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  1. Piero Frustascarpe

    “Bed race” You should read this before attempting Camino Del Norte in July/August.

    Come and walk on Via Francigena in Italy. Beautiful views and no crowds until it will become more popular. :cool:
  2. Piero Frustascarpe

    Monkey Butt

    "Preparation H" works very well.
  3. Piero Frustascarpe

    Vaseline on feet?

    "Preparation H" is my magic cream for my feet, nipples, groin folds and the space between the butt cheeks. A must, coming from my experience as ultratrail runner. :cool:
  4. Piero Frustascarpe

    Question about Altras

    I wore out two pairs of Lone Peak 3.5, and since March I use the more recent Lone Peak 4.0. Both pairs last more than 1200 Km before "retiring" them. The soles were still in good condition at the end. About the uppers, a small crack appeared on the external sides of the tissue of the uppers of...
  5. Piero Frustascarpe

    Post-Camino shoe observations

    Forgive my poor knowledge of English. I totally agree with what you wrote. Thank you for your clarification. And I especially like this detail you pointed out: "You like the feel of worn down shoes better than brand new ones. " Totally CORRECT, also for me!!! In the experience of my team (and of...
  6. Piero Frustascarpe

    An "alternative" new (old!) modality of walking

    Thank you!!! You spoke my mind! :cool:
  7. Piero Frustascarpe

    Post-Camino shoe observations

    I "slightly" agree with you. ;) In my team we never use brand new shoes in competition. Surely the break-in is much more reduced nowadays, compared to the "old times". But the the upper shoe, although made of soft and flexible canvas, and the sole, although made of elastic stuff, need some...
  8. Piero Frustascarpe

    An "alternative" new (old!) modality of walking

    Like Gigipro, I grew in an area (farmland in North West Italy) where we used to wear shoes only in cold seasons and when we had to go to school or to church. And I kept on walking barefoot at home all my life. So, for me, walking with the modality of soft landing the anterior plantar arch first...
  9. Piero Frustascarpe

    An "alternative" new (old!) modality of walking

    I would like to share with this group of Pilgrims a beautiful modality of walking, a sort of walking meditation, or walking yoga, to use in Caminos. A way to bring awareness in your every single step and, at the same time, to prevent a lot of injuries. The basic rule is very simple: instead of...
  10. Piero Frustascarpe

    Early stage via frangenia planning: quickfire questions

    Correct! :cool: And very few (still clumsy) mosquitoes. And the wonderful experience of walking through the "checkered sea" of the paddy fields.
  11. Piero Frustascarpe

    Hiking Shoes, or Hiking Boots?

    @davebugg Thanks! You spoke my mind 1000%. :cool: P.S. I ran and hicked in the past with the XA Pro 3D, before switching to Altra and Topo; they are - for me - wonderful (and fairly cheap) shoes.
  12. Piero Frustascarpe

    Key Essential Item(s) for Your Camino

    That's a wonderful choice! :cool:
  13. Piero Frustascarpe

    Key Essential Item(s) for Your Camino

    One of my best friends since ages: Mòris, a Finnish puukko, just "The" Essence. :cool:
  14. Piero Frustascarpe

    Francigena Tuscany Marathon 2018

    Last year we were 2000 happy walkers. This year 2500 participants are expected. :cool: From Pietrasanta to Lucca on September 30th, 2018 You can find information and register here: https://www.francigenatuscanymarathon.com Facebook page with news and pictures...
  15. Piero Frustascarpe

    Question about Altras

    That's the difference between to experience fullness, awareness, bliss and fun in a Camino and... to walk mourning and weeping in this valley of tears (citation from "Hail Holy Queen"). :cool:
  16. Piero Frustascarpe

    Two pilgrims rescued in Napoleon Route

    Ehm... "bombeiros": they "pump" (water), not "bomb" :cool: In Italian "pompieri" and French "pompiers" or "sapeurs".
  17. Piero Frustascarpe

    BBC Program "Celebs" on the Camino

    For people not living in UK... Episode 2 is now available! :cool:
  18. Piero Frustascarpe

    Backpack weight

    And a bit of sun to you from Italy too! :cool::cool::cool:
  19. Piero Frustascarpe

    Backpack weight

    :) Thanks a lot, Andy! 1.78 m x 95 Kg - waist 96 cm. Those data are to compute your Body Mass Index and have an indication of your potential performances. According to the standards, you are overweight, but not at an alarming level. The nice info is that 96 cm of abdominal girth, that brings me...
  20. Piero Frustascarpe

    Backpack weight

    Are you kidding? :D:D:D Just out of curiosity, if I dont't break your privacy, could you tell us what are your height, weight and abdominal girth (taken at navel level)? Thank you! P.S. I follow your blog. I'm very curious about your experience because your exercise background is nearly the...

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