am I the only one who

    I did much the same thing recently but instead of skipping to Monforte de Lema, I took a bus to Ferrol and walked the Camino Ingles. It was such a wonderful walk with not too many others.
  5. stewartza

    Amazing Camino Ingles

    I walked the Ingles the first week of July this year and had no problem with accommodation. Its a wonderful walk and thoroughly recommend it.
  6. stewartza

    Need for a sleeping bag

    What is it with these people who are allergic to fresh air? I'm a fresh air fanatic and can't sleep in a stuffy dorm. I always try to get a bunk near a window that I can have control over.
  7. stewartza

    Hat recommendations for a first-time Camino pilgrim

    I always wear a hat made by Columbia; it folds up and packs away easily when not in use, it also washes and dries very quickly. While I'm on camino I then also buy a "camino" cap for wearing whilst in the towns. This can just be clipped on your backpack while you are walking.
  8. stewartza

    How did you carry your water?

    Definitely a camelbak. Having that tube handy means you can just take a mouthful whenever you wish. I walked recently with a man who had bottles in the side pockets of his backpack and I had to keep on reminding him to drink and stay hydrated. This involved him either having to take his pack off...
  9. stewartza

    Peaceloving American...

    The number of "Americans" has increased significantly in the past couple of years I think due to the film. Recently I was asked many times if I had seen it. My only complaint about the Americans is when you get a group of young people sitting talking (usually rather loudly), making comments...
  10. stewartza

    Camino for South Africans

    Agreed, it isn't cheap for us but I find the best thing to do is NOT convert to Rands all the time. Doing this can really spoil your time there. You buy Euros before you leave, and that is what you spend. I returned just two days ago after having spent almost two months there. During that time...
  11. stewartza

    Violent bagpipe player outside cathedral

    No, this is not the same guy. Because of the court case I am aware of the identity of the person in question but I have not revealed it. He is a tall man who wears traditional dress.
  12. stewartza

    Violent bagpipe player outside cathedral

    Last week I walked into Santiago with a Spanish man whom I had met whilst walking. As we approached the steps to go down to the Praza de Obradoiro in front of the cathedral we heard and saw a man dressed traditionally playing the bagpipes. My friend said he would like to take a photo of him. The...
  13. stewartza

    dreadful walk,awful people,

    I am leaving Cape Town in 5 days time to walk again. I'm now regretting it. Why am I such a masochist?
  14. stewartza

    No Trains From Bayonne To St Jean 28th April

    What would a taxi cost from Bayonne to St Jean? If a few travelled together and shared the cost it may work out cheap enough.
  15. stewartza

    Paris to St Jean

    I will also be travelling down on the train at that time. Look out for me. I'm an old man (69) with platinum hair and beard. I'll have a South African accent.
  16. stewartza

    Leaving Le Puy in May?

    That is a bit distressing to hear as I was wanting to walk this May. I love doing my caminos with very little forward planning. I only decided yesterday to go in two week's time. I have been learning French for the past two years and thought the walk from Le Puy would help to improve my French...
  17. stewartza

    Condolence book for Denise

    When you lose someone you love you gain an angel you know. Denise has joined the angels. I pray that her family have peace now.
  18. stewartza

    Which Osprey backpack?

    Anti-gravity backpack - the best.
  19. stewartza

    the hardest part

    The hardest part of the camino is going home again afterwards and coping with the post-camino blues.

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