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  1. Island

    First Pilgrim of 2021.... Sara?!?!?!

    The first pilgrim of the year is the first to arrive at the pilgrim office, not the first to arrive having begun in the calendar year.
  2. Island

    Camino Portugues - most scenic route with less road walking?

    Not a silly question at all. The Camino is sign-marked from Caminha, along the river, through Vila Nova de Cerviera, and into Valenca. This route is also well-documented in the Brierly guide. You simply follow the yellow arrows! :)
  3. Island

    Camino Portugues - most scenic route with less road walking?

    I will second walking from Caminha along the Ecopista through VN Cerveira along the Minho River to Valenca. Great, great walk.
  4. Island

    Lightweight Costco Down Quilts on Sale

    Just checked to be sure but the linked down blankets posted above are shown as: Fill: Duck down 7 oz. cluster 80%, down fiber 20% 700 Fill Power
  5. Island


    If you have a VPN, you may be able to change your network location fo USA and stream online.
  6. Island

    VF from London

    Thank you, Chenahusky. I truly appreciate your experience and thank you for sharing your lovely credential.
  7. Island

    VF from London

    Thank you for the great suggestions. As I walk I will upadte this thread with the locations I may find with stamps along the way.
  8. Island

    VF from London

    I will begin the Pilgrim's Way from London's Southwark Cathedral to Cantebury and then onwards towards Rome next spring. Can someone advise where in England - other than Canterbury Cathedral - I should reasonably expect to receive a stamp? Canterbury, Shepardswel, Dover? Much thanks.
  9. Island

    Can anyone recommend some picture heavy resources of the Camino?

    Instagram. Just search any camino related term and your get 1,000s. Many are incredibly stunning.
  10. Island

    Santiago to Finisterre to Muxia to Santiago

    I didn't have time to walk to the coast this year, so I would like to go back and walk to the coast. Can anyone provide answers to the two questions: 1) Can one walk the SdC -> Finisterre -> Muxia -> SdC loop and receive a Compostela on return to SdC? If so, where do you say you started? 2)...
  11. Island

    The Pilgrims Way

    Im so grateful to @MikeJS for his blog and to @gollygolly for the beautiful write up. I hope to be on the Pilgrim Way from Winchester in 2020 before starting the Via Francigena in Canterbury. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.
  12. Island

    Why the Camino is not for us? Is Camino de Santiago worth it? | Our final thoughts, tips and advice

    Thank you for sharing. I don’t share your assessment but I do understand it. The Camino is unlike many other distance walks and it is very difficult to measure one by the other’s standards.
  13. Island

    The Longest Possible Walk in the World

    Who's up for this one? 14,334 miles / 23,068 km from L’Agulhas, South Africa, through the African continent, the Middle East, Southern Europe, and Asia before terminating near Magadan, Russia. In all, it would take 3+ years of continually walking 12+ miles daily. Video overview: More here...
  14. Island

    The Quirky Double Camino Pillars Between Tui and 5K Before O Porrino or When in Doubt always walk down hill :)

    I must have missed the confusion. Nearly everyone I met took the “Complimentary” route because they intended to do so. If not, there is usually someone recruiting pilgrims from an albergue who is happy to advise. :p
  15. Island

    Osprey Exos 48 good pack for Camino?

    I love my Exos pack (58L) for many of my hiking / camping trips. The Exos 38L would be a wonderful Camino pack; however please note there are no hipbelt pockets on this pack.
  16. Island

    Interesting Hi-Vis clothing seen...

    I hike a lot in the national forest during hunting season, so Blaze Orange is the preferred color. I don't mind it and the shirts help make you visible to cars (and hunters!) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DY8PXSO/?tag=casaivar02-20
  17. Island

    What’s doing at the Pilgrim Office...

    Mobile check-in... I like it!
  18. Island

    What’s doing at the Pilgrim Office...

    Thank you so much for this update, @t2andreo. May I please ask: if a Pilgrim receives the Compostella at 18:00 approximately, is their name read at a pilgrims mass this year (given ongoign renovations) and - if so - what Mass, when and where? Kind thanks.
  19. Island

    Fear NOT...Solo Hiker's Best Whistle for Safety

    We carry Storm whistles on all or our scout first aid kits. Great whistle. Do not use inside. o_O

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