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  1. David Tallan

    Casa Fernanda to Spiritual Variant Path

    The third option (Porto to Vila do Conde along the Senda Litoral, and then Vila do Conde to Rates to Barcelos to Fernanda's) is also very nice. You get the nice walk out of Porto along the river and the coast and a taste of the seaside with its boardwalks. But you still get the nice albergue in...
  2. David Tallan

    Camino Newbie

    All good advice so far. I agree with trecile about stopping at Orrison if you start at SJPP. I would stop there, too, if it were my first day's walking and I'm not yet in my 70s. I also agree with SYates about considering starting in Roncesvalles. I started there on my two Caminos Frances (the...
  3. David Tallan

    It Sucks that us Americans, Australians, Kiwis Etc. can't walk from our homes! Well actually we can. An Irish Camino

    Or, you could do like some Irish fellows did and row the maritime part of the journey in a traditional boat.
  4. David Tallan

    Ok I´m home, I want to leave.

    I was never in a situation where I hated my home country but I was in a situation where I wanted to leave it and live elsewhere. I finished high school a year early and took what they are now calling a "gap year" between high school and university. I worked for six months at 60 hours a week...
  5. David Tallan

    Camino de Santiago Associations Worldwide

    And there are two groups in Toronto. One is the official chapter of the Canadian national association and one that is separate and less official. Some (like me) are members of both.
  6. David Tallan

    @Dave is walking across America -- can you put him up?

    It worked for me.
  7. David Tallan

    Food lessons for life....

    This would be in Comillas on the Camino del Norte, right? I suspect the OP was referring to the Camino Frances in #5. There are Caminos passing through Valencia, too, and rumours are one can get acceptable paella there as well.
  8. David Tallan

    Camino Podcast Episode 31 - John & Rebekah

    If you want a truly grand east-west trail across the North American continent you need to go north of the border: (https://thegreattrail.ca/explore-the-map/). It wasn't that long ago that I was reading about a woman who had completed walking the 21,500 km trek...
  9. David Tallan

    Camiño Finisterre Bed bug warning!

    You can see the bugs starting around 49 seconds into the video.
  10. David Tallan

    Camiño Finisterre Bed bug warning!

    I don't know about photos, but you can see them in Sara Dhooma's video of that particular stage of her journey.
  11. David Tallan

    Camino Snobs

    The Camino Snobbery I most remember wasn't so much on the Camino as in Santiago itself where my son was quite indignant that more deference wasn't paid to the pilgrims who had walked to Santiago vs. those who had come by bus, train or plane. This showed up especially at the Pilgrims' Mass, where...
  12. David Tallan

    Hiking poles in Pontevedra

    A lot of people leave their hiking poles in Santiago before flying home. I think someone was collecting them? If you have some time in Santiago, you may be able to get a used but serviceable set for free.
  13. David Tallan

    Mapping the Camino

    It's a beautiful map but I'm not sure about the placement of the mountains. I seem to recall more mountains between Saint Jean Pied de Port and Pamplona than between Pamplona and Santo Domingo. But I am getting older so my memory could be off.
  14. David Tallan

    Food lessons for life....

    To take this back to something closer to the original question of "food lessons I learned from the Camino", here are a few: - The most important factor in the enjoyment of a meal is not the food but the context: how hungry you are and with whom you are enjoying it. - It is great to sample the...
  15. David Tallan

    Food lessons for life....

    Those are domestic home pets here. There, they may be farm animals raised for food. Then, of course, there are rabbits which where I live are both kept as domestic home pets and also raised as farm animals for food and sold as such in local butcher shops.
  16. David Tallan

    How light is too light? Backpack question

    “The reason that the rich were so rich, Vimes reasoned, was because they managed to spend less money. Take boots, for example. He earned thirty-eight dollars a month plus allowances. A really good pair of leather boots cost fifty dollars. But an affordable pair of boots, which were sort of OK...
  17. David Tallan

    To plan or not to plan?

    Here are my thoughts: First of all, do the Camino that seems right for you and that works for you. Here is what works for me. :) I'm a big believer in planning. I like to do lots of research, see all of the possibilities, and decide what's best. I'll watch the videos of other people's...
  18. David Tallan

    Motor bikes

    If you want to push yourself, there are many ways to do so. You can climb mountains, run marathons, through hike lengthy trails in many countries of the world. For many of us, it is not "pushing yourself" that makes the Camino special. In fact, for many, pushing oneself too hard seems to be...
  19. David Tallan

    The 100 km mojón on the Camino Francés

    How do we get them to install one in our local town? The oldest church in Toronto happens to be the Cathedral of St. James. It might be a good location. :)
  20. David Tallan

    Learning Easy Spanish

    "The mouse is under the table" and "the cat is on the chair" could quite possibly be practical for a peregrino. I think "the monkey is in the tree" is likely less practical and suggest replacing it with "the bedbug is in the bed" as a more potentially useful phrase.

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