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  1. Arn

    Fiction Merchant's List

    A personal pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago thrusts Alan Merchant back into his former life as a military-political intelligence analyst, placing him front and center, leading a coalition of law enforcement and military special operations operators whose mission is to thwart a suspected...
  2. Arn

    The one week blues

    It's one week since I completed my most recent Camino. I was going to say "finished" though, by now, I know the Camino isn't finished with me. How do I feel right now? How did, or do you think you will feel once you return home from Santiago? For my part: I feel empty...though I have many...
  3. Arn

    Mass on the Camino,

    Many of you know I am traveling with my pastor Father Jonathan. When he agreed to walk the Way I was gratified and somewhat concerned he might find the Camino less than I have advertised. With that concern in mind, I offered that on Camino you will meet many one day and not again, maybe not...
  4. Arn

    The Meseta

    I have gone out of my way, by bus and train, not to walk the Meseta. I've read, heard and accepted the Meseta is long, boring and sufficiently flat that you can see from your starting point to where you will stop for the day. Yes, it's long and where in past centuries it was known as the dry...
  5. Arn

    Of Sun and cool breezes

    Question: How can you tell your are not in Galicia? A: it's not raining Question: How can you tell it's not Jul-Aug on Camino? A. The Sun is out and there's a cool breeze all Day. Question: How can you tell you forgot to zip up at the last bar? A. You say: "Hola, buenos Dias!" And in...
  6. Arn

    The Meaning of Life...on Camino

    I'm reminded of the hermit on the top of the hill and the many pilgrims that walked the winding path in search of the Meaning of Life...hoping, beyond hope, the hermit could answer the question. My understanding of his answer was: How do I know...I've been living on this hill a long time, hoping...
  7. Arn


    We had a major ice storm come through last Sunday right between the time I arrived at the Church office 7:00 and departed 9:00 for Mass. All was well until I took that first step outside...I slipped on the top landing area and came crashing down on my left side; the majority of the impact taken...
  8. Arn

    Class of 2014...In Review

    2015 holds 365 days for the new class to discover, recover, share, or just be there, possibly for the first time...ever. Buen"Class of 2015" Camino. For the Class of 2014 What mark did you leave...what did you take away? Up to now, only the Camino knows. How about letting the rest of us in...
  9. Arn

    Olveiroa today...tomorrow Finisterre

    Except for the two hour shower, what a great walk. And what a great little village. It's obvious there is a plan in place here. Beautiful stone entryway, nice promenade and happy people everywhere. So, rain can be good when surrounded by such beauty within and without. Can't wait to get to Cee...
  10. Arn

    The Wake Up!.

    At Boston Intl, Iberia flt departs in one hour. The Camino is always in charge and I must have done something right. I not only have an aisle seat, I have the entire 5 Seat row to myself. When I wake up I will be in Spain and less that 90 minutes away from my latest walk along the Way. Thank you...
  11. Arn

    Three Days and a Wake up!

    I'm sitting in my parlor here at the farm in Virginia. I've tied up most of the loose ends and fought the urge to pile any additional "last minute" tasks into my already overflowing basket. As I said in a past thread...it's remarkable how so much of the "stuff" that only I can do...is...
  12. Arn

    Religious, Spiritual or...Travel?

    Initially, I included this question in a "welcome" note to new pilgrims on the Forum. In doing so, I thought that if I slightly reworded it...I could open it up to the Forum at large. As many of you know, the Forum is experiencing a record number of "hits" these last few months. There are...
  13. Arn


    Falcon is graciously maintaining the Pilgrim Calendar and many of us have dutifully provided the start/stop dates for our Camino, that done we may still be several weeks away from actually taking that first step along the Way. In fact, if you look back, there are many additional stages to the...
  14. Arn

    Did movie: "The Way" motivate you...

    Hi, Ivar recently posted that the Forum is "on fire"...well, any good arson investigator will tell you that the cause of the fire can usually be determined with a degree of certainty. So, here are my questions: 1. If you are a first time pilgrim: A. Was the Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen...
  15. Arn

    The Reluctant Hospitalero

    Here I sit in the shade of the dorm at the Casa de Dona Fernanda. I arrived yesterday after A night at the albergue Casa de Ricoleta 10 KM outside Barcelos. I say "reluctant " because I'm doing the ballooning knee thing and Fernanda and family are either at work or school. So, I'm in charge. I...
  16. Arn

    Happy Easter!

    At sundown this evening, the Easter Vigil will mark the most important day on the Church's calendar. The solemn vigil of Easter has as its principal symbol the paschal candle: The Resurrection of Christ is the light that dispels the darkness of sin and death.
  17. Arn

    Have you ever been offered a job/work from someone you've me

    I know that some members of the Forum have found love and marriage on the Camino and I subscribe to the saying: "If you can make what you love your job...you never have to go to work!" I was just wondering: Have you sought...or has a job ever resulted from meeting someone on the Camino? Or...
  18. Arn

    The Camino Calendar

    Hi to all... I've been reading many entries throughout the Forum that mention when an individual(s) is expecting to begin their Camino. That said, I see precious few corresponding entries in the Pilgrim Calendar. Why, you might ask, would I want to put my info down for all to see? Well, here...
  19. Arn

    Spain confirms 1st swine flu case in Europe

    Posted on Monday, April 27, 2009 7:16:04 AM MADRID – Spain's Health Ministry confirmed the country's first case of swine flu on Monday and said another 20 people are suspected of having the disease. It was the first confirmed swine flu case in Europe and the first outside of North America...
  20. Arn

    Camino Angels

    I was wondering...as I walked the Way...many of you know that I had a few occasions where things were rapidly turning against my completing my Camino. Then, out of the blue, someone came along. When I was obviously very injured...they gave me a ride to the amblatoria...when my baggage was...

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