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  1. irishrock

    is the first day as daunting as it looks?

    It was far less of a difficult walk than I expected. The map and the steepness of the cliff is not accurate. Frankly, I found the downhill part more difficult than the uphill (the beautiful views of the Pyrenees helped out on the uphill portion...the views were amazing). Obviously, stop in...
  2. irishrock

    Comment by 'irishrock' in media 'Resting after a long day'

    I needed this place, Granon. I had done two double stage days (Estella to Viana and then Viana to Najera) and made it a light day going from Najera to Granon. Funny that 27km felt like a light day. Cool community dinner with Americans, Danes, Germans, Hungarians, and Italians The evening...
  3. irishrock

    Comment by 'irishrock' in media 'Cart after Cruz de Ferro'

    I remember it well...although I was there in mid-July. The hike from Astorga to el Acebo was my 2nd favorite of the Camino...after the first day from Saint Jean to Roncevalles. I hit the donativo late in the day and so it wasn't full. But the Camino provides and I made it to el Acebo in...
  4. irishrock

    St. Jean Pied de Port to Lyon via rail

    I flew from Lyon to Biaritz on EasyJet...took 60 minutes and $85 versus $125 and 12 hours on a train. Just an fyi. Good luck
  5. irishrock

    Train from Santiago to Madrid

    In the summer, I'd book the train ticket ahead of time. In 2017, I got into Monte de Gozo at 1:00 and then decided to run to the train station and book a ticket for two days later from Santiago to Madrid. Booked on most days. I had to book a train to Leon, and then a different train from Leon...
  6. irishrock

    Having a hard time

    the Camino...it's all I think about. I think about it everyday. I watch youtube videos every day. I listen to "The Way" soundtrack every day...It's all I think about, so much so that I've thought about trying to buy an albuergue on the Camino, specifically in Foncebadon. That is one of my...
  7. irishrock

    Comment by 'irishrock' in media 'Burgos'

    I did not enjoy the hike into Burgos, but the destination was definitely a reward.
  8. irishrock

    Comment by 'irishrock' in media 'Strength'

    and moms...a man's most prized possession is his mother--Lou Holtz
  9. irishrock

    Comment by 'irishrock' in media 'Crossing the Pyrenees in 3 minutes'

    best day of the Camino...great scenery and the Pyrenees are amazing
  10. irishrock

    Sarria to Santiago an honest account from a first time pilgrim

    It's a tough hike...that is for sure. I had just about every emotion, but fun...it wasn't fun. I did find a lot of great and beautiful acts of kindness each and every day and I'll always appreciate that. I'm sorry it wasn't better for you
  11. irishrock

    Comment by 'irishrock' in media 'Granon, one of the top three Albergues'

    Man, I needed Granon. I had put in two "double stage" days in a row going from Estella to Viana and then Viana to Najera. (I was under a time crunch and am looking forward to doing a Camino where I have all the time in the world) I left Najera around 5:00 am and got to Granon around 11:15 or...
  12. irishrock

    Comment by 'irishrock' in media '12th September 2016 - On my way to Los Arcos'

    I hit Los Arcos and continued on to Viana...hardest day of my Camino. Next time, I will stop in Torres del Rio
  13. irishrock

    Trail runners or hiking sandals?

    I would never have thought about Keen's for the hike until watching an older gentleman (likely around 78 years old) hiking up the hill out of Altapuerca (I know, CF route) to Burgos in Keen's. I asked him, the best I could as he was Italian, about his shoes and he said he wouldn't do the Camino...
  14. irishrock

    First Camino experience

    best advice? Don't worry about a single thing. Everything takes care of itself. You will discover many things, but the thing I remember most is that I derived so much happiness from the simplest of things. An orange at a donativo stand...a simple man handing me a beer as I was exiting town...
  15. irishrock

    Comment by 'irishrock' in media 'Time for Reflection'

    I was on a mission to make Cruz de Ferro and felt like it was one of my strongest hiking days...going from Astorga to Foncebadon...on to Cruz de Ferro and eventually ending my day at El Acebo. It was my second favorite day after the first day from Saint Jean to Roncevalles. Luckily for me, it...
  16. irishrock

    Comment by 'irishrock' in media 'The Way - Movie Trailer (2011) HD - YouTube'

    It's a wonderful fictional account of the Camino. I love the movie, but I don't believe it encapsulated the true Camino.
  17. irishrock

    Comment by 'irishrock' in media 'Coffee Break III - La Casa Del Peregrino'

    VERY motivated to hit Cruz de Ferro that day and didn’t want to spend night in Manjarin so didn’t have a choice. I was 47 when I did it butblegs were feeling good...it was the feet that kept me from going further
  18. irishrock

    2nd Camino anxiety and fear I'll compare everything to the first time!

    worry much? overthink things much? my goodness man...think of all the people who would love to trade places with you in a second and turn that into positive energy.
  19. irishrock

    Comment by 'irishrock' in media 'Coffee Break III - La Casa Del Peregrino'

    El Acebo had the best albuergue on the entire Camino...you have to hike all the way through town to hit it...but it was the best. It had an outstanding Camino pilgrim meal as well. The hike from Astorga to El Acebo was my second favorite day on the Camino...after the first day to Roncevalles.
  20. irishrock

    Need help deciding on train station in pamplona

    I took the subway (look up Madrid metro and the site will give you the exact directions and the estimated time...it is very accurate) from the airport to the Atocha train station. It was pretty quick. I landed at 7:00, made it through passport control, picked up my pack and was on the subway...

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